XP-Pen G640 Tablet Review (filsdelama)

XP-Pen G640 Tablet Review (filsdelama)

Hello everyone, and welcome to this review
video of the XP-PEN G640. Let’s get right into the unboxing. So the package comes with the tablet itself
in a cute fancy little wrapping. Under there you can find the tablet pen, a
micro-usb cable aswell as a HUGE amount of spare pen nibs, there are 20 of them in total. Even if it seems kind of “too much”, that’s
actually a very good specificity to have because I don’t know for you guys, but I always end
up either losing or breaking all my pen nibs, in fact I wear them quite fast as I drag unlike
most top players I can think of, so yeah, that’s a huge advantage for me and other drag
players. Finally there’s this Warranty Card that warns
you the warranty wears off after 1 year upon purchase, so that’s nice. Alright so the first thing we’re gonna do
after plugging our tablet is downloading the proper drivers on the company’s official website. There’s our driver. After downloading it, install the right driver
according to your OS. It’s not specified anywhere but I suggest
you reboot your computer just in case. Now you should see this icon on your Desktop. From here you can pretty much configure your
tablet however you want. Although, I have to emphasize on the fact
that, if you plan on using this tablet solely for playing osu!, the pen buttons will get
in the way. If you accidentally press one of the two buttons
when playing (and I can assure you it happens pretty often) , your game will stutter and
your frame will drop a bit I don’t really know why, so I suggest you disable both of
these. Also, make sure to disable Windows Ink, that
shit is not good. Alright, we’re ready to play with it to see
how it feels now. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised
by the absence of input lag combined with the nice touch the surface had to offer. I even found out to my surprise that the refresh
rate of the XP-Pen was actually higher than my Wacom Bamboo, it felt much more responsive. Also, thanks to these little rubber thingy
there, the tablet sticks quite firmly to the desk. No matter what. You can find a more complete list of specification
on the company’s website, although I doubt osu! players are interested in anything other
than the active area and the pen’s accuracy, but here you go. One thing I have to add about it however,
is that it gets dirty very easily, and I weigh my words. I know I’m not the only one to have very sweaty
hands, but to give you an idea, this is the tablet 20 minutes after I first tried it. You see these things there and there? That is sweat. So yeah, if you have sweaty hands like mine,
you’ll have to keep it clean and well maintained… All things considered this tablet has multiple
pros, such as its high refresh rate and very low input lag that makes your gameplay very
fluid, there’s also its intuitive design, as it doesn’t require much settings tweaking
before working like a charm, plus its stability on the desk of course, which is a must. And finally, the load of spare pen nibs it
comes with, that’s truely the cherry on the cake for me as a drag player. However this tablet is far from perfect. As I already mentionned, its surface gets
nasty pretty quickly, may it be from sweat or other things, in case you’re a fatass like
me that regularly eats in front of his computer. The price is also quite high in my opinion,
well not the price itself, because for 40 dollars/32 euros on their official website,
it’s not that bad, but you can count at least 10 dollars of fees depending on your country
so that makes it a bit unfair. And finally, and for me that’s the biggest
drawback, the pen button config is super annoying as shown earlier, especially for osu! players,
that are forced to disable them both to truely feel comfortable. I don’t have anything else to add on this
tablet, I hope you enjoyed this simple review, if you have additionnal questions, that’s
what the comment section is for, and I’ll see you guys later.

100 thoughts on “XP-Pen G640 Tablet Review (filsdelama)

  1. have owned pretty much every tablet model you can get everything from bamboo/intuous/pro, including this one from XP, and must say this tablet is one of the lowest qualitys i know, i prefer any wacom tablet over this anyday

  2. Salut ! Je commence osu, j'ai 10h sur le jeux et je fais du début de 4*, c'est vraiment mieux la tablette ? Si je veux beaucoup jouer j'en aurais vraiment besoin ?

  3. Its kinda tilting I cant set exact measurements its a simple addition but like so many companies dont do it wtf

  4. I love this tablet, just got it on amazon for $30 USD and also ordered four more for a few of my friends since it was so good.

  5. On peut devenir fort sans matériel hein n'est ce pas xD , merci pour la vidéo t'aurais pu me la donner sur discord ! :')

    Je compte m'acheter une tablette pour osu et aussi pour faire du dessin.
    Après quelques mois d'utilisations , es-que tu me la conseilles?
    (chui droiter)

  7. Hi!
    First of all. You're an osu god!
    And great music taste. I love kingdom hearts.
    But how well does it work with drawing. I want to get a tablet that i can switch from paper art to digital art.

  8. I am gonna buy a XP-pen buy i dont know which. This will be my first tablet. Do you think the star g640 or ID it good enough with the g430?

  9. Hi!! may I ask, did you buy the tablet from the official website? and if so, I already bought one and I'm waiting for it. Now it says the product is "Awaiting receiving" and there's an option to confirm the receipt. However when I press the "confirm receipt" button it asks me if I have already received the goods so I didn't do anything. Usually for online stores we have to confirm receipt and then the package will be delivered right? so…in this case…should I just leave it alone as it is or do i press "confirm receipt" ? I'm just afraid my package will never arrive because I didn't do something 😅

  10. I laughed my ass when your all professional and next thing you know it you throw a water bottle on it😂

  11. Did anyone else hear the Traverse Town Kingdom Hearts OST in the background? No one, just me?

    Edit: I knew it? There are kingdom hearts ost’s I looked in the description

  12. uummm….isnt this for drawing and shit? im not a gamer and its all im seeing on the 1st two reviews…now im staring at my shit i just opened up

  13. Fairly high price? Its a lot cheaper than pretty much everything Wacom sells and as you said even more responsive

  14. J'ai commandé cette tablette le 29 mai je vais l'avoir aujourd'hui,En voyant ta vidéo je vois que c'est une tres bonne tablette,Merci beaucoup d'avoir fais cette video ^^
    (ps : ton accent anglais est parfait :O)
    edit : Bon ce qui est chiant c'est que j'ai aussi les mains qui sue x(

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