31 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi Band on iPhone 6 IOS Review

  1. Pleas make the app in english
    At the AppStore is written thats in english and two Chinese languages
    Can i make it to english??
    I want that Band but i speak no Chinese

  2. Was going to order the mi band as an iPhone user but, although the app is showing in the App Store, when I go to download it I get a message saying "this app is no longer available". Has it been pulled from the store?

  3. No verfication SMS
    I got my new Mi Band today and installed the newest iOS App on my iPhone 6.
    Cause I didn't get any verification sms (German Vodafone SIM) I open a new account wirh my mail adress.
    Now I would like to activate the 2-step-authentification but again I need the phone number for verification sms.
    ▶️ Has anyone a step-by-step solution who to get that verification sms??

    No vibration by incoming call
    Next problem is that I couldn't get any vibrations by incoming call.
    I tried set to 10sek and now 6sek. Nothing happen…
    ▶️ What are the solutions for this problem?

  4. I'm having problems with Bluetooth, other devices perfect, is with Xiaomi… I don't know if it's firmware or what.

    After some minutes, with phone and band near to 20 centimeters, it is disconnecting. I'm trying manual connection and fails. I need to unpair and repair to have it working again… and after some minutes, same thing.

    Is it normal? Is a problem with firmware and iPhone compatibility? I have an iPhone 6 Plus and iOS 8.1


  5. I cant get mine to hook up to my phone at all. I bought two of them, one for my wife and one for my self neither one work. I hate to say it but they are both a piece of junk. I should have bought the fitbit.

  6. Just want to know one simple thing: The iOS APP is in English? I don't want to jailbreak my iphone to add some translation to the app… I want to buy this but i need the app in English, or else this band is pretty useless, right? Ahh, and I don't intend to learn Chinese to use this. 🙂

  7. This is great and can't beat it for the price.  Two things would make it immensely better for IOS: Everyone wants message notification (I only want text message but I can see why the others) and it would be great if it could tie in with the native alarm instead of using it's own, especially since the Mi Fit alarm has no snooze and only buzzes once.

  8. Received my miband today. Was able to sync with my iphone 6. LED lights work fine, however it does not vibrate at all regardless when i tried to call my phone, find miband, or set alarm ?! Only led lights blinking away. I think it has to do with the pairing. Does not seem to be able to pair with the phone when i wanted to click "pair" under incoming call settings.

  9. Bought one to use with Iphone 6 Plus, but failed. It pairs with the phone and transfer info but it does not keep the statistic e.g. how many steps had I take yesterday or the day before. But it works very well with android phone. Do you have a clue to this?

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