Windows 95 on Linux on a Mac – Krazy Ken’s Tech Misadventures

Windows 95 on Linux on a Mac – Krazy Ken’s Tech Misadventures

– [Krazy Ken] Let’s do this. (beatbox sounds) (beep) How did I lose on the second click? Oh check out that frame rate. Hey guys, Krazy Ken here. Just a quick thing. I’m sorry that I didn’t get
this tech video log out earlier, I really wanted to. But I was swamped with
producing Vintage Apple Vault, which is a new and very
fun Computer Clan show so if you have not checked it out yet, I highly recommend watching it after you watch this episode
or watch it right now. I don’t care. But anyway, that’s what
I was wrapped up in. Thanks for being patient. Check it out when you can
and enjoy the episode. (beeping) (techno music) Hey guys, how are you all doing? Really that’s just great. You know, I’m not doing so great ’cause it’s kinda rainy outside so I thought I’d just stay
inside and experiment with this. But it’s pouring like
crazy and it’s stormin’ and I can hear it 10 stories underground, you didn’t think that’d be possible. Because we’re so far underground. Hey shut up out there! Oh hey, I guess being cursed gives me the power to command the elements. That’s pretty cool, I should
probably consult a physician. Anyway, so while I’m inside I thought, you know, let’s do a little experiment. Let’s bust out the old beta computer again and put a clock on it. Now, that’s not actually
what I wanted to do. I have to unlock the thing. I’m on Zorin OS and I got locked out because it went into sleep mode. Let me type in my super secret password. I saw an article on The Verge recently. Thanks to Tom Warren, and
I found this nifty little application which you can
actually run on Linux. In a way it’s like an
emulator for Windows 95. So I thought how cool would it be to run Windows 95 on
Zorin OS Linux on a Mac? That is like three
layers of what the frick? That stuff shouldn’t be together in an operating system sandwich, right? Enter the password for
the key ring at what? How about you piss off, how about that? Nope, that wasn’t actually the password. How about you piss on? Okay there we go. So we’re on GitHub now and
we’re gonna take a look at this Windows 95 emulator. Oh, I already broke it. Okay hang on, I can fix this. I do need to apologize in advance for the moiré pattern on the screen. And if you didn’t know
that’s what that’s called, ya learned a new word. Oh don’t dim out on me
you lazy pile of, anyway, let’s take a look. Windows 95 Version 1.3. Downloads for a macOS, never heard of it. Downloads for Windows, never heard of it. Downloads for Linux, ah,
the only operating system I have ever heard of in my life. Do we want to RPM or do we want to DAB? Well, I actually don’t know. ‘Cause Zorin, Zorin OS is
based on Ubuntu, right? So that’s based on Debian. (laughing) Oh man, this type of file
can harm your computer. No way, I don’t think I need to worry about Windows
95 harming my computer. I’m going to keep it. All right, let’s open it
up, and what have we here? A window with nothing in
it because it’s loading. I should stop being so
condescending to the loading meter. It’s just trying to do its job. Okay, what we’ve been here for about like, I don’t know, 15 hours,
and we’re still waiting. I’m just gonna minimize
Chromium over there. By the way, yes, this
is a newer HP display that I don’t think I’ve
used on the show before. This was one of the various gadgets that was given away
along with the Chromebook and those Lenovo notebooks. If you haven’t seen those episodes I highly recommend checking them out. But yeah, there was this
place just getting rid of a bunch of them and it’s like yeah, I’ll take ’em off your hands. Okay, Windows 95. Windows 95 in an app. I am sorry, okay. Authentication required. All right. My password is all dots. Very secure, they’ll never see it coming. Yes I would like to
visit the website please. Website, website, website. Okay never mind, you don’t want to work. That’s okay. Let’s go to the old
search and yes I believe this is running inside of Electron. Okay so we have what looks
like the emulator main menu. This is coming along swimmingly. Let’s just take a look at
the options here quick. Toggle full screen, we
should probably do that. Setting control alt delete, we’ll probably have to do that a lot. And minimize, mamananana. Okay. Credits, actually yes, I would love to know
the people behind this. Windows 95 credits. This app was made possible by three major engineering efforts. Yes, there’s Electron by
the Electron Maintainers, v86 by Fabian Hemmer, and
Windows 95 by Microsoft, really? Let’s do a F11, oh sorry
that’s my volume control. We need function F11. There we go. Ooh that looks pretty. I’m gonna hide the disc
activity thing here. Okay, we can insert a floppy disk. Well this is pretty sweet. All right, let’s boot her up. And bon appétit, here
we are in Windows 95. I’m Felix, the maker of
this dumb little thing. Felix, there’s no such thing
as a dumb little thing. There he is on Twitter. Felix Rise, Riseberg. Reisberg or Riseberg. It’s one of ’em. I’ll just biggefy that
so you can see that more. Yes, well thank you so much Felix for providing me with this
entertainment on this stormy day. So, let’s hop around Windows 95. I entered the Windows
world way after this. When 95 came out I was a Macintosh user. But then I switched to
Windows in Millennium edition which was a huge mistake. (laughing) Ah Millennium edition was pretty rocky. 2000 probably would’ve been a better move. But ME was the consumer thing. But anyway, so if I understand correctly, briefly on The Verge article, I kind of just skimmed
through it ’cause I wanted to save all these moments
for you awesome techies. One of my understandings
is that Internet Exploder does not want to work. But we’re gonna try it. Now in the system tray down here, okay we have the clock,
trust me it is not 6:14 a.m., I would be asleep if it was. Oh, Internet Explorer cannot
open the internet site,, okay that’s great. What’s the system tray icon here? Let’s see. That was the display properties menu. If I could change the
resolution of this thing, that’d be freakin’ awesome. This is a 1400 by 900. Oh yeah, it was a little
slider, that’s right. Okay, I don’t have, so
I don’t have that there. Let’s cancel that. I love how the screen
takes forever to paint. I don’t think a true Windows 95 PC would be that crummy, I hope. Let’s see, the resolution of this display, I’m looking for 1440 by 900. I ain’t seeing that. C drive, window, system, blank.htm Good ‘ole toolbars, look at that. This is a Internet Explorer, no not help topics, why did I click that? I meant to click about Internet Explorer. Version three, yes. Let’s get rid of this horrid wallpaper. Oh my gosh, I want to barf. Let’s try to figure this out. So patterns are here
but wallpapers are here. I’m not 100% sure of the difference because this kind of pre-dates
my Windows experience. Oh yes, the old setup background. Yeah, I rem, oh dude, we
gotta keep it at that. Look at all that dithering,
isn’t it beautiful? Just mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. This is delicious. I love this. We’re gonna keep it at that. Screen saver! Okay, what screen savers were
included with Windows 95? None, that is probably
my favorite screen saver. The flower box. Oh check out that frame rate. We are in for a treat,
ladies and gentlemen. I remember always being at
like my elementary school and when the teacher
wouldn’t touch their PC for awhile, it would always be like this. I’m just getting like,
elementary school flashbacks. Oh the 3D maze. Let’s preview that. Totally melt the system. I’m really excited for this. Oh. (laughing) Sit back, get a bucket of popcorn ’cause we are gonna be
watching this thing render for the next 12 millennia. Yeah, oh. All right, well, we’re not stopping until we get to that smiley face, so. Sit tight. Is there are way to change
the, CPU performance in this thing because this is ridonculous. That’s not a word I
should be saying anymore. Okay, we’re gonna have to abort mission. Abort mission hourglass, yes. Let’s get out of there. That’s cool, it’s performing like shit. So let’s figure out what we can do here. Function F11, oh nope, I
gotta do escape function F11. Okay, so machine. Okay that’s not what I want. I want to see if there’s any, I’ll see developer tools maybe. Oh, this is just running inside. Oh it’s an Electron app, duh, yeah. Never mind. CPU speed, kind of like adjust the speed when we’re booted up because
oh my gosh, it’s slow. Yeah I don’t see any other
options to change stuff. Oh, yeah, here’s Felix. This is exactly who we were talking about. Good job Felix, well thank you very much for giving me something to do today. All right, well we’re
gonna boot her back up. I’m gonna keep this little
status thing at the top now. CPU speed is at 4500, that’s fascinating. Yeah, if we could only
like make it faster. Also, sound, I cannot
get sound to work either. So I guess there’s no sound in this. I think we’re stuck. Think it locked up. Let’s try that again. There we go. Microsoft Internet Explorer. We didn’t get that last time. That’s probably because
when you download it, it’s set to like resume
from like a sleep state or some bullshit, I’m just
making this up as I go honestly. But yes we have the
beautiful startup screen now. I just pressed escape,
right when that disappeared. Did I break it? I was trying to unlock my mouse cursor. Oh no, I broke everything again. Don’t do this to me man. Don’t toy with my heart. There we go, that’s what I want. Yeah! Oh no! Oh, huh, funny, crap, I have no keyboard control. (keys tapping hard) It’s gonna boot into safe mode. No, I can’t, I can’t control the computer. It’s booting into safe
mood without my consent! When in doubt, erase
everything and start over. I clicked the button and
hopefully that’s what it did. Yay, I win! Actually I’ll play a little Solitaire now. Okay, ooh ace, all right,
I’ll just put you right there. And flip you around right there. Well we need a, we need a two. So we gotta, see we gotta,
ooh, we have to put a eight right there, that’s very nice, very nice. Oh let’s see, ooh I
wish that was a red 10. Ooh, bummer bummer bummer. But we can move this
nine over here like that. Oh no we can’t because you need a, oh that’s right, I suck at Solitaire. Um, let’s see flip the three cards. Ooh we got an eight well that’s
kind of useless right now. Yeah maybe the three, no,
the three can’t go there. Well this is bullshit! Oh well that’s nice, I can do that. I can do that. I can do that. All right, pretty good,
I am bored already. If I had nothing else to do I’m sure it would be entertaining. Okay, let’s go back to the control panel. No, let’s actually not do that. Anyway let’s keep exploring. Here’s the C drive. Oh here’s the old file explorer. Let’s take a, oh wait,
it’s called the explorer. Sorry, yup, good ‘old toolbar there. Oh, you know, the painting is starting to really steam my beans. Ah yes the good old toolbar
where everything was in blocks. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how far we’ve come from
interfaces like this with what we have nowadays. Developers and designers
have worked very hard. So let’s just keep that in mind. And remember that when our computer is giving us troubles we
could always thing hmm, at least we’re not back in 1995. But hey I mean that’s pretty cool. It took the finder like until 2001 to get a freakin’ toolbar. And that was through like
a $425 million acquisition from Steve Jobs’ other company. That trash is now, is that a? I’m not used to seeing that on Windows. I’m used to seeing that
on like Unix systems. Doom? Like the game? Okay so we have an undo button, we have a delete button,
all that good stuff. We gotta use this to
look at our tree here. And go back. Because I thought like you know, they had a recycle bin here. That trash is, that’s, I
thought I usually see that like on Unix systems, right? Dot FS event, SD, oh yeah,
this is definitely leftover stuff from a Unix system or something. No file in Windows would
have the demon suffix. That’s not a Windows thing. I’m pretty sure it’s not. I mean correct me if I’m wrong but that’s very like
Unixy, Nixy looking stuff. What’s in the fun folder? I’m excited. Ooh, the funpack. Demos. Okay well. Oh, that’s great. Um, alt F4. Oh shit! I just closed the whole Electron. Oh mother trucker on a bicycle. Okay, I’m gonna try that again. Okay so apparently alt F4 inside of Windows is shuts everything down, good. Now we know this. Oh, (beep) how do we get out of here? Oh, funpack properties. That’s not very fun, is it? How come I can’t open the funpack? I just opens the frickin’ properties. Well I don’t give a shit anymore. Get out of here. Games! Okay something’s not right. Something is not, what the shit. That’s not what double
clicking’s supposed to, you know (beep) it, let’s just use a right click, there we go. Fun. Setup.exe, now that is fun. Setup.exe is a lot of fun. Invaders, minesweeper,
rogue, snake, Tetris. Let’s do Tetris. Mmm, that’s the best version
of Tetris I’ve ever seen. Oh, that’s fantastic right there. (whistling) Okay so it’s the eternal struggle of glitch or feature but any time I’m trying to toggle
out of full screen mode, I can’t, I have to close the window and close the application. And when I open up this
stuff, I just get stuck. So I can’t seem to get
out of full screen mode. So maybe I’ll just stay in windowed mode! Send control alt delete. Whatever this demo is,
it’s not working for me. And neither is my control alt delete. Oh. Oh now that it did it
twice, it’s gonna reboot. Well, I suppose that’s okay. Since there’s no sound I will
imitate the startup sound once we’re at the desktop. You know, in a couple years, badoom, badoom, bling, bing, ding, ding. That’s all I’ve got. All right well, my
wallpaper got wiped out. My wait a minute, is it in save mode? It wiped out my wallpaper. The clock got reset. The resolution doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t say save mode though. It usually has a little
sign for that, right? Well this is just fascinating. Oh there’s MS Paint on here? Oh you bet your balls we’re
going to be playing with that. But I want to get my resolution
and my wallpaper back. So I might have to reboot quick. But yes, we do have MS Paint. Mmm, mmm, mmm, delicious. Back in the days when
the color swatches were, were they always on the bottom? Heck if I remember. All right. Yay! I blue screened it. Huzzah! I wasn’t sure if that was
actually going to work. You know what? Screw you, we’re gonna
start over yet again. This video is just a lot of starting over. I’m gonna reset the machine and boom! All right, we’re back to normal. Good gravy, no I didn’t
want to maximize you, you plebeian, get out of here. Also your Solitaire can go suck a duck. Okay we’re gonna go to properties. It feels like I’m constantly
inside of an install wizard. It’s so fascinating. Okay, all right. Now my resolution is really weird because I can’t even see my
mother freakin’ taskbar. Good gravy. Uh yes. One thing I never really cared for because I don’t like decking
out a system too much. But one thing that is really impressive is how you can change the appearance of basically everything in that system. And this goes back like
all the way to Windows 1. Windows 1 did this stuff. You can change it all
the colors of everything. So that was always kind of a cool thing. Something I never really cared for because again I don’t like to really tweak the
crap out of everything. But it’s cool that you could
change all these individual elements and you have all these themes. But you can also go in and adjust everything
you want individually. So if you wanted a different theme, you press the button and there we go. Everything that was gray is
now green and very calming. We can do rose. Now everything will be pink
with a seraph typeface. I think this is actually
how my piano teacher had her Windows 95 machine. I remember it being very pink. She also had an Apple IIe,
which she actually gave me. That was very nice. Desert, I’m walking through a desert on a desktop with no name. The syllable count didn’t really work. There she looks all right. Let’s keep it at that. Okay, enough dickin’ around. Now that we got the system working and it looks pretty, let’s
explore the programs. Okay, have the windows explorer,
we already did that crap. The MS DOS prompt, we can
maybe F with that later. We already tried Internet
Explorer, no luck there. That’s empty, that’s great. Online services, well we
know that’s not gonna work if Internet Explorer won’t
work I’m pretty sure. WordPad, Phone dialer, Paint. Yes we do need to go back to paint. Let’s see multimedia. Minesweeper! Let’s do it! I believe if I can recall correctly, the first thing I ever did on
Windows was play Minesweeper. Let’s do this. (beatbox sounds) (beep) How did I lose on the second click! That, no! Krazy Ken curse, are you
cursing Minesweeper now? Have you stooped that low? Yeah, don’t answer me, you omniscient being you. All right, let’s try that again. (beatbox sounds) Ooh, things are intense now. (beatbox sounds) Poof. Yeah, that was a tricky one. You know I should’ve done the flag marks. That was really stupid actually. Let me try that again. Three, okay let’s stay away from there. One, let’s stay away from there. One, stay away from there. You son of a bitch! That’s as good as it’s gonna get. I never claimed to be an expert. I do want to learn more
about Minesweeper though. Microsoft Minesweeper, Windows 95. Copyright 1981. Really, did they develop
this before Windows existed? Ah, CALC-U-LAH-TORE, my favorite. This is what you guys are doing now. You’re watching a Krazy
Ken play a calculator. On the YouTubes. So I need to grab the binoculars and I forgot how the reference goes. If you know what I’m gettin’ at, just I don’t want to squirt anywhere that’ll give away my location. I need to call the MC and Microsoft and divide ’em by one over x. And there you go. And that’s how you win. Check out that wire frame movement. Yeah you kids today with
your Quartz Composers and your WDMs, this is
what we had back then. We had a wire frame you
ungrateful bastards. Well now we do have to go to MS Paint. It is the only remaining option. I have a feeling this is
gonna be very painful, due to the fact that
nothing is really drawing very efficiently in this system right now. So you want to click
this button right here. So I’m gonna highlight that in red for you so you don’t miss it. And I’m also gonna grab my pencil and I’m just gonna draw
a right big arrow there so you know to, that’s, that’s really bad. Can I make the line thicker? Oh I fell asleep and
now it’s the year 2032. What happened? All right, let’s log
back in to the system. Okay so that was a beautiful experience. Let’s at least fill
this in with something. How about that. And there we go. All right, let’s control F this bitch. And that’s our bitmap, whoo! So we’re gonna open up the MS DOS prompt. Oh shit. Well it’s broke as you can clearly see. Well it looks like I can’t invoke any commands through our good
old command prompt friend because that don’t wanna load either. Bummer man. I’ve done it before and
I’m gonna do it again. I’m just gonna blue screen it. Y’all listen up, here’s a
story about a little boy that lives in a blue world. Anyway I’m calling this a win. This was a lot of fun. Go check out the application for yourself. It runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux and let me know what you think. Thanks for sticking with me. Catch the crazy and pass it on. (upbeat music)

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