30 thoughts on “What we know about the app behind the Iowa caucus results delay

  1. No way Buttigieg got more votes than Bernie. Why didn't the video explain the apps connected to a Buttigieg supporter? Technical error or predetermined results?

  2. Only watched to see how deep they'd report on this. Not deep at all. Completely failed to mention this app is linked to Buttigieg, and it's very intresting to see him go from 3rd or 4th to 1rst suddenly. Somethings off on Iowa. Do real journalism and look into it.

  3. I now have reason to believe this was just a case of gross incompetence. The app was partially coded in Denver. I worked there in the computer industry. The people of Colorado are lazy, whiny, stupid and think extremely highly of themselves. It was the worst place I've ever lived because of the people. They are not good at anything. Everything there is subpar compared to everywhere else in the United States. However, the Coloradans actually have commercials about how they think they are better than people from other places. In practice they are the rudest people I have ever had to suffer. I also never encountered a population with that much body odor before or since. The Coloradans actually stink with horrible body odor. Lots of them. I lived in NYC for 8 years before Denver and took mass transit in both places. The people of Denver stink far, far worse. With the exception of a few beers every product from the people of Colorado will suck and perform badly. The Coloradans suck and perform badly.

  4. Hey Ive got an idea, after it was revealed that the DNC rigged the nomination in 2016, why dont we use an untested app at that last moment to count the votes. We all know in any big event to always use untested software for huge launches or rollouts. Hasn't any of theses decision makers every worked for a large company? You never roll out software like this. You always do a test group of a couple hundred users and get feedback before implementing company wide.; how is it possible that none of these bigwigs knew this? Or did they know exactly what they were doing?

  5. All that you need to know is the App creators are connected to Crooked Hillary and that guy everyone called Obama. The same company Bootyjuice donated thousands of dollars to, prior to the Iowa "CockUs"

  6. I don't believe this story they're giving for the mistake. Think of how much money was spent. I think Mayor Pete himself payed $40,000 so final cost of this is going to be pretty high. What they expect me to believe is that none of them tested this app before they paid all that money? No way. no way in hell. When was the last time you payed $40,000 for something and didn't check to see if whatever you purchased even worked. I know the answer to that NOBODY. There's no way in hell they didn't the app not working until that day. Occam's Razor….they're lying through their teeth.

  7. President Trump's Tent is Big. ALL AMERICAN Citzins are WELCOME… The Most Racist Among us SEE Racism EVERYWHERE. ALL AMERICANS BLEED RED WHITE and BLUE.

  8. The Out-Sider, President Trump has an IQ of 156. He can communicate in New York Construction Worker speak, and also be very Presidential when called for. It's better to Be Smart than Look Smart. Sometimes it is ADVANTAGEOUS Not to look smart. He is playing 3D Chess. The Swamp is playing Checkers.

  9. IT'S A UNDISPUTED FACT.. Hunter only Snorts High-Quality Tax Payer Funded Crack.

    Dems- HOW DARE YOU! Investigate OUR Corruption! We will Impeach You.

  10. The Democrats are well noted For Voting in Lockstep. The Republicans Are Famous for forming Circular Firing Squads and Reaching across the aisle. The Democrats in the Attempted Coup, Were caught off guard and couldn't believe the Republicans Voted completely United for maybe for the 4th time in recent history.

  11. …gohss how strange it is……….freak of mature?……in nature….try some Google in the mix…and a little 5G for the taste of all..


  13. Democrats are the same idiots that took over a year to fix the Obama Care computers. Do we really want them in charge of anything?

  14. The most salient point to come out of this democrat talk fest for me was Biden's continual rhetoric.NOTHING of substance, just repeated rhetoric. But then most democrats don't know the difference.

  15. So I wonder what liberal tech company the DNC will go with now….
    Different "vendor" does not necessarily mean different company nor different people involved.

    Stay vigilant..✌

  16. No data was compromised? Only some sets of data were reported? The Iowa Democrats said that ? And we're just supposed to believe them? Imagine if the Trump side did something like this. Would you believe them too?

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