VideoStudio – Export Video

VideoStudio – Export Video

When you’re done editing, go to the Share tab to Export video. You can export video to a popular file extension, device, to social media or to disc. Export to file extension. Quick method: select “Same as Project Settings” Simply name your file, select a location and begin export. Or select the file type and set the properties. Under preview window, we can view the projected file size of your project. Select “Preview range only” to export a small segment of your video to preview the quality before you render the entire video. Set the trim markers under the section you wish to preview. Enable ‘Smart Render’ to speed up recording – and only render new sections of the video. With preview range selected, it will only render the section of video between the trim markers. Preview the tool to check quality before you export entire video. Exporting to device is a very similar process. Export video as a file compatible with your camcorder, mobile device, tablet, game console and more. Simply select the profile, name the file and location, and press start. Upload direct to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or Flickr Select your platform and login. Add a title and description of your video. And, control the privacy settings of your post. This also saves a local copy to your computer, simply name your file and select a location for it to save. To export to disc, select the type of disc. Add additional media, chapters, menus and select the aspect ratio. Click next and select your menu and edit the title text. Click Next and label your disc and get ready to burn. Don’t forget to save a local copy of your project file,
File>Save As. Just in case you need to make any changes.

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  1. I did all that and nothing happened.The start button didn't start rendering and zero was saved in my chosen file folder.It's a Trial version but just to play with ,really.Thanks for wasting my time.I don't think that i will be tempted to purchase this studio.

  2. We did not get to see how good or bad the rendering time was. The skipping of previous rendering of a 2 hour film could be very useful. downloading a JavaScript for installation of the program, must be a nuisance to most considering most anti-malware software will get in the way of that.

  3. 4k quality is less than power director … Is there any way to increase quality … What settings should I change for my true 4k videos .

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