Using Git on iPad with Textastic and Working Copy

Using Git on iPad with Textastic and Working Copy

In this video I’m going to show you how easy
it is to access your Git repositories right on your iPad. To do this, we’re going to use two apps: the
first one is Working Copy, and the second one is my own editor Textastic. So, we’re going to start right in Working
Copy. I open it and then we can add our repository. We tap on the “+” button, tap on “Clone Repository”. In my case I’m going to use GitHub. So, I’m
going to sign in. This opens Safari. And I’m going to use 1Password to log in into my GitHub
account. So I enter my super secret password, and now I choose my GitHub account, sign in,
which brings me back to Working Copy and here I can select all my repositories I have on
GitHub. I’ll just choose “Textastic-Customization”
and I hit “Clone”. So in my case I’m going to the “Code Completion”
folder, and select the “html.json” file. In Working Copy I can have a quick look at the
contents of the file. I can also edit the file with a very simple text editor. But what
I really want to do is open the JSON file in Textastic. So that’s what we’re going to
do. We’re going back to the home screen, select
Textastic, and now we can use the “Open…” command and select Working Copy. If it is
not already here, we can go to “More” and enable Working Copy. I can tap on “Open…”,
choose “Working Copy”, and here I have a list of all my repositories. I can navigate to
the “CodeCompletion” folder, choose the “html.json” file, and here it is. I’m just going to add a new line to the JSON
file, and switch back to Working Copy where I can have a look at my changes. And now I
have decided that I’m happy with my change and I want to commit it. So I just enter a small commit message and
hit “Commit”. So go ahead and use Git on your own iPad:
with Working Copy and Textastic.

7 thoughts on “Using Git on iPad with Textastic and Working Copy

  1. Great video, but unfortunately I can’t add Working Copy in the Open menu from Textastic. I just have a few options (iCloud, local file or my NAS application) and I don’t see any mean to add another option. Did the integration process change since the video ? Does it require the paid version of Working Copy? Both applications and my iPad are up to date. Thanks in advance.

  2. I got this brilliant piece of software version 6, but when it turned to version 7 it would ask you to pay for it again. What a disappointment. Hope it is just a mistake.

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