Unboxing Frenzy 8Z Tablet – The Slimmest and Lightest Tablet

Unboxing Frenzy 8Z Tablet – The Slimmest and Lightest Tablet

Today we are unboxing the Frenzy 8Z. It’s considered one of the lightest and slimmest tablets in its class it’s super light and thin making it really portable Don’t let the size fool you though! the Frenzy 8Z is packed with Quad Core processor or 1.6 Ghz, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB on board memory, HDMI port, Wireless Video and much more! The first thing you want to do is to take the wrapping plastic off just a simple peel will do. Now we will push the tablet out of the sleeve. Flip the box on its back to break these security seals. turn the box and hold the cover for a
few seconds the package is designed to securely open
on its own just hold it for a few seconds awesome now the box is open to get the tablet out pull out the
little tray and the tablet should be coming out on it’s own. The Frenzy 8Z comes with charger and two usb cables, one is designed for fast charging. In here you will find the user manual which include quick tips and “how to’s” make sure you check it out. This is your warranty card complete your info and keep it with you any time you may need to service your device let’s get the tablet out of its plastic
wrap remove one side and pushed the tablet out to get your tablet started just press the power button for two
seconds and VUALA enjoy your frenzy 8Z tablet For more “How To” videos visit our website at wleaf.com and click on the blog link

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  1. is there any official update and mine come with 4.4.2 and its very slow although have 2 gbram, my phone runs 300x faster with same specs

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