Umidigi Z2 - the Best $239 Android Phone You've Never Heard Of

Umidigi Z2 – the Best $239 Android Phone You've Never Heard Of

this is Lisa from mobile tech review and this is the Umi do gz2 Android smartphone not the best name I know but this is the perfect follow-up to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 we just reviewed for those who want a big screen phone and you want some of the nice creature comforts like a nice you know widescreen high resolution display a reasonably fast CPU double cameras on this has it all 36 LTE bands so yes that means AT&T and t-mobile for you u.s. people as most of their bands covered enough to get decent service so all of that stuff right you're thinking arty well gee you know one plus one plus six for example if I want to save some money and not go all the way to note 9 kind of posting pricing well you know oneplus one started like this too they had a lot of great features considering a really low price tag this one goes from about $239 on sites like gearbest so this is not your Grandpa's unlike unlock chinese Android phone this one actually has a really good look good build glass and aluminum Freddie I'm pretty exciting actually when you're looking at new so unlock the import Android phones from China have really gotten a lot better this is not what you would expect for $239 definitely it's a got a premium look and feeling built you've got glass and you've got aluminum here it's slim it's light but not so light feeling that it's cheaper and anything like that well done it kind of reminds me of the early days of oneplus back when their prices were rock-bottom low but you got a lot for your money so it's promising for what humi digi is gonna do here they're really trying to take it up a notch their websites been revamped it's it's good looking stuff here literally import phones are taking it up a notch this phone does have a knotch folks so if you don't like notch as well that's not going to be cool for you likewise if you're on a CDMA carrier that means Verizon or Sprint this won't work for you this is an unlocked GSM phone one of the selling points though if you are on a GSM network is says 36 4G LTE bands this means it's going to work on pretty much every carrier including AT&T and t-mobile it covers most of AT&T and t-mobile bans except for some of their latest additions but generally speaking what that means is it will work just fine most places that you go since these overlay and more recent bands are just there to enhance and add some additional coverage and I've put all of the LTE bands down in the description so you can look it up and compare it to your carrier so you can figure out how well it's gonna work for you for those who who want something even higher and then this there is the z2 Pro with a faster Helio P 30 CPU 128 gigs of storage which doubles the amount storage we have here that's $2.99 there's even a ceramic Edition as well if you if you want a really chic kind of look those are also sold on gearbest so what does this phone is a 6.2 inch widescreen Full HD Plus display phone with 22 46 by 1080 resolution kind of oddball but that's because it's a 19 by 9 aspect ratio again a little strange but we're seeing manufacturers play with aspect ratios here now that I've gone to widescreen land it is a nice-looking IPS display certainly and it's bright enough to see outdoors dual sim 4G LTE for both SIM slots and it's one of those where the carrier combines you've got two SIM slots or the second SIM slot can be your micro SD card slot so you get the idea you can have one sim and one micro SD card are two sims but you can't have two sims and a micro SD card all at once there is no headphone jack here it has USB C which is always welcome and a USB c2 3.5 millimeter headphone adapter is in the Box also in the Box is a TPU case it has a factory applied screen protector that's actually pretty decent I USBC cable and a fast charger this is Android Oreo no overlays no heavy customizations like we often see in budget phones which is good because it keeps the speed up it has a mediatek helio p23 octa-core processor inside with Mally g71 MP 2 graphics so that's pretty mid-range it's about the same as a snapdragon 625 in terms of performance so no complaints there given the price and the phone always feels snappy and responsive the animations look good so in that lightweight Android build certainly helps there for the price I'm pretty surprised you get two forms of biometric authentication there's the usual fingerprint scanner on the back which works fine it's a fairly economically located as your fingerprint scanners go and it's smart enough to tell you if you're a little too higher a little too low with your finger it's gonna it'll actually tell you that so you can adjust your finger and get the thing to work it also has facial recognition we is very fast but they'll remind you that this is not very secure if somebody looks like you they might be able to unlock your phone you decide how unique you look and how important your data is as to whether you want to use that feature or not it supports fast charging and it can go from 5% to full in about 80 minutes which is indeed fast charging now at this price you're not gonna get some of those higher in creature comforts like wireless charging it's not ip68 water-resistant either and there's no NFC so if you're really into Google pay then you'll probably be done by no NFC otherwise you probably won't care there's a thirty eight hundred and fifty milli amp battery that's almost as much as the note 9s four thousand milliamp battery now mediatek cpus aren't quite as power fishing as snapdragons but this one has done pretty well and given the fact that has a fairly large display and a mid-range CPU on this it's pretty much a moderate use all-day phone if you're gonna go out and play pokemon go does anybody do that you know hit the GPS hard hit your data connection hard it'll be shorter but you get the idea about five hours of screen on time which is decent enough was pretty good it has a mono bottom firing speaker it's actually surprisingly loud doesn't distort too much a little bit of bass you've got there you know it's not gonna rock your world literally but it's decent enough there's no mention of any kind of rugged ization here and for the price I guess I wouldn't expect it either and the Gorilla Glass or anything like that so be happy there's a TPU case in the box to keep it safe in case you drop it and the thing is almost all screen it has a 90 percent screen to body ratio interestingly we don't just have dual rear cameras which are 16 megapixel Samsung sensors we have 2 front 8 megapixel cameras using sony sensors so the secondary cameras are primarily there to do the Foca bokeh blurred background effects but you know they let me tell you here it's a little bit budget in terms of that feature because what it looks like it's doing is doing a vignette Amin's on the outer area of your photo it's just blurring that with like a Gaussian blur or something like that something it looks like you could be done in software honestly without the second lens so there is a slider to adjust the amount of it and I did two selfies so you can see two levels of bokeh ones about half way ones about two-thirds of the way and it doesn't intelligently blur it it's not like it's doing something like high-end Samsung or iPhone would do it's not looking at this and making sure that the subject is not blurred at all it just indiscriminately blur is based on a radius starting from the sharpest center of the picture of the center wherever you tap to tell it is the subject so yeah not so good the good news is other than that the camera software is pretty decent swipe to the left to get to different modes swipe to the right to get to your settings and it takes very nice photos not super world enhancing oh my god you know I even as bit as a 1 plus 6 but they're competent photos it does have problems with writing out things highlights and pictures and that's my biggest complaint with it with the video shooting it can do 1080p there's no 4k shooting here and there's no optical image stabilization which I wouldn't expect it this price so you're gonna see if you're walking around and you're bouncing one of your video and you're gonna you know have a shaky looking video but if you keep use a look care and go smoothly like I did when I shower sample video and it's decent enough now in terms of software updates I really don't know what their track record is going to be for this phone it looks like they're trying hard to really push and please the enthusiast so I do hope that we see some updates the security update on this was as of May 2018 and it is now August so there are a couple of months behind on the security updates but I'm talking I'm sure you'll get security updates in the future I'm talking the more major ones like say to 9.0 Android Pi I'm hoping but I don't know and when you're spending very little on the phone this is one things that you might not get so that's a Lumi digi Z 2 undeniably the prettiest phone in this price range I can't stop playing with it because of that prismatic effect but you know there's more to life than good looks isn't there and this thing feels quite responsive and fast it runs pretty clean Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box so no heavy overlays showing there the cameras are pretty decent on it you know the bokeh effect like I said not the best that I've seen but all in all it just really ticks a lot of boxes and it's gotten 4G LTE that's gonna work in most countries unlike older import phones from China which often were pretty restrictive in terms of band support good times I'm Lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more cool phone videos laptop videos tablet videos you get the idea and thumbs up if you like this vid

37 thoughts on “Umidigi Z2 – the Best $239 Android Phone You've Never Heard Of

  1. What net work takes thim? My wife and i bought 2 of them and they told us that we can use stright talk or verizon but when we tried to have them turned on they told us thay couldn't becouse they don't take them.

  2. Is this a MTK phone? Also I did catch through your extremely fast talking it does NOT support the #1 carrier Verizon

  3. How good are Umidigi phones – the Z2 Pro in particular? I'm thinking of buying one, it has most of the features I'm looking for at a price I can afford. But while a lot of reviewers say the Z2 Pro is a good phone (for the price, of course), a lot of consumers seem to hate the brand.

    Can anyone offer any insight?

  4. I've paid basically $300 for this phone and from day 1 I've had trouble. It keeps freezing and restarting. Now it's two months later and now the battery over heated and it doesn't even come on anymore. I'm so upset

  5. I've been subbed since you did the Nokia n8 many years ago. Never commented but just wanted to say keep up the great work.

  6. It "does" work on Verizon! I have a Verizon sim and a T-Mobile sim in mine. It was already activated before I installed it though.

  7. very great price range ~200$
    blackview 9500pro
    umidigi z2 special/z2 pro
    vernee v2 pro
    ulefone t2
    Smartisan U3 pro Nut Pro 2
    meizu pro 7
    zte nubia z17 mini/z17 mini S
    nokia x6
    cubot power
    xiaomi mi a2

  8. The multi core speed is less than the iphones single core speed. When willAndroid actually start getting decent processors?

  9. Waiting on your PocoPhone F1 review, since you liked this phone, you're probably gonna love that one. You could argue it's a xerox of this Umidigi, but it has a few things (hint: a dragon) that in my opinion makes it the true successor to the OnePlus One and its title "The Flagship Killer".

  10. great reviews almost perfect, but without headphone jack, is close but not quite there with no 8gb and 512 the note 9 is too superior in is own league.

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