UK App Developers: Is it okay to copy your work?

UK App Developers: Is it okay to copy your work?

Hi! This is A Minute Of Overpass. My name is Eric and I make apps. This week I want to talk about how sometimes you’re app is just gonna get copied. Okay, so last week, if you followed the channel you’ll see that I posted a video about a guy who had taken my most popular app and pretty much just copied it. He used the same screenshots, the same description, same name and just released it. And I released another
video kind of just showing it. Showing you how blatant it was, and I
wanted to follow up on this this week because there’s been a quite a few
comments about it. I wanna kind of clarify what bothered me about it,
and what didn’t bother me about it. So first of all, let me tell you how it was
resolved. I started off usually what I’ll do is contact the developer directly and
say “Hey this is my image. This is my icon.” ’cause people have used my icons before. I say I’m going to report you to Google if you don’t remove it, and
then they do and they apologized usually. You know a lot of times that
they may not even realize they were doing anything wrong, right? But this time what I did is I
went to Google first. So I went to them said “Hey look, this guy has taken 2 of my apps. His only 2 apps are direct copies of 2 of my apps and you know and it’s
not right.” So they came back and actually said that they’re not going to do
anything about it this time. So you know I was kind of like you never know what
Google. Sometimes they’ll just they’ll be on your side. Sometimes they won’t. So at
this point, at that point and then I contacted the developer, and he
apologized and he removed the descriptions, and he removed the image. So my problem with that situation was not that he had an app that was similar
to mine, because there’s lots of apps that are similar to mine. And when I
started it, the idea was pretty unique, right?. So I did a search and
I couldn’t find anything that was like Ear Spy when I released it, and this was
back in 2012, right?. So but since then there’s been lots of competitors, and lots of
things. If you do a search locally, Ear Spy is still at the top, but you know it’s
not always going to be that way, most likely. So I always have to keep
improving things and making sure things go, because that
unique idea that you have is only good for a short amount of time, and you
can do the whole…people ask me if I was gonna patent it, or do
anything legal, and I was like…No I’m more, you know, people will take their idea and
wait for years and years and years for a patent process and never released it and
actually be very hush-hush about it, and then and then gets taken by everybody else in the meantime. I’m a firm believer as metaphysical as it might sound that when you have an idea other people are gonna have that idea
at the same time. You probably know this yourself. You have an idea for an Apple or
product, or something like that, and then you check to see if it exists, and it does. You need not copy that idea. That idea was, you know, other people had a similar one. So you know, those apps that are similar to mine, they may have been influenced by my app, or you know,
if I let my ego get in there, or they might just be the same thing. The guy had a same idea and all this kind of stuff, and produced it. So this is one of the
reasons why if you have an app idea, don’t just sit on it. You have to… you
have to start moving because other people are gonna to have that idea too!
and they’re gonna release it, and it’s more of the case of not who has the best ideas, but who’s actually gonna do something with it, and having said that I’ve
already done videos on the value of an app idea, which I think are pretty much
worthless, unless you actually do them. But you know, I’ve been in meetings with
clients where they’ve actually had an app idea, like in a pub and people, and we
were talking about it and when people would walk by, the client will just hush up
and just watch the person walk by, right? So ’cause he thinks that, that random person might steal his big app idea, but so anyway, I just wanted to clarify that, you know, when you have
an app, even if you release an app, and it’s not a hundred percent
unique, then you know that that’s fine too. If you’re improving on something
that’s already out there, right?. In terms of Ear Spy, people say it’s the best
one out there. It may not be, there may be some that are actually
better, but the owners of those apps don’t know how to do keywords, and all that kind of stuff, you know, thank goodness!, but you know, and at some point somebody’s
gonna take me off the top spot, but that one, but my problem with this guy
was he has actually copied everything. A few years ago, I released… I get my one
re-skin . I did one re-skin, taking existing code. You can see this like
cheaper mobile and all that stuff. You may have seen stuff like this where you can purchase
code templates and then re-skin them, and then release them, and we did one. It was
just one. I had a designer at the time who I didn’t really have much for him to do so
we thought we’d go this way. We took a swing copters like a skin, and we
released it with a spy theme, trying to get into that Ear Spy market, and we
called it a Spycopter Infiltrator, right?. So we released that to iTunes and Google
Play, and Google actually rejected that. They said it was, you know, despite the
fact that we changed everything and nothing was the same, except for the
gameplay, they still said that we were trying to mimic another popular app, so
they actually, that’s one of my 3 banned apps, so basically I never did a reskin after
that, and I don’t understand why that situation didn’t apply to somebody else. You know this person was obviously trying to get, trick people into downloading
their app instead of mine and all that kind of stuff, so which is basically the
reason that I had. So and so that’s it. That’s it for this week. I just wanted to
clarify a little bit. Some people are saying “Yeah there’s other
people of the same ideas as mine. Some people of the same name as mine.” and as far as I’m concerned, even if an app has the same name as mine, I don’t mind as long as it’s not trying to be exactly the same as mine. If he uses my name, a name that I put out there, and it’s really a good name, but there is something for,
something completely different like maybe a game or something else, then
that’s cool, you know, there’s nobody’s gonna do a search and confuse
mine that one and that one, but if it’s exactly the same in using the same kind
of thing, like if you’re gonna start a book, like if you’re gonna start a coffee
shop, and you called it Amazon Coffee Shop, that would probably be fine, but you’re gonna start a book website and you call it Amazon then there’ll be major issues with that. So that’s it, I mean people are gonna copy. When you
put an app out there, so I accept that and there’s a lot of things out there that
you know and I’m not so full of ego that when I see an app that’s similar to mine, I
think “Oh they must have copied me!”, because most of or more often than not that’s not
the case. So that’s it! I just want to clarify about that this week. I hope you have a
good week this week, and I’ll talk to you next week. Hey! I really hope you like that video. Now,
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big help. So that’s it. I’ll talk to you next week.

29 thoughts on “UK App Developers: Is it okay to copy your work?

  1. Hi Eric. Gnarley 😀
    Do you think it is unfair that other app-makers with large subscriber-base can take your app idea, make a similar app(not a clone) and outrank your app?
    Can you please suggest how indie developers can compete with the "app dev moguls" who have substantially high resources to use?

  2. Hi Eric. I am happy to see your videos. Very informative for me. I am planning add an application to google store (google play) and i want my app to be a pay product. But i don;t couple of things.
    If i charge my app say Indian Rupee 100, how much does google charge for me this app. How much does paypal charge to me per each product sold to a customer. If there will be any conversion charges when i transfer amount from pay pal to my bank account.
    Please help me.

  3. Hi Eric. Just a friendly note on a typo on your app description:
    "Ear Spy attempts to improve your hearing with the power of Android. Depending on how good your phone it, it can become a high-powered listening device (like a hear aid or a super Spy App)."

    "Depending on how good your phone it, it can become…" <- This part didn't make much sense to me.

  4. Hi Eric. Can you please do an episode about client developer worst thing can happen? I paid for a completed with a developer but i feel like the developer is taking advantage me by charging me too much for simple updates. The developer won't give me the game code? Please explain how to handle the situation. Thank You

  5. I had the same problem. A developer copied my app icon, description verbatim and format. I reported it to Google and after a few days his dev account got banned. So people, there infinite amount of app ideas out there. Think of something unique and STOP copying other people's ideas.

  6. I had idea like Uber eat n deliveroo bt my frnd make fun of me n so I stopped working on it I still Hv the half app in my laptop all I’m left with regrets why the duck I listen to ppl anyone readying my comment plzzz don’t share ur thoughts with frnds bcoz all they gonna do make fun of ur idea u will get lots of regrets

  7. Jesse Amlin here. Did you get my email about the hearing app that not just copied ear soy but stealing your funny sayings or quote?

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