Tutorial: MOBOTIX Visage Face Recognition App (EN)

welcome to this short clip tutorial
about the Visage Technologies face recognition app. In this part we explain
how to configure and use the face recognition feature.
To be able to configure the certified camera apps we first go to the setup
menu of our camera and open the section certified app setting. There we first
activate the arming of the app service and confirm this by clicking set. Afterwards a list of already
pre-installed certified apps appears. As with any other pre-installed app you can
also use the 30-day trial license for the Visage Technologies app. If you have
already purchased an annual or two-year license you can activate it via the
MxManagementCenter. After activating your license you will be able to activate the
app itself. Confirm this with a click on set.
This will enable you to access the configuration interface of the app. The
sense of selection allows you to either use the auto mode or to permanently
connect the detection to one of the available sensors. If you select
automatic the currently active sensor is used. If you want to mark the recognised
phases in the stream later activate highlight phases. The app offers three
different modes. The feature phase detection is explained in detail in a
separate tutorial. To be able to use the phase recognition we first have to
enroll phases or persons. For this purpose we select the enrollment mode
and confirm this by clicking on set. To be able to enroll a face the
corresponding person must be captured by the camera this requires a minimum
quality of 85%. If this threshold value is reached the camera stores the last
captured image section in its buffer. This is confirmed by displaying this
particular image section in the upper left corner of the live image. There you
can also see the quality value. Back in the app configuration we can now
assign the data set to a name or an individual identifier. To do so we enter
the corresponding information in the add person text bar. After we have confirmed
the entry the enroll data set appears in the list of known persons. This list will
be filled with each new data set when the faces to be recognized have been
enrolled. We switch to the recognition mode. This mode is used for the actual
application the confidence threshold defines the required percentage match
between the recognized face and the previously enrolled data set in general.
We recommend choosing the highest level. However this can of course be adjusted
according to your project requirements. If you want to display the name or
identifier of the recognize d person next to the face bounding box within the
camera’s life image later on activate show name. For a detailed description of
the available setting options we also recommend the online help of the camera.
After the confirmation of the settings we can view the result of our
configuration in the life image

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