Total War Warhammer Gameplay and Performance on Ubuntu Linux (Native)

Total War Warhammer Gameplay and Performance on Ubuntu Linux (Native)

Hey guys, Penguin recordings here! and today we’re taking a look at the latest triple-A title to hit the Linux gaming scene and that’s Total War Warhammer. Brought to us by the nice folks over at Creative Assembly, SEGA and Feral Interactive. Now a big thank you to Rajitha from Feral Interactive for providing me with this review copy. Now before I jump into the game, a cool little thing to note here is that inside the Feral launcher is a mod manager. So the Linux version of the game does support mods. Now I’m going to be running this at 1920x1080p ULTRA settings everything maxed out manually on Ubuntu 16.04. Now I’m going to go ahead and skip the intro there. I’m gonna go straight into options. I’m running on the latest NVIDIA drivers which is the 375.20 drivers as you see here. I I’m at 1920 x 1080 p and if we go into advanced, I have maxed out everything that I can except for anti-aliasing because this does take a very huge toll. FXAA does the job for me i don’t really notice any jaggies so I don’t see a necessity for going any higher than that everything else is maxed out manually vsync is off and i don’t think i need this because my video memories only 8GB here. It does not seem to notice what my graphics card is compared to Total War ATTILA before this that did recognize my card but this game does not seem to yet it could be because the drivers are too brand new. thing important to know about this is that the linux version currently is only multiplayer linux vs linux alright let’s see if I go into a multiplayer battle and see if I can find any way i can join i am not sure if these are all linux players or if these are windows players as well looks like everything is full is there a way for me to do quick joining so in the future Feral does hope to be able to have this in a scenario that’s similar to the past items where Linux and Mac players can play with one another but for now at least it’s linux vs linux only which could be a bit disappointing for the few of you who may want to be playing with your windows friends or Windows buddies by the very least we have total war hammer on Linux which is pretty awesome and as far as i can tell it seems to run pretty well so if I cannot find a match I am likely just going to go straight ahead into a quest battle it does not look like it’s able to find anything so i’m gonna go ahead head back and i’m going to go for battles quest battle and I want to play me some undead i’m going to play as Vlad von Kahr speed to give you guys an idea of whether performance as is at when not inside the game go ahead blood-drinker here i’m gonna go on normal difficulty because I’m not too good at the total war games now I have hellstorm rockets to fight against crossbow man spear man this looks like there’s everything but they say reinforcements is expected so i presume that they’ll be more units on the battle as the battle progresses so this is maxed out running an ultra and this is not the benchmark i’m going to be showcasing what it’s like running directly in game so i’m recording this with the intensity profile k which is in a separate system so don’t worry the recording is not having any effect on the game this is to the metal the performance that I’m getting and boy does the game look amazing it is amazing look at that since my absolutely beautiful took his last right so it looks like we’re averaging about 50 right now but when we get to the battles i do expect it to go a lot lower when we have a lot of units on the grounds under 400 shut-in glad such as with all that shut it led i do not care i want to get into war okay looks like we’re inside the field right now averaging about 40 frames almost 50 frames i go in get close to the unit’s still about 40 frames look at that look at that 50 frames per second but they’re not animating yet but not fighting seriously there’s no real effects just happening yet i’m gonna go ahead and start this battle I do see there’s a pretty large map in the enemies over there and what I would like to do is do a sort of pincer attack I can see them now i want to put units to the right and the left have to be careful in case they attacked me from behind their units move very fast i’m going to have them in the corner over there these are the capital you guys I need these guys I need them to go up front or look at that the hell storm is already attacking that’s really bad any fast units to take him out but if i send my playing guys in there going to die very quickly i have one hero unit at the back here and keep her with a black knights right there just in case I get ambushed these are the graveyards I’m gonna send him straight up i need the zombies upfront remove all these guys straight in there I need my other hero which is right here there’s blood that is very important to keeping morale high going to keep him with these units at the back here and I’m gonna bring on a full-frontal assault if i can remove them right there these guys these two right here i’m going to join the bats and move over here on a pincer attack them simultaneously all my God look at the Hellstrom I really need to take that out and they oh my goodness he stuck already come on keep moving those sitting with one position you gonna die Hellstrom units small by so much damage from such a long distance and so bloody accurate look at that it’s just these guys if I could send my hero straight in without obstruction I’d be able to take them out used to leave but because they have so many units guiding them look the a is preparing for my pincer attack they know i’m coming from both directions so they’re trying to set up so you can skip backwards i had these guys up front my bets on the Left get a little bit closer there I want to move them closer to move these guys coaster the reinforcements already here oh my lord there they are the reinforcements and I think they’re carrying Hellstrom units with them as well are they carrying Hellstrom units can tell oh my god they brought in another pair of heroes what performance of getting while still about 55 per second is still 15 yeah overall 50 let’s see if i zoom out to move a little bit far back we drop down to about 40 39 40 so far so good so I need to take these guys from behind these these backup units are bad news for me i’m gonna i’m gonna meet them head-on see what I can do so this might be a long video because I’m gonna go through this pile as seriously as I can wait there helps trust me to stop attacking its good thing for me but I want to make sure I can get behind him right here get those back units up there are these back units get them close probably putting them in the trees not such a good idea to get them close enough oh no they’re attacking ok oh my God look at that look at that moving moving moving don’t wait don’t wait to let the hero attack from behind take these guys out now is she attacking the Hellstrom units yes i have to take these guys out from behind his house from units are real danger to my soldiers they can take out so many people ok I lost any units yet not yet but the direwolves over here looks like they’re about to die soon they have backup and I said oh my god they’ve got more reinforcements I thought this is our normal haha i might not make this come on I need to use the right units for the right things are these are these are the big heavy guys right let’s see who was i need to take the small grounded I’ll take the arrow arches the crossbowmen with my big guy should you just write gonna have my hero move in and check out the health drum units where they’re all the way at the back my bets are in if i can get my best to focus on the health club units we have a chance if I can take out the Hellstrom units we’re good ok these archers are these normal is a spearmint organic those guys out where is my cavalry where is my cavalry that’s my standards soldiers here these guys about to die to have to go back him up it looks like I’m losing pretty badly here what are these guys doing come on come on let’s get them from behind looks like i might have taken out one of the house drama backup unit reason which is good is this another pair of health strategy that’s these are healthcare market better yep I’m gonna take him out as well where’s my main hero where’s my main hero come on come on where are you where are you double-quick there you are she looks like she’s doing ok she’s pretty powerful as always I half wish i can pick out the u.s. pretty fast I looks like I’m losing these felt that’s over here what’s happening i was thinking about 30 frames per second right now dipping into a serious battle right here pretty good stuff overall look at all the special effects of Shadows the light thing the vignette everything is on look at the screen shakes or we drop down to 27 face for second with the screen shakes so much is happening on screen right now it’s not surprised I’m really really pushing this right now let’s see here 24 frames 24 looks like the lowest i’ve managed to make it down and my armies are losing they just keep having backup too much where’s my hero is my hero taking out the house truck have you taken out the house from units if I could take out their captain I might have a chance but it looks like my captain is is being surrounded my lord come on big guys help out your boss your help out your bus this looks like it might be a losing battle adds this ain’t good this ain’t good at all come on what are you doing idling there get into the battle what units are you you are we have soldiers these there’s great weapons i think these guys are good if I do to put them against his swordsman but my normal swordsman here are great to go and help the bus let’s see take these guys out come on guys are you even fighting doesn’t even look like you’re fighting take a model already looks like my soldiers on the horses are doing ok whole look at the damage they do the death and destruction this is epic alright I’ve made to bring it down to 19 frames-per-second alright I’m really pushing this right now really pushing this this is that ultra settings on the booty 16.4 really maxing this out intense battles up close oops I forgot about my other hero looks like they’re done good i am not paying attention enough to the guys who are done with their jobs need to take them from behind kinda had this just a single unit take these guys out and have these guys move in and provide some assistance maybe maybe I have a chance at winning this come on let me be this first battle be a win on linux come on don’t let me lose I don’t see any more backup of theirs oh my god i left my zombies out there these are the guys were supposed to die first why did i leave them out there such a big mistake don’t leave anyone else anywhere anymore backup does not look like it if I could take out the commanding leaders I would be able to win but it looks like total war having their leaders are very smart they’re staying out of reach i keep getting located by their units where is my leader one looks like he’s a bad bad scenario he’s attacked in flank he’s being flanked problems that don’t have any units to thank these guys I could get them from behind it be great where’s my not effective these guys to come in from here i want them to come in from here I can get them to come in from the side or the back i can do some serious damage resting on his truth a serious damage can be the difference between losing and winning yep there we go that should do the trick what about my other leader is she doing good it looks like they’re retreating if I can come from that they were treating for good i will leave the be just have my units moved to join the main forces these armies are not doing me any good out there they’re not fast enough to chase I’m going to bring them in as reinforcements from behind i can do that oh it looks like they know i’m trying to get them from behind looks like they’re making it they’re making a run for it they still have held strong units what I thought I took them all out already where they where are they where they are going to take them out these guys are oh my god these guys contend tight about really easily have to take out these Hellstrom units look at that look at that it’s insane these units are so imbalanced this so powerful and I don’t have anything to go against them I don’t have any of my own except for these big trip Tarzan they’re so slow come on zombies take them out at least distract them so they can attack moving moving moving provide cover fire ok my hero here what are you doing Helene Selena come on get back into about each to help your other body part of place this is this your gold digger your Papa move it what is that is the question right now is that a good or bad thing i am not sure if that’s a special attack that is a dangerous thing for me because i did not initiate that looks like they’re running if i can get their hero wears their hero their years of my guys on horses running away are you still being flanked he still be attacked in the rear that is their horsemen they are ok here’s my big guys and they’re trying to get their horsemen with the big guys the zombies are pushing them away which is good i’m gonna try and go straight for an attack on their big guys where is Colleen what are you doing why are you so slow you’re on a horse hurry up I need that cover fire healthstream is still active come on cavalry units i really need you to move in right now these zombies are so slow you’re gonna do me much good come on if you got isn’t gonna die at least I taking out the house from units unit has been wiped out i just lost the unit looks like I lost him for good I don’t believe in retreating who are these guys fighting and he’s still fighting someone but they’re just dying will then move in move in they’re coming from behind it looks like my hero is finally free again it looks like they’re heroes moving in with my hero was my hero come here if you move in we can fight this place together we can take him out we can take them out fight together what the hell is he running away look boss battle last battle come on i’m dead you’re more powerful you can kill him she’s got protecting the rear looks like my guys doing okay come on Eileen where are you get over here right now I see you’re coming in a distance holy crap what the hell oh my lord I really need backup where my cavalry units screw the house drunk and attacked their heroes what the hell are you doing a lead where are you get over here you bloody idiot he’s gonna die now he’s fighting to online but he’s pretty powerful yes bring it in bring it in i think i might be able to take at least one of the heroes they’re both on horses know which is really unfair Gottfried or looks like it’s the closest to dying glad are you attacking the Gottfried let’s take the great together selena is doing ok looks like i may have the upper advantage fighting this battle right now I’m completely ignoring the rest of my units looks like they’re most of their units are running away i can i can just keep them from running away if I can move my units in these guys are holding off their assistance this region its come on cavalry take out the range units what are you doing just standing there don’t be idiots now the hero is running away with a coward looks like I killed when their heroes though that’s a pretty good start oh they’re coming to kill my hero I think coming to get my hero I’m not gonna let that happen so easily I’m gonna take you out come on heroes do the bell do it well we can do this we can win this battle we can win this match oh my god this is so much action i really want to see this battle win looks like they’re running away is the hero back the heroes back let’s see if I can take him out let’s see if I can take him out he’s running don’t let him ride damage him just enough so that we can kill him oh my god if we can kill it with this might be when I think this might be with come on he’s running away again what a coward stay and fight stay and fight i tell you this may be a win I see them fighting those units who the hell is shooting me from a distance I really hate the race units come on come on saw it move in take out those archers take out a moment it doesn’t look like he wants to run just yet come on take the swing blow texting boat what are you doing you’re letting him get away you’ve got them idiots to me haha i could have killed him what the hell man come on why we’re sucking around on your horsey this isn’t a pony ride ranch what are you doing could have killed them oh my god I’m having way too much fun this is solid part by feral so far your crashes I just wish this had multiplayer with windows uses that would be like the perfect thing be perfect come on move Ben looks like they don’t want to give up just yet do I have my cavalry units these are my zombie units if I can move them behind here i can can flank them right now looks like they’re engaged with another group the black couple of nights are fighting their who I have left my zombies are here come on I know you guys are tired but you need to help me out here come on attack them from behind the remaining units we finally got their leaders oh I hate their archery guys so much these bloody crossbowmen man I does this no chance my guys on the ground moving slow I don’t have my horsemen anymore except for this last crew and already engaged that makes you take them up it looks like they got a white flag I think that’s what like yes oh my god victory oh my lord that was insane that was epic alright that’s it for this gameplay video guys I can’t believe had so much fun I’m having quite a bit too long so that’s it for this gameplay video on ubuntu 16.4 feral interactive have done a great job with bringing this title to linux the only downside so far the accuracy is that be multiplayer currently is linux versatile and only so i hope you guys enjoyed watching and thank you for watching

28 thoughts on “Total War Warhammer Gameplay and Performance on Ubuntu Linux (Native)

  1. Looks like Linux is getting top priority, as we have another port of a triple-A game that comes to Linux before Mac!

  2. could you make a video showing how to install steam under wine, because when i do it an error comes up saying steam web helper has stopped running, if you could help me with that, that would be great 🙂

  3. you master this like a boss 😀 i am slowly getting into it also, started campaign, but i still suck at battles, too much stuff happens on the screen its hard to master all of it 🙂

    Great videoas always!

  4. Today I switched to Ubuntu. Well, after using it for 2 hours, I can say one. I really like it! Well, anyway, hope to see more videos from you!

  5. heeey i need your help!!!, i have linux ubuntu and installed total war: warhammer, but when i click PLAY on steam the game doesnt launch. can you help me to fix this?

  6. And what about Attila ? Does AMD GPU are getting support? Damn, that would be awesome!! I've been thinking on definitely leaving Windows, but maan, I love to game… Please, "Make UNIX-based users happy again" lol

  7. so its about 50% less frames than DX11 in windows 10? could you replay the same replay twice once in windows and once in Ubuntu? – then tune the settings to get a avg. of 60 is each instance please.

  8. in definitely buying this game after this video. Great work! it was really entertaining. This with 3 other games will have me busy tonight on my Feren os machine.

  9. hey penguin i got a question i can get to the play screen with my linux machine but when i click play it lucnhes i see the opening screen only to have it crash back to the terminal. Any ideas what i may be doing wrong? Im still quite new to linux and currently running Ubuntu

  10. I have 8GB and I run out of memory when game tries to load both campaign and battle maps. Who knew linux port would be such a hog? I can't remember the game eating over 3,5gb on windows 7, while it usually runs under 3gb.

    On my (improperly configured?) arch installation it gobs 4,5gb easily on campaign map alone. Returning to campaign map thrashes the system completely, leaving me only to power it off.

    Now I'm thinking of enabling swap. Because, dayum, never thought I'd have to.

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