100 thoughts on “Top 5 Note Taking e-Readers 2019: Ranked

  1. Nice video. But this ranking is strictly about the writing experience… but there are so many other aspects to take into consideration. For example, raking Onyx Boox last place? Maybe not fair… There is another video you guys say Boox Note (I guess) is one of the best e-ink devices you ever used… or maybe it was some time ago and you changed idea.

  2. 0:11 Ah, so you did actually update your Remarkable.
    0:15 Yeah, because that screen size is an off-the-shelf screen size directly from E-ink. Seriously, they have dev kits for that screen size but that of course does not include front lighting and pen/touch input
    2:24 Did you get the screen protector installed? Also, there seems to be a bug with the "undo" button that can result in the loss of page data, so I instead use "Squid" for my more important notes, but its "low-latency ink" feature isn't supported on these devices.

  3. Tried both Mimas and Boox note pro – while boox is superior in all aspects bar handwriting latency IMO neither good enough for handwriting. Styli provided is very low quality and just an awful writing tool – the pencil has evolved over 1000s of years, why would you not just emulate the physical characteristics – extremely odd! Write lots of notes and conversion becomes really, really messy, latency gets worse and eink smearing abounds. Great to see eink tech moving forwards but currently just not good enough as serious handwriting productivity tools and far too expensive!
    *For reading pdfs etc. outside, devices were fantastic and a real pleasure to read on*

  4. Wait.. the top spot went to the sony only because of the writing experience? What's the point of writing if you can do much features with it

  5. The Sony Digital Paper devices look the most promising – I don't understand why a company with such extensive R&D resources has taken over 18 months to provide TOC for PDFs, and that's the other issue, these devices are very costly and only support PDFs. I actually don't care about app store access but comprehensive access/navigation of epubs, pdfs and naturalistic text to speech should really be provided for the substantial investment…

  6. Why is it such an important feature the pen cross-device compatibility???? No mention about software for note taking and for pdf reading, general OS!!! I am very confused with this video.

  7. Nice ranking here. I've been so hooked on searching for the best notetaker. There are just so many pros and cons out there at the moment and quite a few to choose from. I was nearly hooked to buy the remarkable then all of a sudden I saw the SuperNote. For me, just trying to narrow it down to pure note taking and the way notes are taken and saved. Right now I see the supernote as the best way. I like how you can open the PDF (or the doc type) then place square brackets around a word, sentence, paragraph etc.. then bring up the comment and summary and write a ton of notes for that section, in fact across the whole page. Then you can go back across those pages a simply pull up that section you wrote about. Love the pens selection too. But I fear that the way these things are advancing, whatever you buy now by the end of the year, it'll be out of date and there'll be like 10 more to choose from. I guess with tech whatever you buy today, it will always be out of date.

  8. Based on the reviews on reddit, the writing on the supernote IS not as good as on remarkable And unlike remakable, SN doesnt support layers. IS There some user comparisons available? Since goodereader sells supernote, i would appreciate some non biased comparison..

  9. Very unfair review to Onyx. People don’t buy them to move the pen from one to the other or to use different pens. The evaluation is about note taking per se and not about how many pens you can use 😞

  10. I already bought my boox note. I wanted it as a sketch pad when walking around town. So pressure sensitivity is a must. I bought it over the remarkable because I heard the reviews of the nib wearing off quickly. Unfortunately it’s the same for the Onyx boox. I thought the android apps would give me a better drawing experience, but they lag too much, so I just sketch in the notes app. So I find it a mixed bag. Looks like all of them seem that way. I haven’t seen too many up to snuff for artists. Would like to one day do finished linework on it

  11. Thanks for doing these reviews! And it's good to see the eewrite mentioned, I know the prototypes have had a lot of bugs but I really hope the finished product will match up to the other top players!

  12. Can you write notes directly on any e-pub or kindle books on any of these devices?

  13. "So it's this lack of cross-compatibility in pen support that puts it in the fifth place", phew… I thought you were doing a comparison of the best eReaders, not pen support.

  14. Plus, when you say it's laggy, i don't agree. You need to install the latest firmware which was out a couple of months ago. I find mine runs a lot smoother now.

  15. It's an unfair review. The original stylus should be used for handwriting comparison. Stylus compatibility is not our concern.

  16. Does this come with windows or mac app to allow for sync with laptop, so you are able to use it like an online whiteboard when making online presentations?

  17. Very interesting contest but most of them are still very expansive ! Asking Experts you are, can someone tel me what Activ Pen is Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 compatible ? Thanks a lot.

  18. Good review. Although I am partial to remarkable as I personally have one but would you mind giving it its own review. There are so many conveniencies that this device offers, simple yet contributes to the overall writing experience.

  19. Dumb question – I've been looking for a 'decent' inking unit to take rooftop (insurance adjuster) vs. my iPad Pro/Pencil/Goodnotes… As I watch your reviews – and then see the price of these items – I'd really love to see you compare the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil against any of these. I've had my share of writers in the past – and the Apple products with either Evernote or Goodnotes simply blows away the rest. I still have a collection of Adonit stylus (at hundred bucks a piece).. How bout some REAL world comparison, because with the pricing of most of these seems near or ABOVE a base iPad and Pencil combo – I must assume the writing experience is astronomically better on these ewriters – otherwise – what's the point. Head to head would be appreciated.

  20. i've benn looking for perfectly suitable e book reader for me about 5 month. this video tells me exactly everything what i wanted. even more

    only pad i found was the e pad but now i have much more option in terms of price, design, and delivery date thanks a lot!!!! god bless you

  21. What's funny to me is the obvious problem with eink. Amazon refuses to let any other eink company download their books. A complete Monopoly that destroys the creative possibilities of eink. Why buy a device you can write on but can't read any amazon book on? Regarding these options….Why replace ink tip for an imaginary pen. Silly. They got work to do still. These are all prototypes not ready for real world use.

  22. I like my reMarkable. I can definitely recommend it! It works great with taking notes on pdf files. And it is easy to transfer from your pc or phone.

  23. Does the Ratta Supernote stylus have a function button and/or eraser? Watching the video leads me to think that, because you point out this flaw with the reMarkable, but you don't mention this for the Supernote stylus.

  24. Which model of reMarkable are you using? Mine is Rm100, but that compatibility at 4:23 doesn’t happen for me (for Supernote pen). Does it work for only newer “models” of rM? Also do other pens retain their pressure sensitivity on rM?

  25. To my opinion any device that can't scroll continuous pages while taking notes and unable to scroll with my finger, it makes no sense… Just imagine I just have to switch from page to page instead of continuous scroll

  26. I was expecting a learning bookpad came with translator(like google translator),Office,dictionary,book avisor(with all type of book),sound recording education purpose no games ,pen feature,expendable memory card ,upgradeable function,split screen function,no phone ,no music,to replace the school study book,approval App to install on the Pad

  27. Goodereader nice video, can we take notes only in black color here…. Means I an searching a device which can take colourful notes and we can convert the notes in to pdf file. Can u suggest something. Please

  28. Remarkable is by far best note taking device I have used. It is purely a note taker and if that's what you want it's number 1.

  29. Idk know if I heard anything good about any of these. Seems like the cons outway the pros on all of these based on the video.

  30. Sony's DPT is in heavy critic, because they allow themselves (EULA) to get all Data from connected devices, so you basically upload your whole computer content to Sony, and allow them to share it with everyone.

  31. After watching this to me I think #3 which is the Remarkable is first place from me because the only problem I heard was it's a little behind feeling like paper but I can live with that.

  32. I don't understand how you could pick the Sony at #1 with all of those cons listed. It essentially makes the device useless, and you'd be better off with a regular paper notebook and ink pen. It would also be much cheaper.

  33. These guys are biased towards supernote by Ratta…who are making supernotes in some dark cavern of a dungeon and only selling through good e-readers.

  34. "So its this lack of compatibility and pen support that makes it on 5th spot." Good e-readers on Onyx.
    And then they give the first prize to Sony which has zero cross pen compatibility. What BS!
    Supernote has just recently entered the market and is yet to stand the test of time. Though being hailed as a direct competitor to reMarkable which has sold over a 100k copies, supernote has a lot to do before it could overtake reMarkable in these rankings.
    Good e-readers are absolute bonkers. Supernote sell mainly or maybe solely through good e-readers hence the obvious biasness. Just mute these commission hungry parasites and watch the videos and make up your own mind and rankings. God Bless!

  35. Ratas address: Room 301 Building No.1 Hao 168 Jixin Rd.,Minhang District,Shanghai
    Since when did Shanghai move to Japan?
    I think you should appologise to ur viewers and specially followers for misleading information. Thank you!

  36. lol your top device is so rubbish. You should have labelled the video top paper like note taking devices that feel like paper only. I have the remarkable and the boox nova pro. both good note taking devices within their own limitations. Not sure when cross compatibility of pens became such an important thing when literally no manufacturer claims this as a feature, I think that is just something the reviewer wants as he has note taking devices coming out of his ears. At the prices these devices are 99.9 percent of all users will probably have just one device at a time. It's a shame the reviewer did not spend a bit more time looking at the new(!) Boox devices (Denoted by having PRO in the name, Note Pro and Nova Pro). Most of the other devices are from previous years, so older iterations of their take on this kind of device. Between the remarkable and the Boox Nova Pro I think I like the Nova better, for me the 10.3 inch screen of the remarkable wasn't a killer feature and the Boox Nova Pro (and Note Pro included) had features that just killed like advanced two tone front light, Android apps (having Google Keep or other to do list on your note taking device is really useful), again android app compatibility means multiple reader apps (fbreader, moon+, Calibre companion etc). The remarkable also loses on the expensive consumables (tips), really? how much for those tips? I think a lot of these device manufacturers have missed a killer feature of pen/pencil and paper and that is it's feature complete, dirt cheap and available everywhere so everyone has it. These devices will only become useful probably when the 8 inch is $100 and the 10 inch $150.

  37. I love my Boyue Likebook Muses. Very good writing experience and after the latest updates, even the built-in browser has gotten loads faster. Came with a Case that turns off the screen when closed. Reading pdfs is pretty good thanks to the faster CPU and 2GB of RAM. It's only 7.8" so you'd have to zoom lots which may not be for everyone. But I'd sacrifice that inconvenience for portability any day of the week. Can't wait for color eReaders with Wacom writing abilities whenever they're viable.

  38. I purchased RP1 as it just launched in 2017. It is hard to believe you would think RP1 is better than ReMarkable considering writing. (My friends got 3 Re and I got 2 DP) and we thought that is different from you. But thanks very much for other options available as I am considering to upgrade my device(SONY Battery is a facepalm, after 2yrs heavy use, it barely cannot hold 1 day charge,lol

  39. The price of this items are ridiculous expensive, there's Android Tablets that are sold for less than 300$ that have stylus with handwrite recognitions, with battery that goes beyond 10 hours of use, yes e-ink can be read on sunlight and in theory it would use less battery, but that does not happen because if you use for note taking it will constantly using energy, e-inks are good for static images, you won't get android apps, or do any use of good multimedia, no good video of any kind, you will be hostage of the manufacturers system and apps, you won't render PDFs correctly and you will lack colour on most this devices. Battery capacity used on this items are also very small, making all even worse!

  40. This review was horrible. You give first place to a device that has the most cons. Clearly someone needs to learn how to review and rate devices. This is embarrassing. The category was “note taking” not which one feels the most like paper. Smh

  41. Which fucking cupcake decided while making these to have the have replaced tips. The whole point is to be MORE convenient what the fuck is this? Also that second place one is definitely first place all that functionality takes the spot

  42. While I've given this video a thumbs up, I still have some criticism for the following reason: the title implies that you will be comparing e-readers based on how good the whole note taking experience is, not just the screen quality and pen support. People don't write just for the sake of writing, they do it with a purpose, because they want to annotate a document, or create a shopping list, or add an entry at a certain date in their agenda, etc. Those are functionalities that exist on PCs and smartphones, true, but they require TYPING (on a physical or virtual keyboard). What people interested in note-taking e-readers and similar technologies are looking for is to get a similar collection of applications/functionalities that works with WRITING (with a pen) INSTEAD of typing. That is what you should be concentrating on when making a video comparing different devices (or reviews): what can we do with them? If a device has a good "paper-like writing experience" but no applications/functionalities to make this writing experience relevant, then people will be forced to go back to their paper agendas or smartphones in order to do what they need to do (that which the device can't do).

  43. if sony is so restricted and so expensive, and the only pro is it feels like real paper…Y don't you just use actual paper and pens.

  44. After watching this video I do not feel that confident in any of these devices I'm specifically looking for a device to write my book on and this would be a good alternative to a tablet or typing on a computer. I know I don't want to hand write on paper.

  45. I feel like pressure sensitivity is a large part of the note taking experience…which means the Sony has very little going for it

  46. I don't think the cross pen compatibility should be taken in account. Most of us will never try to cross use pens. The remarkable has some drawbacks that should not be ignored, you did the right thing putting them on 3rd place

  47. So we started from five downwards and then you put something on the 10th place? I got lost at some point and I don't even know where

  48. What are you doing ?….. do u consider ur self a Reviewer and if yes the second person would be idiot number 2…..sorry but u a waste of time ………good luck with ur next stupid video

  49. Two questions:
    – Can I buy the Supernote’s Wacom pen separately?
    – What the surface of the Onyx Nova Pro 7,8” is made of?

  50. Personally, I was totally confused … Sony you say was number one but then you slated it for just about every failing other than it wrote really well.?

  51. I am looking for:
    – sony dpt-rp1
    -remarkable 13.3
    But used and cheap
    price suits me


    Can you show me a site where I find These types or someone who has these versions and sells them at this price 300-400$

  52. I have a boogie board and the writing apparatus does not wear out. I can erase it 50 thousand times before I have to throw it out. My Chromebook comes with a stylus which I don't think where is out I can keep using it and I can't even use my finger on some of the apps

  53. so, which one is the best according to you? what is teh recommendation? if going by a paper like experience, but lacking in all other aspects, is the criteria, your grading and the title of this video misleading. what a waste of time!

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