This Product Uses An App To Wash Your Face

This Product Uses An App To Wash Your Face

I mean it’s vibrating my hand even more my nose is kind of itching hello i’m corey and welcome to bizarre beauty the show where i try weird internet products so you don’t have to the up skin I think you probably do do you like Chrissy Teigen I think you probably do because everyone loves Chrissy Teigen she is awesome and amazing and sweet and hilarious now I’ve gotten up my crazy fan going for her I would like to tell you what we’re doing today basically she partnered up with this company called for Rio they made a new version of a cleansing massage thing I honestly don’t really know what it is a cleansing massage product called the Luna 3 this is what’s weird her child is named Luna but this thing existed before she partnered up with it and it was already called Luna so that’s odd it’s kind of pricey it’s like a hundred and ninety-nine dollars it’s fine if it’s like the best cleansing product ever but no I’ll show it to you how about that here it is it’s a little machine thing it’s the newest of their Lunars I think you can get a baby one too which is cheaper actually but this is the big boy I’ve done a terrible job of explaining what it is so let’s actually read it out it says it’s a smart facial cleansing and firming massage okay that’s cool it does two different things oh it’s a number one bestseller I don’t know who decides it’s a best-seller but that’s good tonight it says unparalleled cleansing for a refined radiant complexion this ultra soft cleansing device lifts away impurities while a targeted firming massage leaves skin smooth and younger looking so the thing about this is it has an app which you have to download from the App Store it’s free not free it’s $200 but you have to pay on top of that so this comes in three different versions this one is the sensitive skin one because I have little tiny baby skin you can also get it for a combination skin and you can give it for normal skin let’s get into it oh do you see this feels so soft I love it it’s so I think you plug it in to charge it I assume and then there’s like an indent here which I can only assume is the on button oh it’s a smart Swedish design oh this is cute that’s the charging cable I’m just wondering if this fits in the bag oh it does oh this is so cute so this is for travel so it’s very well designed it is smart Swedish design okay so it comes with like I assume instruction leaflets so there’s some pretty bare-bones instructions here it’s just a woman like touching her face in three different ways I hope the actual app tells me what to do this also doesn’t really tell you what to do it just says how to turn it on and then it’s like a very very long list of guarantees I love Chrissy Teigen and I believe that she wouldn’t put her name on anything that she doesn’t think is good I have quite high expectations for this I think we have to go into the app because I don’t know what to do for Rayo let’s find your device Luna 3 this is all the different ones they do wow they do a ton of different stuff press and hold the power button for five seconds your Luna 3 is now ready for action oh okay so it tells me how to use it that’s very helpful so remove all makeup dump and skin apply cleanser I don’t have any cleanser with me oh I’m gonna take off my makeup and I’m gonna go find some funds up my makeup is coming up my face and Here I am I have my accoutrements here I’m gonna work my face I’ve got my cleanser which I had to go buy and I got my four rio roche one a remove all makeup dampened skin and then apply cleanser to your face to glide luna threes touch points what’s a touch point in circular motion over your face until the built-in timer shuts it off I can only assume it means this inside like this and you rinse Luna 3 pat your face dry and continue with your skincare routine it says to start off with 60 seconds and intensity number 8 I guess there’s like different modes you can have okay and I’ve have a hair up so don’t get my hair wet just realizing I don’t know whether to put this cleanser on my face or on the machine my immediate reaction is to put it on with food start its vibrating oh quick the minutes are going down okay so on the app that tells you how long you’ve been doing it I assume you just move in circles it’s actually not telling me I guess there’s something to do with like tiny vibrations that must help your skin because I don’t feel like this is exfoliating me in any way but like there are so many different machine things that do this but it must do something because it’s it’s just drying my face out oh and that’s the end okay didn’t feel long enough oh you can go to level 16 intensity so I was only halfway up I’m just gonna see what it feels like to do 16 I mean it’s vibrating my hand even more my nose is kind of itching yeah it feels nice I’m not sure was $200 worth of feeling nice probably like dislodges deep set dirt or something that I don’t realize that’s it for the cleansing it says go to massage treatments so to the massage you use this site there are four different massages you can have eyes on the prize which is a firming eye and brow massage the second one is nothing but neck the third one is contour crazy this one’s four whole minutes long and then the fourth one is magic mouth it’s cool there does all these little massages because who doesn’t like a massage or massage as we say in England I’m going to do the eyes on the prize cuz it’s a two minutes long your feet will start and three two one what the hell is this glide the device from the inner corner of the under eye outwards towards the temples like this oh and then I get it in my head full circle around the eye this helps smooth fine lines apparently I really don’t know how much like scientific data there is that suggests that massaging makes crow’s feet disappear it does feel nice it feels relaxing I guess if you’re like watching TV and just like hanging out it might be nice to do this it’s not hard to do oh I should do the other eye whoops I think she’s got toys I like how many things it can do and I like the instructions it’s giving you it makes it easy to use it’s not necessarily for me because I don’t really care enough to massage my face and if we have to do it every day to see any results so on the website it says no matter how long or hard you scrub with your hands they’ll never get your faces healthy firm smooth and glowy as Luna 3 soft Sirkin and high-tech sonic massage power I mean it’s definitely something in this sonic thing because like so many of these cleansers are sonic powered I would have to use this for longer to know if it’s actually taking off all my dirt and residue and stuff like that I can’t really tell from one use space does feel kind of soft I guess I semi recommend this I think I would maybe try the smaller one cuz it’s cheaper all right well I think that’s about it for now what do you think of my face does it look smooth have you guys heard us have you tried it have you tried any of the other models let me know in the comments and I will see you next time [Music]

100 thoughts on “This Product Uses An App To Wash Your Face

  1. Could you update us after a few weeks of using the foreo? I am interested in purchasing this device but I would like to know it is worth the price or not

  2. These videos are embarrassing. Does anyone at buzzfeed know what they are talking about when it comes to skincare? You sound so unintelligent.

  3. Literally just finished using my Foreo Mini XD
    The "touch points" are the little bumps. Personally, I think the Mini is better- it has 2 vibration intensities, and vibrates once stronger to signal for you to move on to a new area of your face (each cheek and the T-zone) and gives 3 quick vibrations when it's time to turn off.
    Plus I've had it for at least 2 years and I've only charged it maybe 5 times?
    I feel like they've just over complicated this product

  4. You just discovered this? Literally in Serbia I can't find one video that's not promoting it. And it literally costs like 50 dollars here but it works wonders for your skin.

  5. I won a gift basket and there was a Foreo UFO, which you attach little sheet masks to, and it uses different light types and heat. It took longer to set up than to use, didn't feel like it did much of anything in such a short time, and I prefer a regular ol sheet mask anyday. Lol.

  6. Next you should try the ladykin affinitic snail cream! It's literally snail slime and comes in a snail shaped container.. It's changed my skin for the better and it has amazing reviews!

  7. Lol can I join you on your show lol
    Just a recent sub!
    Luv you!

    Btw I have my own channel called Alayna's cinema and can you help me get to my goal of 200 subs?

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  9. I got a foreo Luna 2 , and its great! It especially helps to remove makeup too. And it helps lather up soap better than how she did it

  10. I had a Luna mini 2. I liked it and used it for less than a month before I was introduced to konjac sponges. They provided a better cleaning and a bit of physical exfoliation when compared to my Luna. I ended up returning the Luna.

  11. I LOVE my foreo Luna 2, had it for years. Honestly she was using it in a very weird way, and I think that was a cetaphil cleanser which makes me cringe, that’s what was drying her out. Use literally any other cleanser and wet your face! This was not a good test

  12. Does it really worth to spend money on this thing? Please i need honest review. Do u really see any changes or improvements?

  13. Buy a cheap version of those forro things. I tried out the foreo luna play. It lasted less than half the time it said it would and then you can’t reuse it, you just have to chuck it out. What a waste.

  14. I’ve had Foreo, Clarisonic and Vanity Planet.
    Hands down Vanity Planet. Cheapest and idk about y’all but I need a brush option for when my pores need cleaning aka de seeding a strawberry kind of thing. And the softest one does some Lymph drainage.

  15. This product actually cleanse the skin better than if you do it with just your hands. The silicone is also more hygienic than the cleansers with nylon/plastic brushes, and it doesn't irritate your skin like other cleansing machines do.
    Maybe I'm partial because I'm from Sweden and it's all over social media here, but I genuinely like this product. (I have a smaller version which costs like 50 bucks)

  16. Hi would you pls help my Chanel to be more known

  17. I got the little Luna which I got on sale for $25. I find it best to 1.) wet your face, 2.) wet the Luna, 3.) apply cleanser to the Luna, 4.) massage into your face. It creates a nice foam. No need to spend $200 on a product that can deliver just as good as one for $25.

  18. I got a free one and I loved it! It was smaller and mine is black but I rarely use it but still I wouldn’t pay $200…just stick with the cheaper one.

  19. I love Chrissy Teigan! I used a foreo mini for a week when I borrowed it from a friend and it was actually so amazing! I felt like my cheeks had filler and the bumps on my forehead cleared. I really would love to try this product! Maybe for Christmas???

  20. Your face went dry cos u need water on ur face and/or the device when u put cleanser on 🤦 also the vibrating generates more blood circulation to your face.

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