These iPhones Cost Less Than $200

These iPhones Cost Less Than $200

– Hey, guys, this is Austin. iPhones are becoming a
lot easier to pick up. So, I was able to get each
one of these three iPhones for less than $200 on prepaid carriers. But are they worth it? I did a video on this iPhone 5S last year where it cost me $150. However, today, you can
easily find these available for only $129 but even as
low as $99 off contract. It’s the same story with the iPhone 6. While some places have it listed for 300 or even as much as $450, I was able to pick this
one up for only 200. The iPhone SE is also available for cheap. So, while it still cost $400
unlocked straight from Apple, I was able to pick this
one up for only 160. The prices are definitely going to vary depending on what sales are going on and the big downside is that these are all going to be locked to a prepaid carrier but I’m curious, what kind of iPhone are
you getting for $200? To start with, we have the iPhone SE. Even though this is a little
bit of an older design, this is actually a pretty new phone, it only came out about a year ago. What’s cool with this is it’s actually not even a base model, so this guy’s going to be
rocking 32 gigs of storage. The unboxing experience
is pretty straightforward. So, not only do we have our Apple stickers and paperwork right here, there’s also going to be the
old-school Apple EarPods, we have our USB power adapter, as well as a Lightning cable. Put it side by side with the iPhone 5S and the SE looks very, very similar. So, what you’re getting here
is a pretty small phone. Now, to be fair, it’s kind
of rare to actually get a decently specced small phone these days, but it’s small. It’s definitely really small. It still feels premium though. So, not only do we have
the chamfered edges as well as the nice
metal and glass design, but most importantly than
that, it feels sturdy and that’s not something
that you can always say about budget phones. Moving over to the iPhone
6, just like the SE, we’re going to be getting
a 32 gigabyte phone which is going to make
this a lot more usable. With the iPhone 6, we’re
getting something that’s basically the same design
as the current iPhone 7. So, while things have been
tweaked just a little bit in the last couple
years, for the most part, you’re really not gonna
be missing out on much. Arguably, there are actually
some design improvements here. So, not only does the iPhone 6 still have the physical home button, but it also does still
have a headphone jack. You’re getting some
nice upgrades with a 6, most notably, Apple Pay support. So, this is actually something I use on pretty much a daily basis. You’re also getting a much
larger 4.7 inch display compared to the smaller four
inch panel on the others. So, while this is still a little bit small by most flagship standards today, it feels a lot more usable. The specs are pretty interesting. So, the iPhone 5S is
the oldest phone here, it is rocking an Apple A7 processor with one gigabyte of RAM. Whereas the iPhone 6 has the Apple A8 and the iPhone SE has the newest Apple A9 with a full two gigabytes of memory. All three feel reasonably snappy but the 5S is starting
to show its age a bit. With only one gigabyte of RAM, it does get a touch slow sometimes when you’re doing a lot of multitasking, but it really is not bad. It’s the same story with the iPhone 6. In real use, it feels almost
the exact same as the 5S and a lot of it does have
to do with the fact that it also runs one gigabyte of RAM. On the other hand, the
iPhone SE is super quick. So, it has the same
specs as the iPhone 6S, which absolutely puts it on par with a lot of current flagships. To put things in perspective, all three iPhones are going
to be more powerful than a budget option like the Moto G4 but it really is the iPhone
SE that takes the win here. All three are up to date on iOS 10 and they’re all getting the
iOS 11 update later this year. That’s especially impressive
when you look at the iPhone 5S which came out all the way back in 2013. I’ve gotta give big props to Apple for supporting a phone
like this for five years. Pretty much no one else does that. The biggest issue is just
the smaller screen sizes on the 5S and the SE. You know, I get it, a lot of people do like a smaller phone, but as far as I’m concerned, it just feels a little
bit small and cramped. To be fair, you’re not really
losing any functionality, everything is just a little
bit smaller than usual. But if you’re used to a bigger phone, these are gonna get a little
bit hard to get used to. When it comes to cameras,
the iPhone 5S and 6 have a very similar looking
eight megapixel camera, whereas the SE bumps
that up to 12 megapixels thanks to the iPhone 6S, which it basically stole
all its parts from. First, we have the 5S. This was probably the best
camera on a smartphone when it came out but today, that’s actually not bad. The dynamic range is not quite there, but this is a really,
really difficult shot. These all look pretty nice. So, I’d have to give a
slight edge to the SE here, but really, I would be happy
with any of these phones. While smartphones have
definitely advanced a lot over the last few years, what’s impressive is just how decent these iPhones feel to use
even though they’re three, even four years old. What’s really impressive
is the camera on the SE. While it’s about a year old at this point, it really is only topped by
flagships like the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 7. Video on the SE also looks nice. So, it shoots in full 4K and while it might not be a RED, the stabilization means that
it actually looks really nice. The iPhone 5S hides its
age surprisingly well. For just a little bit more and less than half the price
it was when it launched, I think the iPhone SE
is an obvious upgrade. But only if you’re down
with a smaller phone. Which leaves us with the iPhone 6. While it might not be the most
powerful phone in the world, I think the larger size
more than makes up for that. So, would you guys pick up a $200 iPhone? And if so, which one would it be? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll catch you in the next one.

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  2. The 5s and SE processor ratings are swapped.
    It is obvious, but with one small glance, you'll never really see the difference.
    Most already now that mistake since this video is a little over a year old now.

  3. My friend has an iPhone 6 for less price than my I pod touch
    My I pod touch costs 260 dollars and his was 160 dollars and he only payed half that so while I had to pay 260
    He payed 80😠

  4. i’ve had the iphone se for almost 2 years now and it’s definitely been worth it, it’s rarely given me any problems. i’d definitely like to get another phone with a bigger screen soon, but so far this one has been great.

  5. Should I sell my iPhone SE’s? I have 2 iPhone se’s one in rose gold and one in space grey but this Christmas I’m gonna get an 8plus so should I sell them?

  6. I bought a used iPhone 6 on amazon for 150$, there’s no damage to the phone and the battery condition is great 🙂

  7. I am saving money for the Iphone 6 because it is bigger and it has touch id. My previous phone is a Iphone 5 and i am going to upgrade to a much better phone.

  8. does anyone know the prices for the iPhone 6 and SE in the Apple stores in Canada? I want to know the price so I could get it for my bday lol

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  10. To any of you people who are about to pick out an iPhone, you should pick up an iPhone se because it has better specs than the iPhone 6 series

  11. Most people would have their needs fulfill with 1-2-3 generation flagship phones (this is true to both Android or iOs).

  12. It’s 2019 And my SE works completely fine(the way it worked the first time) while my father’s 6 has become a little slow

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