THE LOST DYNASTY – Anunnaki Oath Of The Sumerian Gods | Reptilian Humanoid Beings

the 5th kind brought to you in
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special $0.99 sign up offer in 1849 thousands of Sumerian cuneiform
were found northwest over at the ancient cities of sipar and napur valmy to be sunk in 18-49 Henry Layard
performed many excavations on the sipar site and discovered about 20,000 tablets
sumerian and akkadian and amongst all the tablets discovered about a dozen of
them are about the Garden of Eden Samara Akkadian researcher and author of eight
books regarding Sumerian translation Anton Parkes believes that for hundreds
of years we have been translating these tablets wrong don’t you each Garry
Zeitlin who is a scientist who worked on the SETI project for many years and
collaborated with NASA he was very interested in the Sumerian translations
and he provided me with these ten tablets found it’s a power to check
symbols one by one I noticed one translation saying one thing and the
other saying sometimes the complete opposite the true translations did not
comply I persisted Lea did research on Hebrew but nothing was coming out of it
and then completely by chance I came across a su Mero Acadian lexicon and
this is when I could finally slowly start to translate the tablets in biblical text we constantly read
about this idea of heaven or paradise this comes from the Greek pair Odysseus
and this literally means enclosure for wild animals not paradise a term that
was later transcribed as garden during the Hellenistic era if we go back to the
original translation in the Sumerian tablets
it says the men who served that gods work for them in the garden and are
treated like animals it is a very clear and recurrent theme they are slaves who
serve the divine community and Hebraic texts we understand that the humans seem
happy in this so-called paradise which is in fact more like a concentration
camp according to Sumerian texts in my
translations we also discovered the word carsick which translated to city of the
gods it’s interesting that all the highest points in Turkey are named Cara
dog which strangely resembles car SOG Jerry sent me images of this site from
Google Earth and at the back on the mountainside there is a little plane
this is where I think the Garden of Eden of the Gods was located based on my
translation of the text it all suited us on video so Dale it’s just for my
translations I discovered when the Sumerian gods arrived on earth they
settled on this mountain in order to create a colony and be able to survive
apparently they suffered damage and ended up on this mountain because of a
roar and they found shelter many experts believe that they came from the Pleiades
star cluster my opinion is that they came from there
maybe the war broke out around there but I really believe that this is where the
noonas were created during this conflict on one side you have a matriarchal
regime and on the other side a patriarchal one with all these new gods
there are conflicts in space those new landscapes like it says on the genealogy
of the land tablet these guys are going to change the way life gets implanted on
earth the gods are going to create new conditions for life to bloom for their
colony to thrive these are the people who have the knowledge to clone they can
clone themselves and then humans in the text it says they take the genes from
their opponents who they consider inferior who they named as Kingu they
use their blood and they will go on to create the new human who is going to
serve them with these genes they are called gods but they were humanoid
beings of a rather reptilian type the texts of Eden that I translated depict
clearly and quite frequently the reptilian features of the gods
I personally estimate that the gods arrived approximately 300 thousand years
ago and this derives from the fact that Homo sapiens arrives shortly after I say
this because throughout the texts genetics and the transformation of the
human being are recurrent themes the two particles that compose the word Eden are
e which means home and din or tin which is life
but indeed they are not alone humans are already on earth who are these human
beings what can be noted in the Sumerian tablets when they clearly speak of
creating workers to serve the noonas the main geneticists is always inky he works
with the genome that is on the planet to create a new kind of human he is usually
helped by priestesses that we often call the ninties who are the priestesses of
life they know how to clone with him he can change the human genomes according
to what Enlil asks of him which would be left brained well disciplined humans
demo a Tamamo boutique released emotionally good amount it is said that
inky secretly modifies the human genes by group or by location and abuse some
humans with a knowledge that is different to the point where the other
gods turn against him his experiment will change the human genes to enlighten
mankind and throughout this colognian process that the newness and allele are
overlooking I think that some humans filter through all of this and start
becoming independent damn Adama it was an interesting and very important
name in the biblical text and the Sumerian text is the word Adam from the
Garden of Eden extensive tests have been conducted to see where this word came
from consistently looking for Hebrew roots but it is a Sumerian word which
means animals again we understand that human beings were considered to be
animals by the Sumerian gods and this is where lies the conflict between two gods
Enki and Enlil ninki wants to treat them like the other gods Thom McAn Sumerian
means the administrator for years everybody has been looking to find where
this word came from books are evolved around this issue it is a Sumerian term
I don’t understand how nobody saw it it is very clear
we find it in ancient lexicons in lille is often referred to as the greats a Tom
the master administrator the monthly human only Sumerian text and lil
systematically asked inky to go negotiate and talk with humans he is
always the one to deal with them remember he is a humanoid with reptilian
features and in Sumerian tablets he has always or very often called the serpent
just like in the Bible he is the only one that the humans are going to see and
when they see him they see a serpent like humanoid I reckon this is why he is
called the serpent in the Garden Isle that dr. song does the blue that I
kissed you it is interesting to wonder why the Serpent and Sumerian texts just
like in the Bible comes to the woman I think there are two reasons the first
one is that I think the woman was more accessible and available when she was in
the garden therefore he was more often around women who were collecting food
for the colony the second reason is that I think women are the future of mankind
they raise their children they transmit their knowledge to their children Enki
is going to tell the women the secret of tool-making mom this is expressed as
niche and Sumerian which means tree this means for the first time mankind could
have two sides of the tool the side is fundamentally good so that they can take
care of themselves and the tool that is fundamentally bad which they could use
to defend themselves one could wonder why Enki insist on getting this
particular secret through to the humans well he has the desire to set them free episode there’s a spectacular scene
where humans take up arms and go up the mountain of the gods to revolt and even
maybe try to kill all the gods what happens is an abomination they put back
on track the few survivors indeed from what we can grasp from his personality
binky was all about peace and wouldn’t use tools in order to kill as he was
perfectly aware of what would happen so this scene of humans rebelling against
the gods is quite special and it cannot be found anywhere in the Bible each time
I see the first movie of the Planet of the Apes it makes me think of this story
let’s put this back into context replace the Apes with reptilian gods and you
have the exact same story it is the exact same story it stayed somewhere in
our brain and this is why we can find similar elements in movies we can find
similarities as well in human behavior renessa particular kazakh the way to you
the book of Genesis was really written between 200 and 300 BC it is important
to know that the Bible where we find the most complete book of Genesis is dated
from 400 AC which brings us to this idea then when scholars are compiling the
book of Genesis they must have made a choice a deliberate choice to keep or
take out some elements in order to make the Bible as we know it today
Gustav Donda yaki q2 goes beyond yeast when you start looking at these subjects
whether it is on the web or in some books that people qualify as possibly
conspiracy books it is often spoken of a genetic lineage reptilian and of royal
blood I do think that some Royal bloodlines still exists nowadays that
come from the UH noonas specifically the lineage of an leo Anita and on look
Roger was going to law school awfully also Salamanca I think that we are still
under the influence of the oath sworn by humanity in front of the gods and their
chariot at this particular point humanity forbade itself from ever
knowing freedom and from thinking freely they more or less enslaved themselves we
can see that in general human beings are quite submissive when certain laws pass
nowadays instead of saying that we don’t agree we first say yes and if we find a
couple of brave men who are ready to protest in that case things can get
moving but it can take decades or hundreds of years before anything
happens slavery is a good example therefore I think we are still under the
oath that the human race swore to the Sumerian gods in front of their
spaceship I think that there are several ways of breaking this type of oath first
of all by acknowledging it by allowing oneself and by saying it out loud I’m
not anymore under the oath that was sworn to the noonas is it possible that
modern day religion and government structure have been missed translating
our human past to keep us under the control of n mu or Yahweh thank you for watching the fifth kind
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