100 thoughts on “The iPhone 11 Saving Slime…?

  1. i buddy just want to say i discovered your channel yesterday and im hooked so much content to keep me happy iv finished all your videos about wish now im looking at weird shopping that will be fun as i live in uk and never seen inside a us shop before

  2. all of you saying the next iphone should come with airpods, it will be X2 as more money and some people don’t have that kind of money. 😳

  3. Hey. Can I buy random phones from wish see if they xan play pubg and Minecraft and see if they. Can do normal tasks

  4. Hey so can u do a comparison between an unrated phones like the latest Huawei and the latest iphone so we can really see what is the difference between the two

  5. Omg gear 4 cases are the best I’ve only ever had gear 4 cases and I drop my phone a lot and it’s never cracked

  6. big disappointment on the case i was hooping they’ll have one for other iPhones but it’s only for the iPhone 11
    no iPhone XR cases 😢😢

  7. Only idiots with money to waste buy cases at Verizon. Basically every case Verizon sells can be found online for less than 1/2 the price.

  8. love the vids keep up the good work cod you give me a ps4 this is my dream to have a ps4 i have a ps2 and i get bullied alot for having a ps2 not a ps4

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