The Exile – A Dwarf Fortress Short

The Exile – A Dwarf Fortress Short

Good evening. Tonight, we follow the plight of a strange creature indeed. The Legendary Dimensions is world plagued with many necromancers, and none are more prolific than the Dwarven necromancer Id Daggerwaded. Having mastered the secrets of life and death
Id has been doing horrible experiments on people for centuries, turning them
into nightmarish living abominations. The The Tower of Racewind is defended by a great army of these monsters. However, on occasion, some of the creations of Daggerwaded escape from their servitude to their foul masters. Prisoners of war captured by the foes of the Tower are sometimes granted freedom, and wander the world, finding their own way in life. Among these …lucky… few is Thikut Libashdatan: Axeiron. He is an Eye of Daggerwaded. A large one-eyed humanoid. It has large mandables. Its charcoal sin is Thikut has spent some time living at the bandit camp of Lensact in the far north of the world, where the
few inhabitants there have allowed him to stay. Thikut’s incredible strength has allowed him to contribute to the group as a weaponsmith, but it’s clear that he has just about overstayed his welcome. The bandits tolerated his monstrous presence thusfar, but Thikut has sensed that it’s time to move on. He’s gathered up his things: A silver warhammer (forged by his own hand), his leather armor (issued to him during his time at the tower – no doubt made from the hide of some necromantic abomination), an iron helm, and his horse, Zefon Fightearths. He’s strong, agile, and tough, even for an Eye of Daggerwaded, he knows a thing or two about swinging a hammer, and he’s decent enough at intimidating people – for obvious reasons. Thikut is utterly disgusted by romance and always enjoys a good fistfight, he’s assertive and confident, likes helping others, and has a sense of duty. He’s also quarrelsome and rude, which he’s bothered by, since he friendship in principle Thikut dreams
of creating a masterwork perhaps he’ll get a chance to forge himself a more
impressive warhammer someday. Thikut worships no gods – one so cursed as he puts little value in piety. Thikut is ready to begin his journey. To where? Not even he knows. He says his goodbyes to the elven boss of the bandits, mounts up, and sets off into the frozen wilderness. Thikut considers which way to go. There’s a goblin dark pit a bit to the west, but Thikut thinks better of approaching. He begins travelling east, but sees a forest retreat a furthur north: Caraamala – Stirnature. No doubt long abandoned by the elves, and perhaps now home to more disreputable creatures. But it’s worth checking out. He sets off for the former elven settlement. There’s an orchard of
almond trees here, planted in neat rows. Quite a few of them, the elves must have been growing almonds as a major food source or trade good. Though, there are no
almonds here anymore. Thikut’s never had an almond before. He wishes there were almonds. At a crossroads, Thikut finds an apricot wood statue of Ngom Monstermurdered, a goblin. The statue relates to the goblin’s election to priesthood in the Scholarly Coven religious group, his new title being “Exalted brain”. Thikut doesn’t understand this religion idea. The bandits tried explaining the concept to him but he couldn’t quite
get his head around it. Following the Thikut finds a book. It’s called “The Pursuit of Mating”. Thikut does know how to read, but this is most certainly not his preferred genre. He reads it
nonetheless. It’s a 108 page manual that seems to have been written by an elf. It
concerns the reproductive behavior of The writing rapidly shifts between topics. While Thikut was concerned about the book’s title, as he finds romance repulsive even in the abstract, the reproductive behaviors documented here have little to do with actual romance. The prose is also downright masterful. He feels satisfied to have learned something, and stows the book. It’s an interesting souvenir, and reading material is hard to come by these days. He finds more statues depicting
goblins being cursed, but there are no goblins here now – or elves, for that
matter. The only creatures he happens upon are some eagles and a bear – they all give Thikut a wide berth. Satisfied that he’s given the ruin a thorough enough search, Thikut takes his leave of Stirnature. He can see the coast from here, just to the north. Thikut has never been to the sea.
The Balanced Seas. He finds white sandy beaches and water stretching out to the horizon. Thikut doesn’t try going for a swim, the water’s freezing. No doubt this will all be ice by winter. He wanders along the coast for a time, but there’s little here but the crabs and the sea. It’s time to continue on. There’s another settlement to the east. Looks like another forest retreat… though he thinks he might see activity from a distance. It’s possible this site is under the control of the goblins. He decides to take the risk. He can always ride away if it looks like Entering the forest retreat, Galeoranges, Thikut finds a goblin miner. Though, he seems pretty amicable. Maybe
this place is independent from the major goblin civilizations.
His name is Osnun Stosbubola. Says he’s just out for a stroll.
Thikut asks about the surrounding area, hoping to get a lay of the land. The
goblin tells him that… Ecafe Scaldedforded the elf is in Lensact. Thikut
is of course well aware of that, as a Ecafe is the boss of the bandits he
just took leave of. Thikut asks about troubles in the area. It’s good to know
if there are any dragons to be on the lookout for. Osnun tells him that there’s a missing treasure…apparently a dwarf here, Nguslu Growthnightmares, is looking for
an artifact iron crossbow. Well, perhaps finding this crossbow might help Thikut make some inroads with the locals. Yes, they’re goblins, but if it means a roof
over his head…. or a branch, I guess… Thikut isn’t about to get choosy about who he associates with. Before he looks for Before he looks for Nguslu, Thikut tries to get as much information as he can from Osnun about the surroundings. Appearantly there’s a “brute of evil” named Vucar in a lair near here, which sounds like something to avoid. Osnun also tells Thikut that another Eye of Daggerwaded, Kivish Heroglazed, lives in the next forest retreat over, called Fernhands. Thikut makes a note of that. It might be a good idea to head there next. He continues to grill the goblin for more information about the region. Thikut is well aware that Osnun has become impatient from this constant questioning,
but he rather rudely continues anyway. Eventually the goblin gets fed up and tells Thikut to stop bothering him. But Thikut learned a lot. Coming here seems like it was a good idea. Thikut starts searching through the forest retreat. To his great surprise, Thikut sees someone up in a tree – It’s another Eye of Daggerwaded! Thikut climbs up into the tree and greets them. Their name is Ngoso Heroicticks. Thikut tries to make smalltalk, asking how Ngoso is doing. Ngoso: “Do you have dreams? Tell me a story.” Well that’s an odd thing to say out of the blue. But Thikut is
obliging, and tells Nago so about how he found the book “Pursuit of Mating”. Nagoso: “A
horse had the pursuit of mating in Galeoranges. “I don’t care one way or another.”
Tough crowd. Anyway Thikut asks if Ngoso is aware of any troubles in the area. Appearantly there have been abductions…Ngoso says that long ago, two Eyes of Daggerwaded were kidnapped from here. It’s left rather ambiguous HOW long ago this occured – Thikut was really trying to find out if there was any way he could help out immediately. But he’s still interested. If there’s a group of his people somewhere out in the world, outside of the necromancer towers, Thikut would like to meet them. And on that note, Thikut asks Ngoso if they’ll join him on his journey. Two eyes are better than one, after all. Ngoso doesn’t seem interested. No matter. Thikut thanks them for the information and dismounts from the tree.
Thikut finds two more Eyes of Daggerwaded in another nearby tree, along with two goblins. Perhaps his people are more common… and arboreal… than he had thought. Well, it seems like this place is accommodating to eyes. Finding work here seems like a good idea. He can help out the locals with any tasks troubling them,
and maybe he’ll fit in here. Thikut decides to take some time to gather as
much information as he can about all the problems these people are facing: missing
treasures, monster attacks and the like, and to see what jobs
seem up his alley. Following the sound of music, Thikut comes across an enormous
tavern! Tables and chairs are strewn cross the forest floor, while dozens and dozens of elves and goblins make merry. There’s even a few humans and dwarves here. Thikut has certainly never seen a party like this before these people may
be able to give him the information he’s looking for… Thikut has procured quite a bit of valuable information. This forest retreat belongs to an Elven government known as “The Decent Bud”. The populace is so varied because of a few conquests by the necromancers and the goblins several centuries ago. They don’t seem to have any particularly pressing troubles either. There’s some titans far to the south, but nothing directly threatening this settlement. Thikut didn’t expect to find a place like this. A lively settlement, where people of all kinds, even Eyes of Daggerwaded are accepted. A place safe from the villains of the world. The memories of his horrific life in the tower seem far away. This oasis of life in a dying world may finally provide Thikut Axeiron with a place to call home. And so we leave Thikut to his new home, as we depart from the Legendary Dimensions. There are tales to be told of other peoples in other worlds. Come find me again, some other night, to hear their stories.

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  1. This video was unfortunately cut short by a corrupted save that prevented me from playing any further. This kind of thing is to be expected playing an early update. I scrounged up what I could from what had already been recorded, but the video ended up less substantial than I had hoped. Next time we should hopefully be returning to a longer series in fort mode, in a new world.

  2. Great timing! I just got done watching all the other DF videos on this channel (craftdwarfsship of the highest quality and all that) and just refreshed to see this. Glad too see + hear more are on the way! I hope this channel takes off like that certain other highly-edited and illustrated dwarf fortress channel.

  3. I also record dwarf fort, but man the amount of editing time required for your/krugg's style is prohibitive for a mere hobbyist. Keep it up!

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