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  1. It's really hard to precisely say what civilization was the really first one. Especially after the deluge, we could only assume with the information we have today. Wasn't Egypt known as the land of two narrows. ? And what we call today lemuria an atlantis was whip out in the deluge. And Thoth wasn't the only "god" on earth.

  2. Thank You! I never got this far in my own readings! Much more entertaining… I channel Thoth/Ra…peace~

  3. Thoth says "purified first by long fasting". Pythagoras fasted and practiced breathing for 40 days, Jesus fasted for 40 days… I'm sure there's more such cases.
    I believe the tablet is referring to a 40 day period by "long fasting".

  4. Reading is reading, I don't want to get too hung up reading it the way I interpret it as other people may have their own interpretations and not agree with mine. I tried to remain neutral and just read it and let the listener come to their own conclusions. Regarding my accent, I am English so it isn't a fake English accent, it is just a modified version of my own accent designed to take the reading away from my own voice and persona.

  5. Thoth is Thoth and the tablets are what they are. They are to be studied in depth, not just understood from a Youtube video or casual reading.

  6. Ningishzidda = Thoth = Quetzalcoatl = Hermes. He is the son of the 'Creator of Man', Ea known as well as Enki. Well done nice clear voice.

  7. Thank you so much for this, many things that he says resonate with me, if not everything. I have had many past lives in Atlantis.

  8. Much of this is about reincarnation in this tablet and the cycle of birth and death in this tablet and carrying over your power from life to life incarnating awake, so much of this is lost information. Jesus taught about reincarnation to but it was suppressed and taken out of the bible by Constantine. He also speaks about the spirit realm inbetween bodies.

  9. May I ask where you get your information? Because the emerald tablets have never been found. They are a story that says they were made but never found. So are you making up what you believe is on the tablets?

  10. It seems no one has physical possesion.Edgar cayce said that humanitys history would be found under the sphinx,and it does appear there is a chamber.The eygyptologists have full control over things and seem quite selfish.We cannot rely on them,,so we will see.people have been calling for permision to excavate without success..another idea is that they could be found on the akashic records-which contain all knowledge of human history.kind of like karl jungs anima the mass unconcious..

  11. Someone suggested to me that the emerald tablets are stored under the sphinx.
    Edgar cayce has a very good track record-check him out its a fascinating story.You can make out your own opinion..

  12. Yes you are correct.It is always best to look at all the evidence and make up your mind. It is good to be sceptical and not take things for granted.
    I am not too impressed with this interpretation,,the level that grammar of this kind should be is called "samahdic writing" or in the tradition of lodges "class A publication".you have class A,B,C aned D.This is not,,in my opinion,its giving us nothing new.samahdic writing has a certain quality.And lower grades have as well.
    Always be discriminating

  13. Read with your own eyes?

    How does that work for someone who is blind?

    I hope my Videos go some way to help blind people learn about the mysteries and esoteric teachings

  14. thoth or tothe or thawth (whatever) says he spent over 45000 yrs on this planet. and after "amenti" he has come back as jesus possibly Divinci and almost for sure in modern times he at the very least spoke to/through Edgar Cayce. i do find it curious that he doesnt seem to mention the larger and prolly older pyramids in bosnia.

  15. Doreal wrote for the 'Brotherhood of Light' in the early 20th century, headquartered if I recall, around Colorado. This product certainly captures the 'Art of the Spell' being so lyrical and song like. As for its legitimacy, one has to determine whether there was an Atlantis or not and if so its connection to Egypt and also whether the alchemist [al 'Khem' (Egypt) ist] Hermes Thoth Trismegistus in the early Christian era was in fact [as a reincarnation of the original Thoth] it author.

  16. Why am I not surprised that you and Danny boy take this shit seriously. I've got the emerald nuts of Thoth if you want to listen to them too….

  17. I highly doubt Thoth ever existed or left this earth and came back as Yeshua. What i do beleve is various ancient people understood more things than we do. And just like us, they had ideas of gods that this knowledge came from. Only it wasnt gods or aliens (as some scientist believe), but the fallen angels that came down to earth. They mistook them for gods and worshiped them. And in return the angels gave them sacred wisdom of the kingdom of God. Read the book of Enoch.

  18. Who obtain the other tablets? And how can we get them released? Is it possible that the text has been corrupt by time due to translation errors and other influences?

  19. this was proven a hoax lol the harry barbarians of khem lol sounds like racism to me people just cant take a dark skinned race of people building pyramids so they have to twist what they find to discredit where civilization came from….their is no such thing as race we all come from one source but the european man cant see that so they discredit our ancestors greatness and call them cave dwellers and barbarians this is just as non-credible as the bible twisted ancient text.

  20. For you are ignorant!!!…Strangeness does not conote "evil"…it simply means :"YOU MUST LEARN MORE OF WHAT YOU DONT KNOW" so that YOU MAY KNOW MORE….INCREASE YOUR KNOWLEDGE!!!!(otherwise DIE AN IGNORAMUS!!!)

  21. Im saying it sounds evil because of the knowledge that i have. Im not saying it is evil at all. It sounds evil because its words coming from a "God" that was the only survivor of atlantis. Idk about you but to be thats a little sketchy that he is the only survivor out of atlantis and has all of this to say. Reminds me of destroy the old world and start a new one how you would want it if you get what i mean by that. And chill out calling me ignorant because you are just blindly reading these word

  22. Everyone is saying oh its evil, what really is good and evil? We only acknowledge whst is good and evil because weve been taught what is good and evil. How can we really know what is trully good and what is truly evil. How do we know that what weve been taught is the real truth of good and evil.

  23. The sheer aknowlegement of good and evil shows how underdeveloped we are only when we abolish duality and accept singularity will we be at peace

  24. No, sorry you are wrong. Thoth is the son of Lord Enki. He was born Ningishzidda aka Thoth aka Hermes aka Quetzalcoatl. Lord Enki is the first Anunnaki that came to earth 450,000 years ago.

  25. Why judge, we're all different maybe that is his normal. You don't have to listen. Thanks for your efforts friend, one.

  26. We can't argue about it, no one knows for sure who is who or what is what. Maybe it's all fake, maybe all the prophets are the same soul… Only by working together will we figure it all out! 😀

  27. Oh this channel others read the tablets, or you can read for your self.  Tablet #13 gives the immortals meditation for eternal life; first you grow younger, than you maintain were you choose.  I didn't say I do or don't believe.  But here is a science from ancient times. 

  28. solotracer thank you thank you thank you its an honor to see the one who brought this unto man and to meet in a way the one that helped me to rise above.  Life unto light unto thee. 

  29. I love that some of it sounds like poetry. Science and poetry are beautiful when brought together such as Thoth. If this kind of stuff was in grade school I would have never left. I would still be in the front row of class and I am 43 years old.

  30. we all know this is a book written in 1925 or there abouts, but what about the real emerald tablet of thoth, where is it? and how many translation in english is enough? Didn't Newton write a translation? Where this Master copy and in what language does it originate?

  31. Complete update with References:
    I do a lot of thinking about why there is so much evil and suffering .
    (Since my mom passed over 45 years ago. When I was 10.) 
    This all came into my mind recently. I feel that it must be shared.
    This simple theory makes a lot of sense to me. And I believe it will make sense to any open-minded individual.

    There are different related subjects in an outline format. With plenty of space to read-between-the-lines.
    Key words are Capitalized for easy reference for people (like myself) who wish to scan large articles rather that having to read through dense paragraphs.)
    It's easier to go back looking for key words in each section.

    I hope you enjoy this philosophy as much as I do.

    Best Wishes,
    Stan P. 

    The Mother of all Conspiracies:

    Fear of God

    WARNING: It is a VERY BAD SIN to OMIT WORDS from the Bible to intentionally change the meaning. Especially to DECEIVE THE MASSES. (Preachers be wary.)

    We are TOLD that God forbid Adam & Eve from “eating the fruit of the Tree of KNOWLEDGE”.

    That is an outright LIE! The biggest lie of ALL TIME!!!

    There never was a “Tree of KNOWLEDGE”.

    It was the tree of “the knowledge of good & evil” which would more correctly be interpreted as “JUDGMENT.Judgment is the root cause of WAR & SUFFERING.

    Yes, we were WARNED. Not PUNISHED.

    WE CAUSE THE SUFFERING by not heeding God's WARNING about “the knowledge of (differentiation between) Good & Evil”

    It would seem that “God” allows evil to exist for some unknown reason.

    Maybe that's the ONLY way we learn COMPASSION.

    The Illuminati believe in “Order through Chaos”.
    Perhaps creation is just that. Everything from NOTHING.
    How was God supposed to know everything BEFORE it happened?
    If God already knew WE would desire the “knowledge of good & evil” (judgment)… then why bother creating us.

    Since “The knowledge of good & evil” is the FOUNDATION of Christianity, it seems worth INTERPRETING PROPERLY!
    Something this important shouldn't be left to the rulers to interpret for us.
    Bible OMISSION is a very BAD SIN too! Especially if you are deceiving the masses.
    Yes, the Vatican is involved too. They are the center of Satanistic Evil.
    They owned the bank before the Rothschilds did. (Knights Templar)

    Are we “eyes & ears” of God, separated to experience life and learn compassion through suffering (among other things like patience… The suffering seems like forever…!).

    The Illuminati can separate human consciousness through fear & trauma with projects MK Ultra / Montauk, etc. So why can't “God”?

    Some say that TIME does not exist in the higher dimensions… so “God” (the Matrix/whatever…) would have a broader view that should include infinite timelines. But we are limited by linear time.

    Also: We might “retire” in a world similar to a LUCID DREAM where Desires manifest instantly.
    But we may need traits like compassion and patience first.
    Once we learn compassion, we can end the judgment and suffering ourselves.
    I don't expect someone to “save” us. It seems to be a natural learning experience that will end itself when we desire it enough.

    Many people believe we may have started on a higher dimension (less density) and we fell to (or even VOLUNTEERED to spend time in) a lower density. All the “curses” that accompanied “THE FALL” were part of the suffering or “forging of our souls" (Spiritual ALCHEMY) that was to follow.

    I believe this is also called "The LUCIFER EXPERIMENT".
    Separation from Universal Consciousness (aka "God")

    Some believe that “The Garden of Eden” existed in a higher dimension (4 or 5D) before we “FELL” to earth and the lower vibration they call”3D”. 

    Some say the pyramids may have been created by THOUGHT as in a Lucid Dream and “lowered” into “reality” of 3d density.
     And Atlantis was also in 4D.
    Some say the entire earth fell from 4D to 3D.

    Some say that sex was monitored by the “watcher” angels before “Adam & Eve” “fell to earth”.

    The Old Testament is mostly LAWS & PUNISHMENT.

    Are we evolving from a species that needs to be regulated to the teeth to one that has enough COMPASSION to be SELF-REGULATING with NO LAWS or PUNISHMENT because there are NO CRIMES. Who wants to hurt someone IF they know how it feels? (Except Generational Satanists who have no compassion. No Feeling. Is it their DNA?)

    We would need a lot of compassion (and Patience too) to exist in a higher dimension where THOUGHTS/DESIRES MANIFEST INSTANTLY.

    There probably would be no laws… except that your compassion won't allow you to hurt anyone else.

    Everything you desire without causing harm to anyone…?

    This is NOT what the NWO has in mind for us. But I have a strong feeling the Illuminati aren't going to rule much longer. Our need to experience suffering to gain compassion may be near an end.

    The only question seems to be:


    That' starts with QUESTIONING AUTHORITY.

    And ends with ARRESTING the evil bastards.



    Fear is the absence of Love.
    Love is the absence of fear.
    -A Course in Miracles

    Does anyone else know that “The knowledge of Good & evil” was supposed to be a warning about judgment?

    Most people ADD or TAKE AWAY to intentionally change the true meaning and make God to be a TOTAL PSYCHO and Satan a Liberator! That's a VERY BIG NO-NO! 

    Preachers be wary. Especially if you influence a lot of people.
    This is NO JOKING MATTER. 

    God NEVER Forbid us from seeking Knowledge. 

    The most likely Reason for Our Existence would most likely be…


    In other words: We have to literally go through hell to get to heaven.

    We likely "fell" from heaven (Eden, Atlantis) where we existed in 4D. 
    I believe the Grey's, Pleiadians, etc. may still be in 4D and not yet "fallen" completely into 3D SEPARATION.


    We did not need INTERNAL EMPATHY when we were "one" (hive-like mind).

    And when we ascend back to 4D (heaven, Eden, etc.) we won't need rules or supervision because we now have Compassion.

    A few questions…

    Is our Junk DNA from our ancestors in Atlantis?
    Did we once have Telepathy, Teleportation and Instant Manifestation powers?
    Was this a higher dimension where we were more “connected” (Telepathy/Empathy)? 

    Is ELITE Royalty DNA from The Anunnaki/Reptilian/Grey/Demon+? (lacking compassion)?

    Was "The Tower of Babel" our effort to RESTORE OUR ORIGINAL DNA to be as powerful as the gods again?

    Would Watcher Angels have any reproductive organs or lust for the opposite sex?

    Would Anunnaki Gold Miners (possibly working here without female companionship) be a more likely sex offender?

    Comments welcome…


    A theory…

    Based on Quantum Physics.

    Some physicists say that Space & Time have a flip-side called Time/Space.
    That Time & Space DO NOT EXIST

    Even this reality is an ILLUSION created by Max Plank's MATRIX Consciousness.

    So… If there was an intelligence (or SUPER-Computer of some sort) capable of CREATING 3D Reality…

    It would not be limited by Time or Space.

    So… "IT" could do absolutely EVERYTHING in absolutely NO TIME
    and… Travel Absolutely Everywhere Absolutely IMMEDIATELY.

    The only problem is “IT” NEEDS TO BE PROGRAMMED.

    That's where we come in as "God's" eyes & ears, even though it may well be that we don't even exist in a physical reality. We may only believe we live in a physical universe because that's what THE MATRIX (Mind of “God”) creates as our visible reality.

    That makes it easier to believe in less dense realities that are similar to a Lucid Dream or Astral Travel.

    Some researchers believe that HUMAN / ANIMAL HYBRIDS were created because they were easier to POSSESS. The “Hive Mentality” or psychic abilities seemed better than ours. 

    Thoth, Baphamet, etc.


    The entities never tell us exactly WHY we are SUFFERING so much.

    I believe that Suffering is how we gain COMPASSION after "the Fall" from 4D.

    But they are NOT ALLOWED to intervene and tell us THE TRUTH.

    Maybe we have to realize this ourselves:

    We gain Compassion from Suffering. (How else?)
    That's a very big part of life's lessons.

    Then we "retire" in 4D again but we won't need supervision because we have Compassion / Empathy.
    Heaven is the Upper Astral where desires manifest into reality.

    Some say that even though it's Less Dense… it seems MORE REAL than 3D Earth. (Heaven)

    No negative emotions there. just compassion.

    Reincarnation seems to end "when the heart is as light as a feather".

    No anger or hatred, just understanding.


    Some References:

    Cathy O-Brien (CIA mind-controlled sex slave.)
    Jay Parker (Born into Illuminati Family)
    Peggy Kane (EVP / Reverse Speech / Astral Contact / Reptilians)
    David Icke (Reptilians / Illuminati)
    Maxwell Jordan (History of Religion) 
    Mark Passio (Anunnaki / Fallen Angels / Advanced Civilizations / Ex Satanic Priest ) 
    Bill Schnoebelen (90th Deg. Mason / Satanist / Christian Priest / Mormon…)
    Dolores Cannon (Ascension)

    Best Wishes,
    Stan P. 

  32. Wow. There is a lot of Christianity and the Bible in this, but why is it translated into Old English rather than modern English?

  33. The alleged source documents of this narration, "The Emerald Tablets [plural] of Thoth the Atlantean",  do not reveal the personality of the Djedi/Djhuti I've come to know in the Egyptian texts — "he" is portrayed here as much too much like the biblical depiction of the vengeful/wrathful all-male Judeo-Christian YHVH, for these texts to be at all believable as authentic (so I gather the original was composed sometime before Champolion?  Or if later, by someone too lazy to read the Egyptian texts?).  The proper-nouns used are totally inauthentic, or used with no understanding;  and the quasi-biblical KJV language just seals it — for why would any allegedly "authentic" text from the ancient world, employ the norms of 17th Century English?  Sorry, but three strikes and they're out — they prove themselves to be total fabrications.

    And since when is there more than one Emerald Tablet of H-Th?  Newton only translated one…?

  34. Thank you for sharing this. A lot of the broader awareness's are crouched in metaphor and symbolism. It takes many listen's to see it. Thanks again, love and peace. P.S. check out "The Wonders"

  35. This is what i imagine a man trying to hold in a giant enema and reading from a book while still trying to keep it interesting… but not too much to shit himself

  36. Within the first 2 minutes, he goes, "Betray not my secrets or feel the wrath of my curse…." and I keep waiting for the narrator to start choking and collapse on the mic.

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