The Cheap iPad Just Got BETTER

The Cheap iPad Just Got BETTER

– Hey guys, this is Austin. This is the brand new
base iPad and at $330 it might be the best value
Apple product that you can buy. For 2019 the base iPad
sees a few upgrades, including some more RAM as well
as a slightly larger screen. But for me, there are
two major highlights. First of all is the addition
of the Smart Connector. Now this is something which
has slowly been trickling its way through the iPad
lineup over the last few years, and it makes a big difference. As far as I’m concerned
an iPad without a keyboard is a great content consumption device. But if I wanna get any real
work done, I need a keyboard. And as ludicrously expensive as a Smart Connector keyboard is, it does make a big difference. Now I’m not exactly sure
what Apple’s smoking, charging you a $160
price tag for a keyboard for a $330 iPad. I started out this video I’m like hey, this is the best value
product that Apple sells. Look how great it is and
then they charge you the $160 for the keyboard. I’m like well, don’t
worry about that part. So something else that
the base iPads still uses is the standard old school Apple Pencil, which means if you wanna charge it, you have to plug it into the
Lightning port like this. I can’t believe they still
charge $100 for this. Look, I don’t wanna
beat a dead horse here, the pencil’s nice, the keyboard’s nice. And when you use them together
the iPad, the base model really actually does feel
surprisingly close to a full iPad Pro. So what I’ve been doing the
last few days is exactly that. This has been my main laptop replacement. And yes, I just said the words
iPad and laptop replacement in the same sentence with a completely
straight face. – Bull(beep)
– No, for real. Now yes, I’m sure you’re
probably rolling your eyes right now the idea of
an iPad, a base iPad, no less being a laptop replacement. But hear me out here, over the last few days of
using this as my main system, I’ve been surprised exactly
how usable it really is. I’m not saying like oh, it’s usable if you
deal with this compromise, or with that compromise. I mean like I’ve been able
to do pretty much everything I need to including
Google Docs and YouTube and keeping up with
spreadsheets and everything which all sounds really boring. But the thing is, is that this is just as good
of an iPad for most situations as the iPad Pro, and it costs like one third the price. A huge part of this comes down
to the second major upgrade, and arguably the most
important one, iPadOS. Holy (Roblox oof). This makes it so much better. – Wow. – Dude, it is not even close. So in the past when I was
using the beta of the iPadOS on my iPad Pro, it was pretty solid. But now the final version is out. And of course it is supported
on a wide range of iPads, including the new base model, it makes a world of difference. Probably the number one feature that I really appreciate in this, is a desktop version of Safari. Now ever since the
first iPad Pros came out with the keyboard I’m
like, oh you know what, I could use this as a laptop. And I’ve tried and tried, and I’ve tried, but now that we have a full
proper desktop browser, I actually can kind of make it work. Now yes, there’s still some small caveats. Safari is certainly not perfect, but it is so much better than before. Things like Google Docs actually works. So does Gmail, so does well, 95% of any web apps I’ve tried unless they need some sort of plugin. Gone are the days of dealing
with terrible mobile apps like Drive or Docs,
which were just not good. I mean, using the full versions
make a huge difference. I mean literally, this is a full Google Doc, wants to load, I can do everything I’d want. And with the pencil, I
can easily select text. I can easily select text. I mean, it makes a big difference. Now, there’s certainly other advantages. So the Files have seen major update, which means that you can now
download files on the iPad, you have access to a full file structure. So I can set up folders,
move files around, it’s getting better to sort
of share files between apps. And there is some support for
external devices such as USB. And it’s a little bit more difficult because this is still using Lightning. So you do need to use an adapter or use one of those little USB dongles that has a Lightning port on it. But generally speaking, this has come a long way toward being honestly even more useful than
something like a Chromebook. Whereas in the past, it was like Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, iPad. But now it’s like iPad, Chrome OS. We can make a 3D chart to show
that so as I move my hands, it’s all nicely animated. – [Ken] No. – We do have the budget for that. – [Ken] No. – No it is certainly not perfect. Even though the upgrade from
two to three gigs of RAM, I still do run into some issues in Safari where I’ll have five or six tabs open, and we’ll start reloading them
in the background although to be fair it’s fairly fast on that front. And there’s some other things like yes, I wish I did have a little
bit more performance, the A10 is decent, and it’s
actually surprisingly usable. But of course, having the A12, the A12X would be a little bit quicker,
a little bit more snappy. But generally speaking, all the things that are major differences between the base iPad and
the Pro are nice to have, not need to have, I can get the same things done on this. It’s maybe just a touch slower, it’s maybe not quite so smooth. You don’t have the higher refresh rate display or quite as nice of audio but the general experience
is nearly identical, which is incredibly impressive. I mean, we look at a lot of
very cheap $200, $300 laptops, and honestly with iPadOS
being as good as it is, I think I’m gonna have to stop
recommending some of them. I mean sure, if you
specifically need Windows by all means go for it. But for a lot of people, you’re getting a better
experience with the iPad. And that’s something I’ve
never been able to say before. The better comparison
is with the iPad Air, which also came out earlier this year. Now we put it side by
side with the base iPad, you’ll see that the Air
is a little bit thinner, but beyond that they’re
actually surprisingly similar. So the Air does have a slightly
larger 10.5 inch display compared to 10.2 inch on the base iPad. And the laminated glass does
look a little bit better. There’s no screen gap
unlike that base iPad, but in real world use, I really can’t tell a huge difference. They’re both very vibrant, they’re both both very bright, resolutions are nearly the same. Honestly, the Air is
a, it’s a decent iPad, it’s a good choice but
over $170 more expensive, it’s kind of hard to justify. Now the design is certainly
been around for a while. However, there are some
good sides to that. Touch ID is well, still here, not quite as fast as
Face ID but it’s fine. And you of course do
have the headphone jack. Now camera-wise well, that’s
a little bit of a downgrade. This is what the video
looks like coming out of the iPad base model. It is the very old school 720p camera and well, it works for FaceTime I guess, but not really that well,
to be totally honest. It’s a little bit of a downgrade. Probably the biggest
differences is in the specs. So the base model iPad sticks
with the same Apple A10 from last year’s iPad, whereas the iPad Air has the A12, but in my few days of
using this base iPad, it hasn’t really bothered me. I mean yeah, it’s a little
bit slower but beyond that, I mean, it’s surprising at how
much the iPhone 7 processor can really handle here. This is not blisteringly
fast, you know what, it’s actually kind of
fine even for some gaming. Now with iPadOS now supporting PS4 and Xbox One controllers, this actually isn’t a bad
little portable console. So first up, we have Fortnite and there’s actually some
interesting things about Fortnite. So not only do we actually
have proper resolution scalers, we can change it to 20,
30 or 60 as our FPS cap. We also can change the
resolution, change the quality. And as far as I’ve tested, this actually looks
better and runs smoother than on the Switch. – [Gamer] Yeah, don’t kill Austin. (gun fires)
(laughs loudly) Yoh kill, no, no, don’t
kill him, don’t kill him. – Ever since the first iPad Pro came out, I’ve really wanted to use an
iPad as my everyday laptop. I mean between the form factor
which you just can’t beat, the all day battery
life, the great screen. And of course there
are inherent advantages to going with iOS and things like security and app compatibility. But there’s always been
something to hold me back. I’m not gonna sit here and pretend that I’m ready to throw my
laptop in the garbage just yet. There’s still cases like editing that I prefer to use a laptop for. However, for the most part, this is really enough to
replace most of what I do. And specifically with the $330 base model, it is hard to argue that
this is not the best value Apple product that you can buy today. Sure, the higher end iPads are nice. But this really is all you need.

100 thoughts on “The Cheap iPad Just Got BETTER

  1. hey guys this is taco austin
    this is the new 2019 apple ipad burrito
    it has lots of cheese
    and beans
    with rice
    very good price

  2. I feel like picking up a used 10.5 iPad Pro would be the better value here, A10X, laminated screen, quad speakers, better camera, size has been around for a while now especially since the iPad Air 3 shares it so accessories would be cheaper.

  3. If it had usb c and still kept the headphone jack I'd buy one right now. Just use a 3rd party keyboard and you'd be set.

  4. 0:28 I dont think watching 16:9, or 18:9 or even 21:9 video on the 3:4 ratio Ipad is great for video consumption!! Black bars on top and bottom!!!!

  5. People who say iPad can be a laptop replacement basically don't do anything on their laptops
    3d rendering, full fledged Photoshop, physics stimulation and basically anything used by science students can't be done in iPad

  6. I've used an iPad pro with no laptop for years now, utube, notes, and emails. However, if I'm doing typing, I use a desktop. I should start caring around my bluetooth keyboard.

  7. I like the fact that Austin does not bring new expensive devices , obviously because he is poor…just like the Non-Youtuber-Rest-Of-The-World!!!

  8. Target was selling the keyboard for $47 a few months ago. I snapped one up for my 10.5" iPad Pro. They can be had for less than the $160 asking price.

  9. there are so many more affordable options out there in Bluetooth keyboards guys. You dont have to get am expensive smart keyboard thats useful only for that ipad. Just browse logitech wireless keyboards that are compatible with ios devices. Spend your money wisely people 🙂

  10. Truly crazy statement to put an iPad with iPadOS on the same level as ChromeOS. One of the reasons why Austin is one of my least trusted tech YouTubers.

  11. I dont think for my needs it would replace a pc with an ipad, but if its touch screen is accurate enough I would be tempted to use it as a drawing pad.

  12. when you didn't even used any other ipads yet then it's perfect for them & the performance gap doesn't even matter.
    like me.

  13. Tbh, i just got this a few days so, with just a super 20$ Bluetooth keyboard. I’m a university student and I’ve barely used my laptop at all other than when doing research (35+tabs and like 4 apps open at the same time. However, this so much better for readings, studying, most notes making and when on the bus. Seems like a nobrainer to me. The one hand swipe keyboard is also amazing!

  14. I think you are underselling the A12 and double storage of the Air. While iPad is okay now, what about OS14 or 15? Most people plan to keep their iPads for longer than a phone. The long term value is with the Air.

  15. I dont mind the a10 but if they could have put more ram so that the reloads dont happen as often it is happening now

  16. I wish you can get the full version of the app on Amazon tablet because it's sucks the vanilla version not good

  17. I would say that a fair comparision for ipad air is the surface pro.
    Ipad air + keyboard + smart pen =$760
    Surface pro, well the device itself is $750

  18. For a lot of people that don’t need a computer for work like photoshop and etc and just need a computer for web browsing and email the iPad can be a desktop replacement.

  19. Just get an iPad Pro 2 it’s like the same price now and it has pro motion, better chip, better camera, better speakers, better Touch ID, True Tone, bigger 10.5 inch laminated display, starts at 64 gigs, more colors, flashlight =BETTER

  20. just fuck you Apple fuck you and your money stop being a fucking money making for people that sold their soul to the devil fuck of

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