Teclast tPad 98 Review – Best Octo-core Tablet for under £100

Teclast tPad 98 Review – Best Octo-core Tablet for under £100

hey what’s up guys Chigz here from Chigz tech reviews and today I’ve got my hands on the latest octa-core android tablet so stay tuned for the review so this is the tech last tee pad 98 it’s a brand new full HD 10.1 inch tablet which also supports dual 4G SIM cards so we’re going to be doing a quick unboxing followed by a few tests testing out HD movies games and videos Kodi performance and finishing off with a benchmark and Wi-Fi tests so let’s begin with the specs I’ll put the specs on the screen so you guys can have a quick read so this tablet has an amazing 8 core processor you’ve got 2 gigs of ram 32 GBS of internal storage dual cameras dual Wi-Fi and dual speakers please feel free to pause the video now and have a good read of these specs in detail so let’s get the Box open what it looks like so this is everything you get in the box you’ve got your instruction manual a micro USB charging cable you’ve got your UK adapter here as well okay and the tablet itself Wow wow what a nice looking tablet so the tablet completely in white and on the back you’ve got a aluminium Center okay so if we quickly go through the ports so on the bottom you have a dual speakers okay and you’ve got the five megapixel camera on the back now this section here you can actually take off over here are the SIM card slots sim card slot one two and micro sd card port yeah I’ve already put my sim card in it’s a gift gaps in so beginning at the top you’ve got the micro USB charging port there so on the side here you have a 3.5 millimeter jack you’ve got a volume rocker a power button you’ve got a reset hole there okay if we keep going there’s nothing along there nothing at the bottom okay so that’s all the ports so I’ve just booted up and I want to tell you guys the screen is absolutely beautiful you’ve got the 10.1 inch IPS display but the resolution is 1920 by 1200 and it looks amazing it just looks beautiful so this tablet is ultra light it weighs only 460 grams so the dimensions for this tablet is 238 by 170 a very nice light and portable 10.1 inch tablet just to compare the size I want to bring in the iPad so this is an iPad air and I think the best way to do is if I just put them together carefully they are basically exactly the same in dimensions all the way around okay the iPad is probably just a millimeter thinner weight-wise the iPad actually free heavier than this device so you’ve got two cameras on this you’ve got a two megapixel at the front and a five megapixel shooter on the back so if we open the app drawer these are all the apps that you get with this system I’ve installed a few I’ve already installed a few but you get the Google Play Store and you get your usual apps including camera so I’ve opened up the camera app I’m just aiming up my iPhone there and you can see taking pictures is very quick and you can also take videos so there is a sticker here which you can peel off it’s in the way but over here if you press this you’ll be able to change the camera to the front camera as you can see all right so I’ll go back there other options you have is HDR face tracking you’ve got your gallery down the side okay you’ve got face beauty mode there you’ve got live photo mode so there’s a number of options here that you can play around with and over here you’ve got the back button which will take you out of the app you’ve got the home button and then if you press this square it will show you what’s open and you can just close whatever apps you don’t need so you’ve got the full Android version 6 marshmallow experience on this so let’s check out web browsing I was going to peel off the sticker so there’s nothing in the way so let’s try out web browsing first so if I go to let’s go to NISS and website I just loaded up the Nissan website the reason I chose this site is it’s got so many images and graphics and videos and stuff so you know it’s quite intense to load I wanted to show you guys how easily this loaded and how good it looks on this tablet so I’m able to scroll the pictures so quickly I can I can zoom scroll and it’s just brilliant no slowdown and you can feel you can actually feel the power just by web browsing so if I click on one of the cars so again the page loaded up so quick you can scroll down all the graphics are there you can pinch to zoom you can actually feel the power when you’re web browsing it turns you how powerful this tablet is so here is a video let’s see if the video will play within the web browser so if I hit play yeah it’s played let’s turn the volume down so you can see I’m playing a video right now through the web browser and I’m continuing to browse the site and as you can see there is no slowdown even though there’s a video playing in the background so that is pretty amazing alright so let’s come out of the web browser so let me just quickly show you the sim card feature so over here you can see it says 3G I’ve got my gift gap sim in here and it’s a 3G sim and it works perfect it so this tablet also accepts 4G there’s two sim card slots and you can use both of them at the same time you’ve got the dialer your contacts if I open the dialer so there you go you got the dialer you can just you can dial any number now if you like so if I just click customer services of my sim card you’ll hear the phone case oh I’m just going to receive a phone call on this any second now you can hear the phone call so there’s someone on the phone with me right now I’m just going to speak to them and we’re going to see how it sounds hello can you hear me clearly oh great thanks for that I’ve checked yeah yeah this is the tablet I’m just reviewing it right now alright thanks talk to you later bye so there you have it guys I just spoke to someone on the tablet right now and it sounded brilliant I had the option to put the headphones in the voice was clear and it worked great so yeah you can answer your phone calls on this okay so let’s have a quick look at the Google Play Store so here is the Google Play Store you’ve got access to the latest apps and games here everything downloads and installs nice and quick so now I’m going to test out some HD video samples to show you how it looks on this if I open up an ex-player okay so I’ve got some video samples on here I’m going to try something out so that was a full HD video sample and as you saw that played really good so let’s test out Kodi performance so I’m going to play a few HD trailers and we’re going to see how well it plays on this tablet that’s major so that was streaming HD trailers on Cody so let’s move on to something else let’s open up show box okay so this is show box I like to play a trailer to see how it plays let’s try this one so that was watching HD trailers on the show box so let’s test out gaming on this tablet so the first game I’m going to be loading up is Real Racing 3 okay so that was my gaming test let’s move on now to the Wi-Fi speed test so there you have it guys this tablet was able to achieve a 30 megabit download speed and a 9 megabit upload speed so let’s run an ante to benchmark test on this so there you have it guys this tablet has achieved a total benchmark score of thirty four thousand eight hundred and six so this is my top benchmark performance chart for 10-inch tablets so the higher the score better the overall performance so this chart will show you how the tech last tip at ninety eight compares to other popular optical and quad-core tablets so as you can see the tech last has come in at number four with a very good score for only ninety seven pound you’re getting a lot of power there so there you have it guys that was the tech last tee pad 98 the tablet is amazing okay everything I ran on it the games movies and videos everything ran perfect there was no lag whatsoever navigating the menus installing apps playing games everything was spot-on browsing the web was very quick and easy and you could also play videos from the web browser directly okay you’ve got the Google Play Store dual cameras and the battery life is actually really good you’ve got six thousand milliamp battery in here now for the price which you see on the screen now so this tablet is currently on sale for this price only till the second of April so if you if you’re interested in this tablet I suggest you pick one up right away this tablet is an absolute bargain for what you’re getting a very very nice looking tablet a very light 460 grams supports dual SIM cards you really can’t go wrong at this price so what I’ll do is I’ll put the links in the description so you guys can check this item out and if you like it you can also go ahead and purchase one for yourselves I hope you found this video useful thank you so much for watching and I hope you all have a brilliant day

50 thoughts on “Teclast tPad 98 Review – Best Octo-core Tablet for under £100

  1. Can the charging port also be used to transfer data? Max micro-SD card supported? Available in US? Looks like a good tablet for the price.

  2. Nice review (First one out there – NICE!!), and tablet looks great! I am considering use in car… Have you been able to test the GPS? + How would you rate screen brightness? THANKS!!

  3. When it comes to 4G, it depends which UK mobile network you are on. My EE sim card supports 2600 MHz on Band 7 for 4G. I have checked the specs and it doesn't say that it supports Band 7 for 4G. So it is just 3G for EE not 4G.

  4. I have four tablets going back to my old Nook HD so I really don't need another but at the moment it is down to £94 so I am sorely tempted to add another one to my collection.

  5. Great review and sounds like a great product, do you know if they do a similar product in 8 inch, I'm looking for one to travel with.

  6. Great review Chigz, thankyou. Can you Suggest a keyboard for this tablet. Something similar to the new Ipad one or MS Surface.
    Can you also suggest a active stylus for the tablet…something similar to the Apple Pencil if available. A review on your channel would be appreciated . Trying to achieve a low cost inexpensive travel device that I can update a blog make bookings etc whilst in a bus/plane/train seated in a confined space

    Keep up the great work

  7. Does the internal mic still work when you plug in the audio outlet or is it one of those 4-pole connectors that disable the internal mic signal?

  8. These companies think that throwing more cores at their tablets make them faster but in reality it doesn't. This Hannspree 13.3" Titan 2015 model has a 1.6GHz quad core CPU which is slower and more laggy than my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1" with a 1.3GHz CPU in it but with faster storage. The Samsung tablet is much quicker.

  9. Hello, I wanna buy a tablet and im between this and the Teclast P89H (8 inch). It's my first time buying a tablet and i mainly want to use it for gaming and basic video streaming. Which one do you suggest? This has better specs but the 8 inch I think is more portable? Also isnt this one (10 inch) difficult to operate for gaming? Help 🙂

  10. Great review Chigz.does it have a mini hdmi slot? as I noticed you didn't mention it in the video and if it has, where is it located?

  11. after watching this i decided to buy one. i just wanna know if it works with office apps. i need this for college.

  12. Hi Chigz i watched your review on the Tablet – tPad 98 and i'm sold. my only question is 1: does it come with a stylus, if not is there one for it. 2: how is updating the softwares?
    i really do like it. i am eagerly awaiting your response.


  13. Hi Chigz i notice this version of the Teclast tablet: Teclast Master T10 Android 7.0 MT8176 Hexa Core 4GB RAM 64GB ROM 8.0MP+13.0 MP HDMI Fingerprint Sensor 10.1" 2560*1600 Tablet PC. seems pretty amazing what are your opinions if any.?

  14. Hi Sir, does this tablet has an OTG function? so that i connect a micro usb to hdmi adapter with it.
    many thanks for the video.

  15. Hello: I bought this tablet to use as a FPV monitor. I bought a Eachine RTOG02. When I try to connect it tells me I need a Driver. Will this work with this monitor??

    Thanks Ben

  16. Your reviews are always awesome. I love gadgets. Especially if they have a good price and this tablet does have some good specs for the price. However; there's one thing I don't like. I do like the 32gb storage bit but; I don't like the 2gb of internal memory. It's way too small. Once you start installing social media those 2gb of internal memory are going to be gone and it's going to start dragging. Facebook and messenger alone will take up half of those 2gb memory. That's why I don't like it. I would never consider a tablet with less than 4gb of internal memory or 32gb of storage. Of course this is just my opinion. Thanks a lot my friend for another great video.

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