Sony Xperia Tablet Z Review

Sony Xperia Tablet Z Review

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  1. Xperia Tablet Z has the following advantages, compared to Nexus10:
    – 3G/LTE version available
    – Lighter, thinner
    – IP57 certification (waterproof, dustproof)
    – 8MP camera (vs, 5MP on Nexus 10)
    – Quad-core CPU (vs. dual-core on Nexus 10)
    – FM Radio

    Nexus 10 has 2 advantages – better screen resolution (2560 x 1600 pixel) and higher capacity battery.

  2. Тупой youtube. Запросил на русском языке, а видео выдал на английском.

  3. yeah, but sony's one looks better because of the BE2, I whould like to see a comparation. And there aren't films in 2560×1600, instead FullHD are everywere.

  4. im always wondering how high quality is it when you select to play youtube videos in high quality… i seriously prefer when it says 480p or 720p etc

  5. it too runs on andriod right? so can the apps which run on nexus 10 be used on xperia tablet z too???

  6. hey just wanted to ask how is the display? and what is the ppi seen in xperia tablet z and nexus 10?

  7. The only advantage I see that the Nexsus 10 has over this one it's Resolution. This one has 8MP back camera, Quad processor and SD slot for upgrading memory. I purchased the 32MB Nexsus 10 before seeing this one. I got home and was unable to even get to the home screen. I called Google support and my cable provider. My Wifi was running at excellent….130Mbps. My Apple desktop and phone were working yet could not get this tablet to connect. I took it back and got another one. Same issues..

  8. ok I have the galaxy note 10.1 but i broke the screen and its really expencive to repair it so i will get a new tablet , do you guys think the xperia is better than the note 10.1 .. because I think the note10.1 is so great i dont want to be dissapointed by the xperia sonce ILOVE SONY

  9. improve your english before going public as I focus on reading and losing the hole concept of the review

  10. It mostly wins, however nexus 10 has higher resolution, but you will not notice that, Xperia z tablet has resolution high enough that from the distance you will hold it at, pixels will be invisible anyway, so the difference is mostly in customers heads, its more of a gimmick to sell the product, works like a placebo.

  11. U can do everything u do on a computer as a regular user, If ur a teacher powerpoint n stuff or movies pictures, but u get extra like water resistance

  12. Hi,
    Can you connect it to tv using any micro usb to hdmi adapter?
    Does it work with usb flash drives out of the box (nexus 10 doesn't)?

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