Hey guys! Welcome back to Streaming Nerds
and I’m back with another video tutorial and I’m still having a sore throat so
I’ll try to make this video as simple as possible so that everyone can understand
so today we’re gonna talk about Showbox yes, because this is a hot trending topic
and everyone wants to know. So let’s talk Showbox I’m gonna show you if it is working or
not and it is working. I’m gonna show you and same things happen with me that when
I try to play content inside Showbox on the recent updated version, it did not go
smooth so what I did is I switched on my VPN, I was connected to somewhere in the
US my location was set to US and then when I tried to play anything; play a
movie or a TV show it just worked fine but without a VPN it did not work out
nothing so I would recommend you guys to use a VPN whether or not you are using
ShowBox even if you are just using your computer, your phone. Just for normal use
I would highly recommend to use a VPN because it gives you complete privacy so
use a VPN, the link is right here you can type that in in your browser and get
started with the VPN or you can just check the description of this video and
click on that link and get started with it with our highly recommended VPN and
guys in this video I’m gonna show you I’m gonna open my Showbox application
I’m gonna show you what happened to me when I use it without VPN and when I use
the VPN what happened I’m going to show that right in this video so now let’s go
right into the Showbox application and let’s see what’s happening so here we
are and now I’m gonna open my Showbox and right now I’m connected to my Wi-Fi.
So I’m connected to my Wi-Fi and I’m gonna open show box and let’s see how
that works for us so right here is my showbox. I’m going to click on it so we’re
inside showbox and this is without VPN guys so I’m gonna click on movies and
let’s click anyone from here let’s click the ‘First Man’, you can see right here I’m
not connected to a VPN right now and see it is graying out this watch now option
is grayed out so it does not even allow me to click on watch now let alone be
you know having a laggy stream or something else it doesn’t even allow me
to click on it so this is how it is. So let’s let’s try something else
see if it works let’s try Equalizer watch now again it is grayed out you can
see right here watch now is grayed out and let’s go back and let’s go into the
NUN again watch now option is grayed out and I’m
gonna open my VPN so let me go into Nord VPN and i like Nord VPN. So it’s
connecting to united states guys I highly recommend IPVanish and Nord VPN
these are all highly recommended VPNs. Both of these are really good I’ll
put the link in the description of the video and right now we’re already
connected to VPN and now let’s open Showbox and now let’s again go into
The Equalizer so right here you can see it’s showing me the watch now option and it’s
not grayed out this time I can click on it and I can watch it but before doing
that let’s go on to some other movie and let’s see if it’s shown up to watch now
option so let’s go on the First Man again you can see now the watch now
option is not grayed out so I’m gonna click on watch now we have to wait a
little while but I’m sure it’s gonna play so just hold on a little while
dadada okay it gives me a pop-up window and it shows what do you want to open it
I’m gonna open with VLC I like that so let’s see how that goes on it’s doing
something I think so yeah you can see it is rotating this VLC logo that means is
trying to fetch the stream so we need to wait a little while and okay I guess
we’re right here where it now goes ahead and play the movie so wow wow wow wow
I’m gonna go back otherwise this will create a
problem for my channel so you can see right there it’s working without problem
let’s click on the NUN and let’s click on watch now again remember we are
connected to a VPN and I’m gonna click on just once I’m gonna use the VLC
player or love it and I’m gonna click on this and you can see right here is
trying to search for the stream there here you go
it’s working ok so I’m gonna close this otherwise
we’ll create a problem for my channel so that’s it for this video guys and I
showed you everything if your Showbox is not working what you need to do so
make sure you’re using a VPN get started with over highly recommended VPN check
the description below it will have the link there you can get started the VPN
and everything should be fine ok so I’ll see you next time
take care of herself and I love you all Bye Bye


  1. So when i go to movies it works but i wanna go into tv show but when i go their it doesn't load it's just black i gave it about 2 minutes and still ends up as the same thing.

  2. How do i update the new version ik i go to Google i typed "showbox apk download" but which link do i go to to download it

  3. Yes it may be working yet i don't see on your video the chromecast icon and nor on mine. So it cannot be watched pin the television set????

  4. This worked for me….go to:

    Turn off location….

    And app should work.

    ..Tv shows are showing that the servers are down

  5. Hello Streaming Nerds, for info I uninstall Showbx because of that problem. I can't use Nord VPN it is expensive. I use Tea Tv instead. πŸ™‚

  6. I reinstalled the app from apk pure play store and did the update etc and it works again. Turned off the location permission etc and even with or without a VPN played a few seconds of Rick and Morty to test it out and everything played smoothly.

  7. It looks like the only site to download showbox apk is from third party links such as Aptoide? Although I have downloaded showbox from Aptoide, but I dont feel comfortable doing it from a third party site and not the official site of Showbox. The Showbox site is not taking me to the download link even when I click 'download apk'….. I have tried it now SEVERAL times and it refuses to download anyhing. Any ideas here please?

  8. I'm re-commenting this comment because I had said it in one of streaming nerd's videos and I feel that it could be helpful to some of you:

    Hey guys if Showbox is still not working for you then try downloading Cyberflix, it's a good alternative, the shows and movies may take a slight bit longer to get added, for example The Walking Dead Season 9 Ep 9 hasn't been added yet and it came out last week on Sunday, but Ep 8 has been added already and it came out 2 weeks ago on Sunday, the difference isn't too big and in general it is very fast and responsive, it has many servers to view a movie or show and sometimes has different quality options like HQ or HD and you can choose what app you want to use to view the movie such as VLC or MX, it's a very flexible app and in general I think it's very good! Hope this helped someone! πŸ™‚ Here's the link:

  9. Don't Put Yourself At Risk With Online Streaming, Secure Your Privacy With This Highly Recommended VPN:

  10. I can click watch now but it doesn't work… wondering if it's because its endgame. Also download isn't working. It used to use videoder but now it doesn't give the option

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