Select Your Partner

Select Your Partner

Hello there! Welcome to the world of Pokémon. My name is Professor Harkness. This world is widely inhabited by mysterious (and sexy) creatures called Pokémon. What? Pokémon have mysterious powers (over my dick). They come in many (pleasing) shapes. Ummm… We humans live happily with Pokémon. Living and working (and other things) together. We naturally complement each other. I see that you’re a boy. Uhhhhhh… Got some good news for you, little bastard… As is tradition; when a young man reaches maturity, He goes out into the world to expand his horizons and experiment with the help of his first Pokémon! Before returning home and getting married or whatever. The moment that you choose the Pokémon that will, awaken discoveries within you, the true journey begins. Now choose your starter in this big-ass pile of legal consent. Usually you would only have… three choices, but we have a lot of eggs! A lot of these are really… human shaped. …Hmm? Oh! You know, the Eevee evolutions are really popular! Serperior is a great choice…Ninetales… I always had a thing for Absols. Primarina… Do…… – Do the Pokémon want to be-
– Partners? Ohoho, yes. Some are very aggressive. I’ve researched it thoroughly! You ever hear about the Harkness Test? Look it up sometime. I’d rather not. I don’t recognize some of these. Er, those are… under research. Don’t… worry about them. Which ones are good for battle? Battle?! Oh, actual battle. Ehh, who cares? Look, no matter who you pick, your journey will hinge on cooperation, teamwork, and understanding. It’s important that both of you should feel comfortable with each other. So no matter what changes or evolution either of you undergo, you will always have a foundation of trust and friendship. Wow, professor! Master? Screw me onto your big dick and use me as a cock sleeve! Mmm… Ah yes, and uh… …better get used to eating eggs for breakfast! What? We all know what’s going on out there! No one says it, but they know. You think this shit is popular because of Smogon? Fuck you! No no, groom me into your first pick and use me on a top team. Ohhhhh Now take off your pants! 0_0 Hello! Yes, it’s meant to be weird and uncomfortable. Your feelings are correct, don’t worry! I do a lot of stuff, but all my cartoons are in a playlist over there. The Patreon keeps me alive and punishes YouTube for their insolence. Thanks to Peach Saliva and her awful internet name for voicing the sexually aggressive animal, And thanks to you for tolerating my cartoons and keeping me alive! …To be your internet slave. So long! *WEAREALLSLAVESTOTHEALGORITHM!*

100 thoughts on “Select Your Partner

  1. I can't be the only one who thinks the Following;
    1: Weird use of the Distortion World Theme
    2: That Delfox looked More Badass Than Hot and was designed way better than the Real one
    3: Holy Shit this is gud animation for a Cartoon about Weeps wanting to Bang Furry Creatures
    4: Why wasn't Meloetta in this?

  2. Jesus i tok fennekin in pokemon y
    Today she is her in last form .holy shit i can screw her,VULPIX IS ALSO ON MY TEAM AND I’m scared to use him

  3. I feel aroused. I also see pokemon in a different way, a way in which i'm not sure is the "right" way. God forgive me for I am about to sin.

  4. Under all that lewdness and well you know what thoughts the best part of the video is that little speech that starts at 1:51

  5. me: (opens up ds)
    also me: fires up pokemon platinum
    also also me: (unzips pants)
    '"god forgive me for what im about to do"

  6. I want this to be a series. Just a guy who actually wants to be a pokemon champion, who has no sexual desires, and a overly aggressive sexual Vulpix.

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