SCP-973 Smokey | Euclid | Vehicle / predatory / humanoid scp

SCP-973 Smokey | Euclid | Vehicle / predatory / humanoid scp

Item #: SCP-973 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: SCP-973’s
nature precludes it from full containment within the Foundation. Due to the danger it
presents, the 60-kilometer stretch of US Route ██ on which it is known to manifest is
to be under satellite surveillance at all times. Any vehicles attempting to travel the
designated section of highway between 22:00 and 04:30 are to be diverted to the detours
at exits ███ and ███ by Foundation personnel. Trespassers are to be forcibly
arrested and detained if the need arises. Description: SCP-973 consists of two entities.
SCP-973-1 is a police cruiser, resembling those used by ███████ state
troopers in the early 1970s. The vehicle appears to be in an advanced state of disrepair: eyewitness
accounts have consistently mentioned large dents in the doors and hood, a heavily cracked
windshield, heavy rusting, and a loose rear bumper secured with duct tape. SCP-973-2 is reported as a Caucasian male
in his late forties, wearing a ███████ state trooper uniform dating from the same time
period as SCP-973-1. Subject is described as balding, slightly overweight, and having
a handlebar mustache. SCP-973 will manifest at night when another
vehicle enters the designated territory, and is believed to be triggered by the target
vehicle accelerating over a certain speed. This limit varies, with the average being
in the area of 88.5 km/h (55 mph), but it can range anywhere between 53.3 km/h (35 mph)
and 112.7 km/h (70 mph). No predictable pattern or connection between differing limits has
been found as of yet. When this limit is broken, SCP-973 will appear
approximately 0.4 km behind the target vehicle and will chase down the target at high speed
with the siren and flashers on. This is accompanied by a looping message played on the target’s
radio, consisting of the phrase “Run, [EXPLETIVE DELETED]”. In ██% of cases, the target
will flee with SCP-973 in pursuit and will be overtaken in 1-6 minutes. At this point,
[DATA EXPUNGED]. The remains of thirty-four individuals and
nineteen vehicles have been found within 6.4 km of the affected roadway. The range of damage
done to bodies includes evisceration, rape, [DATA EXPUNGED], and three cases where the
body had been damaged by the impact to the point that visual identification was impossible.
Five survivors are within Foundation custody, all suffering from varying degrees of mental
trauma. The recovered vehicles showcase heavy impact damage, both environmental and inflicted,
and severe burn damage to the interior. Addendum-1: Destroying the roadway affected
by SCP-973 has proven ineffective. The demolition of part of State Route ██ in 1983 led
to SCP-973 relocating itself to its current position. Addendum-2: 08/██/20██ – Attempt to
capture and contain SCP-973 fails, resulting in the death of nine agents. SCP-973 is believed
to be wounded, but is not incapacitated, re-appearing nine days later. Firsthand accounts indicate
a change in SCP-973-2’s appearance, as shown in this excerpt from the post-mission interview
of Agent ████████: Agent ████████: I can’t
really say. He just looked…different. His eyes were red, I remember that, and his mouth
was just this black hole. No teeth, no tongue, just a hole. I was too busy shooting at him
to get a better look than that. Addendum-3: SCP-973’s area of effect seems
to be expanding, as does the window of time that manifestations occur. Security protocols
have been adapted to this.

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  1. There is a user on the SCP Forum who went by the name "ignotum per ignotius" If you come across this video, please send me a private message so I can credit you probably for making this picture

  2. Great! A undead psyco cop …….. Still we could try and nutrualise it with the aid of a monster truck €=

  3. Hm, seeing as the SCP has an expanding area of activation, and the foundation can't seem to stop it, I wonder what would happen if it effected all the worlds roadways at all hours of the day. Would it pick one target in plain sight, or somehow go after all drivers? Something to think about.

  4. You know, I finally got my first nightmare from an SCP reading. scp 2401. So if you have a chalk bored with a tally count you should add one.

  5. So if all of the five survivors are in foundation custody with mental stress, why not just use an amnestic and release them?

  6. This one is an undisputable classic. That last image left by the surviving agents witness account will haunt me this week, no doubt!

  7. Oh man, they didn't even give us a hint of what the SCP does to attack its victims. "Imagination" I guess, but what kind of information about its attacks would be sensitive?

  8. this reminds me of that Steven king book where that cop keeps pulling ppl over and arresting ppl in that small town but ended up being some native god,lol.

  9. This SCP Must Be A Ghost of A Vengeful State Trooper Who Met His Grisley End In An Auto Accident In The '70s and Now Haunts The Freeways Searching For Fresh Victims…

  10. So what happens if the subject doesn't speed up when the radio starts saying run? What if they just pull over? Do they still get raped to death??

  11. Ol' Smokey's got them ears on and he's hot on your trail.

    He aint gonna rest 'til you're FUCKING DEAD.

  12. How to defeat smokey:

    Get 096
    Put a class d to looks at its face from miles away on a straight line from smokey teritory
    make 096 run to the class d , smokey sees
    smokey tries to kill and scp 096 turn and makes eye contact with smokey.
    smokey is dead

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