Samsung phones sending pictures to contacts without permission

Samsung phones sending pictures to contacts without permission

here's a potential nightmare scenario imagine of all the photos on your phone were sent to one of your contacts or all of your contacts friends relatives co-workers boss and you didn't know it until it was too late well that is exactly what is happening to some Samsung smartphone users and Scott is here with potential mortification what is going on here okay there's a lot of there's a lot of photos out there that people don't want to be sent to anybody nevermind their contact so so far Samsung saying this is a technical issue but users a little bit more forthcoming and saying this is a buggy glitch as far as the phones go this is in regards to the Galaxy S nine phones and the Galaxy Note 8 the message are being sent through the texting app which is the Samsung messages that's what we know so far so users are saying that they are not even aware that the pictures are being sent through that that app and what user on reddit it says that his entire photo library was on his phone was sent to his girlfriend but there was no record of it anywhere on that messaging app other complaints are on reddit on Twitter on the Samsung community forums saying that pictures are being taken and sent to their contacts without their permission and so far Samsung saying that they are aware of this issue that they have technical teams looking into it and anybody that's concerned phone

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  1. I have samsung galaxy grand prime and it looks like it sent multimedia text to contacts and even contacts that I never port or sync with this phone and have no clue what was sent because it's blank on my part

  2. So savage how about videos and photos being taken by your device without you knowing and being posted on Google images

  3. Happened to me JUST today! Does anyone know when there will be a fix? It sent photos and screen shots!!!!!!!!!

  4. Didn’t Alexa had a same issue? Something up with googles software, they need to fix it. Well still going to buy new galaxy, too obvious to see such news right before new phone release.. lol i see cbs is also that kind of media..

  5. I just disabled the stock samsung messages text app and replaced it with a different texting app from the Google play store and I'm using the galaxy s8 running oreo I should be okay

  6. That's why I dont keep pictures on my phone i allways upload them to cloud storage and save storage on my phone

  7. My phone * sends Kookie's photos to my dad.
    Dad pointing at the phone: "Is this your boyfriend?"


    Any army here? We're in trouble. XD

  8. Thank God I don't have any pics to worry about. In 2018 I don't trust none of the electronics I buy. Sad but better be safe than sorry.

  9. Have had Samsung phoned for years! Currently have a s8 and have never had a problem! I always encrypt my phone!! So if they want to hack it there gonna have to work for it!!

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