Samsung Gear VR vs Google Daydream View: Best Smartphone VR Headset?

Samsung Gear VR vs Google Daydream View: Best Smartphone VR Headset?

– Hi, it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video. VR or virtual reality is
something that’s growing rapidly. You can now broadcast
live to Facebook Live and YouTube Live in 360 degrees. You can pick up a camera incredibly cheap. The headsets are getting much
better and a lot of people are starting to take 360
a bit more seriously, which means there’s more
content out there to consume. Lately I’ve been playing
around a lot with 360 cameras and the headsets. So in this video, I thought
I’d share my thoughts on the Google Daydream
View and the Samsung VR. Now looking at the two headsets,
the Google Daydream View sells for $79 U.S., and the
Samsung VR sells for $99. The build quality on the
Samsung VR is far superior. The Google View really just
feels like a piece of cardboard with some material stuck to it. To control the two, the
Google View comes with a wireless remote, and the
Samsung VR has a control panel on the side of the headset. The touch buttons on the
Gear VR do take a bit of getting used to, and
you’ve definitely got to run through the tutorial when
you first put the headset on. The remote on the Google
Daydream View is awesome. It gives you so much control
and it makes it so easy to navigate through your 360 experience. I was really surprised with how accurate and how easy it is to use. The controller also adds a whole new level to 360 gaming as well. Now while the Gear VR doesn’t
include a remote with it, there are quite a few
gaming controllers available to take the experience up a notch. The Gear VR also includes
a focus adjustment on top of the unit so you can
really get it set up right to match your eyes and your vision. But even though the Daydream
View doesn’t have this ability, it always seemed to be in focus for me. Setting up your phones to
work with these headsets was really easy for both. On the Samsung Gear VR, we
used a Samsung Galaxy S7, and for the Google Daydream
View, we used a Google Pixel XL. Probably the biggest difference
between the two headsets is that the Google View
doesn’t need your phone to be plugged into the headset. With the Samsung VR, you
are actually connecting either with a micro USB, or with a USBC into the unit itself. Once you’ve got your phones
mounted in the headsets, they actually both feel pretty solid. Even though the Google View
doesn’t have physical connection between the phone and the
headset, it still feels pretty solid when it’s in place. Once you’ve got the headsets
on is where you’ll start to see some differences feature
wise between the two. What I really like about
the Samsung Gear VR is how easy it is to get
to Facebook 360 videos and how seamless the process
is and how well they play. Accessing YouTube videos and
360 YouTube videos though on the Gear VR is another story. You’d need to install the
Samsung internet browser and use the internet
browser to access YouTube as you would through your mobile device or through a computer. So, while all that is
achievable and it works, there’s so many extra
steps to get to YouTube. And a lot of the times,
once you get to YouTube and start playing your video,
you have to manually select 360 degrees from the
player so that your video will play back in 360. But on the Google Daydream
View, the experience is almost the opposite. Accessing Facebook and Facebook
360 videos is much harder. Whereas accessing YouTube
is really easy and seamless and it works really, really well. But, obviously, the headset
is Google, YouTube is Google, so it should all work well together. Outside of Facebook and
YouTube, there are currently more games and VR experiences
available for the Gear VR. Mainly because it’s been
available for a much longer time, but apps, games, and VR
experiences are growing fast for Google Daydream too. Quality wise, it comes down
to the quality of the phone or the display in the
phones that you’re using. Between the S7 and between
the Google Pixel XL and the headsets, I really couldn’t tell much of a difference between the two. While you can see the
pixels, after a while you don’t even notice
and you’re just immersed in the 360 experience. So both of them work
really well in that regard. One down side with the Daydream View compared to the Gear VR
is the viewing angle. 80 degrees compared to 90 degrees. So this means that there’s more
shown in your field of view on the Gear VR and most
likely this was done so the Daydream View can
support a larger range of phones at some point. So it’s not a huge thing,
but it is noticeable when comparing the two side by side. What I have noticed on
multiple occasions now, after using the Gear VR is
that after 15, 20 minutes my eyes start to hurt. Whereas on the Google Daydream View, I haven’t had any problems
using it for upwards of an hour. Another thing I’ve noticed
is that the Google Pixel XL heats up really quick when
you’ve got it in the headset. And you can feel the heat
coming through onto your face. And while that’s not
necessarily a great thing, it doesn’t seem to affect
the performance at all. Now, comfort wise
between the two headsets, they both do a great job of
holding that amount of weight comfortably on your head. If I had to pick a winner between the two, my preference would be
the Google Daydream View. It just seems to fit my head better. Both Samsung and Google are
constantly running out updates to improve the user experience,
to improve the feature set on both of these units. And I’m sure we’ll be
seeing some big changes and big innovation in this
space in the near future. So, as for which one you
should get or which one is right for you, what’s
really going to come down to which device you have. If you’ve got a Samsung phone,
then it would make sense to get the Samsung headset. Beyond that, there’s not
really a huge difference at this point, between the two. Yes, YouTube is more streamlined
in the Google headset and Facebook 360 is more
streamlined in the Samsung headset. But really, the cross-over or
the overlap between the two is huge, and on a lot
of levels, it’s really a much of a muchness. If you found this video
helpful, we’d really appreciate a thumbs up, and make sure you
click that “Subscribe” button if you haven’t already. If you’re interested
in creating 360 videos and you’re not sure where to start with which cameras to buy,
then check out the link on screen now. I’ll see you soon.

66 thoughts on “Samsung Gear VR vs Google Daydream View: Best Smartphone VR Headset?

  1. Hi, how do you use remote access during filming video on canon 70d? You can't use wifi in video mode on 70d, don't you?

  2. awesome video can u help me .. how can i make my videos show up in related ( more )
    and is my content good ? 😀
    thnx in advance

  3. Another great review Justin. Happy New Year to you and every member of Primal Video. I purchased the Gear VR over the holidays, but I have to upgrade my phone. I found your review very useful, thanks again!

  4. Watching YouTube videos on the Gear Vr makes you feel sick. I'm not talking 360 videos here I'm talking just normal videos. There is no option to zoom out far enough where it feels comfortable.

  5. In the Samsung VR TV commercials, everyone starts to cry after using them. Why would I want a product that makes me cry?

  6. Acually I'm a bit disappointed in Google. As I was expecting more out of them. Daydream is okay but it really doesn't match up to the Gear VR. Furthermore it looks like something my daughter would do, not impressed. :/

  7. I wonder how can't you see difference from the quad HD to Full HD on the Google pixel…

    I tried PS VR Full HD and all I saw was pixels jeez…

    I bet Samsung S7 with lot higher resolution must show pretty better too.

  8. My eyes never hurt with the Gear VR. The only problem was that performance slowed down after 30 min of use, though the phone didn't get uncomfortably hot like the pixel.

  9. I bought the Daydream without out knowing that it is optimized to be used with the Pixel XL: I have the non XL Pixel and it looks like crap, as if I am watching pixelated 240p videos! Shame on Google for releasing Daydream without an "Optimized For Pixel XL" statement on its packaging and in their marketing… Additionally, it constantly goes out of focus, the controller requires re-centering every few minutes, there is light bleed, and the strap design is terrible. Not impressed!

  10. I have both.
    Short answer: Better buy right now in my opinion is the Gear VR. It has more to do by like 20 times. Period.
    Daydream seems like a better buy for the future. because games will flood onto it as well and they'll take advantage of the better controller, the Wii-Like remote thing.

    Semi-long opinion:
    Gear VR has a lot more to do and see, because its been out longer. Watching videos from your gallery in a movie theater setting, or on the moon, make it very immersive. Being able to browse the internet as well is actually nice. The Gear VR is powered by Oculus and they really know what they're doing. Facebook 360 has some AMAZING videos on it. I wouldn't make much of a difference in your mind between Facebook and YouTube 360 videos. You probably won't be doing either of them much anyways, because the apps and games are cooler. The only thing Google has the Samsung VR beat at in my opinion is the controls (Wii-like remote vs Touch pad on the side on the Goggles), and access to Google things, like Google photos and Youtube.

    Google never settles for second place, and I expect more games to come out that truly take advantage of that remote.

  11. It's amazing how much inferior the Daydream is with more than 2 additional years of development time. The daydream's performance falls right between the Gear VR and the Cardboard which is surprising because I completely anticipated the Daydream would perform better considering the extra development time and the newer processor.
    The Daydream drifts constantly, the edges blacken when you turn your head quick since it can't keep up, the FOV is a right angle, it over heats in around 30 minutes, it flattens 3D audio to stereo since its audio engine is so limited, the light bleed is horrendous, and even the motion controller, while pretty neat constantly drifts and disconnects.
    The Gear VR has none of these issues. Ir doesn't drift at all, you can turn your head as fast as you want and it keeps up efffortlessly, the FOV is a comfortable 100°, it only gets warm after several hours, the 3D audio is Armor level allowing you to hear not only around and above and below you, but it also processes Doppler effect filtering so you can hear exactly how far an object is. There's no light bleed at all and when playing a Space SIM MMORPG like Vendetta Online it feels like you're wearing a Space helmet.

  12. in these comparisons nobody mentions that gear vr has sensors built in that improve the experience and make head movements more fluid than cardboard etc, I'm assuming daydream view doesn't have built in sensors that do the same?

  13. How do you make a video comparing the GearVR to the Daydream View and not mention that the GearVR headset has it's own dedicated head-tracking (the reason you need to plug your phone in), which is far superior to using the accelerometers and gyros in the phone itself? That's a pretty crucial difference between the two headsets…

  14. The field of view on new Gear VR is 101 degrees, which is a lot higher than the daydream view. if you see similar amount of pixels on both, that means that the Gear VR is a lot sharper.

  15. I found DayDream to be a lot less immersive. Outside light bleeds in, which is probably why VR sickness is less likely with DayDream (but it comes at the cost of immersiveness). I also found there's a lot more noticeable latency on the DayDream, whereas the GearVR tracks your head movements like a magnet. Then again, I'm using a Galaxy S8+ with the new Exynos 8895 CPU (the Pixel XL uses the SnapDragon 821).

  16. The Daydream is way more practical. It looks more simple and fits in with clothing, so people are more inclined to use in public on a bus or something. It also has a remote and is much more light.

  17. It's not even really about the headset, it's about the screen resolution of the phone that you put into it. All headsets are basically the same. Lenses and minor electronics. It's the phone that makes the difference, ie. 720P 1080P 1440p etc… It's all about image quality, and image quality is all about the phone. Fine detail vs. pixelated fuzziness.

  18. I'm AMAZED — and dismayed — at the pita it is to use the Samsung Gear VR headset to simply view YT videos. I'm interested in a VR headset to wear while using a stationary exercise bike in the morning and no way I'd want to have to deal with the time-consuming annoyance of dealing with all the steps required to do that with the Samsung product. I hope Samsung re-engineers their VR product, can't have enough good VR headsets available to try!

  19. Hi, I saw that the google daydream is pretty cheap on alibaba, I know it might not be original, but do you know if they actually work or if they have an acceptable quality?

  20. I have a Homido and Bobo VR headset that I used with my LG G3. Since upgrading to the Galaxy S8 Plus I also purchased a Gear VR (2017). So glad I did. Fantastic piece of kit. And the controller is rather good too. Google Cardboard was a good starting point, but it can't compare to the S8+ and Gear VR. Don't much fancy the Daydream headset.

  21. Buy a cheap plastic VR headset which will work with any phone and get yourself a good game controller like amkette evo2 or moga. You can actually play some good VR games without spending a lot of money on stuff like GearVR or Daydream which is expensive but still has crappy controllers for playing games

  22. I tried both with a note 8. Daydream was more comfy and could view my google play library of movies as well. Gear VR had some ok features, but imo was a subpar experience compared.

    Hopefully in a decade we can have total immersion with a full field of view.

  23. Great explanation I prefer the Google Device although I don't have a Google device and I do have the Samsung Gear VR I don't like it that much and I think it does goes to which company holds who's you know what cuz I'm a I apply for Google in every way and then Facebook and I think the way that companies run will also be explained under devices well just keep making great content and I am inspired to make like contents to in my language because of your videos

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