Samsung Galaxy S11 – Samsung’s Tallest Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S11 – Samsung’s Tallest Smartphone

So the launch of the Galaxy S11 is almost
4 months away and we already have a fair idea of what to expect from the 11th generation
of Galaxy S devices. We learned that it’ll have a 5x optical periscope
zoom camera, there are also some reports that it could feature either a 90Hz or 120Hz display
and today a benchmark leak is suggesting that the Galaxy S11 will be Samsung’s tallest mainstream
smartphone ever, almost be as tall as Sony’s Xperia 1. When Sony designed the Xperia 1 they had the
Cinematic viewing experience in mind similar to the ultrawide TV’s and monitors and since
then we didn’t actually see any other OEM hopping on that 21:9 aspect ratio train, except
the Essential phone which doesn’t actually count because it’s ridiculously tall and impractical
but it looks like Samsung is coming close to the Xperia 1’s aspect ratio. Galaxy S11’s HTML5 browser test reveals that
the handset will have a 20:9 aspect ratio. To give you some perspective, the Galaxy S10
and Note 10 have a 19:9 aspect ratio display. So that means two things. One the display is getting marginally bigger
on the S11. Second, the bezels are going even smaller. The Galaxy Note 10+ already has very tiny
bezels and this benchmark is suggesting that Samsung is reducing that tiny bezel even more. It’s also worth mentioning that Samsung already
has two smartphones with a 20:9 aspect ratio display. One is the all-screen Galaxy A80 and the other
is the Galaxy A70. Seeing this aspect ratio if you are wondering
the Galaxy S11 would have a full uninterrupted display then I’m sorry to be the bearer of
bad news because that’s not going to happen. The Galaxy S11 will have a punch-hole display
just like the Galaxy Note 10 albeit it’s going to be smaller. The Galaxy S11 will be the first handset to
have the next generation of flagship Snapdragon processor, the Snapdragon 865 and it has already
been benchmarked which shows some impressive gains. Ice universe posted on twitter that the chipset
scores 4250 single-core and 13300 multicore points, marking a 10% gain over average multi-core
performance. That’s a little over 20% increase compared
to the Snapdragon 855 which is really impressive. Apple’s latest A13 bionic chip has a little
better multicore score and way better single-core score but we need to keep in mind that the
Snapdragon 865 is still in development which means these will only get better in the finalized
version of the chipset. This time the Exynos 9830 will be built on
the same architecture as the Snapdragon 865 so we can expect similar numbers for the Exynos
9830 as well. Anyway, the Galaxy S11 will be launched somewhere
in February next year so we still have a lot of time to figure out the features of the
device so if you want to keep updated with all the information then please consider subscribing. So it looks like the Galaxy Fold is a success
even with a crazy price tag. It keeps on selling out in record times in
markets like South Korea, India, and Malaysia. Part of the reason is that Samsung is selling
limited quantities of these handsets and also for the fact that there’s a lot of excitement
surrounding this new form factor. And that’s the reason Samsung has decided
to expand the sales of the Galaxy Fold in more markets. Japan, Poland, Mexico, Switzerland, and China
are the next countries to get this foldable device. Anyway, do let me know what do you think about
the Galaxy S11’s tall display down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace

100 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S11 – Samsung’s Tallest Smartphone

  1. a few days ago i had the opportunity to test the Fold. It was pretty cool but i feel like, there's something missing. I mean, it's the best Display Technology so far and all they did is adding this to a phone with a hinge. Ofc it's complicated to engineer something like this but i think they should've added something which really screams I AM THE FUTURE

    But i'm still a fan of it and would buy it if the price wasn't so high up.

    I thought i will buy the Note10+ but now the S11 is only 4 months away, i guess i wait for this one. Could become a very interesting device.

  2. keep up the good work samsung. Apple you see how you can reduce the stupid vessels little by little every couple of months? You just need to work a little bit and reduce your margins per iphone by a couple of cents. I'm sure your bank account can take a couple of cents hit per phone considering your stupidly ridiculous margins

  3. Heard from someone that wirks for sammy that they may do the under the display in the s11. This is why i did not go for the note 10. Also no graphene battery any time soon

  4. My small country (under 6million people) has Galaxy fold in this one carrier in couple stores. I would want to see but its only in 5 of tveir stores and closest one is too far πŸ™ but wow never would have expected that and it says something about pre order idk how but mmmmmm

  5. I don't like making displays taller.. it is really bad for viewing content, period. I like more the Apple aproach, which is: taller phone, but also a bit wider. How am I supposed to watch movies when the phone will eat away content if I put it full screen? Also if I keep it normal, I bought a bigger phone just to get, still, a bad formfactor to view content. I believe it's time to stop making phones taller, and make them wider. Regular S11 wouldn't be too big to fit in hand, and S11 Plus wouldn't be anyway made for people that want to use their phone with 1 hand. Great vid anyways, thanks for giving us the latest leaks.

  6. Glad to see Samsung going to 20:9
    Wanted one of those Sony phones but there are just too many compromises to owning one.
    Big, bright, beautiful displays are what I buy now days. So give me 120 refresh too and I'll give you my money.
    Now about that fingerprint scanner… πŸ€”

  7. I think the S10+ is a good size. They shouldn't make it any bigger. The note already sticks out of your pocket a little now. Lol.

  8. If you want a great phone you'd better buy the iPhone Galaxy ( Note 10) (NO headphone jack and NO Micro SD card expansion)

  9. Crappy aspect ratio πŸ˜ πŸ€’πŸ€¨ Thank God it hopefully won't show up in next year's Galaxy Note phone. If it does I'll skip it.

  10. Not a fan of big and tall phone..if Samsung still make the S11e next year somehow..that might be my choice of phone upgrade next year..



    Holding a 6.5inch large phone with a 16:9 "standard" ratio is gonna piss u off kids. Stfu.

  12. It actually seems like Samsung is PURPOSELY avoiding bringing the Galaxy Fold to the American market. Like they are choosing all countries except The U.S, like Mexico , China, and Japan and Poland. It's like they are saying an average Indian WILL spend $2,000 (which is 143,260 β‚Ή rupees.) than an American.

  13. Samsung, just use Snapdragon SoCs everywhere on your flagships, not just the U.S. and China; Qualcomm is so much better than yours now, and the GPU is MILES ahead of your own!

  14. Actually the rumors suggest that it will have the s10+ pill shaped camera but big. As long as it is on the side that is.

  15. It would be better to have a 21:9 aspect ratio display as most of the movies are being shoot at the same aspect ratio

  16. nah not interested anymore, if it doesn't fit into pockets, whats the point of a phone, the note 10+ is already borderline

  17. This time you started researching s11, but I was looking at many reviews of your note 10, but I was disappointed to see what you showed about battery life. If these mobiles give the battery a bit more power, do their dogs bite? People are cheating about the samsung flagship…
    thx 4m bangladesh 😎

  18. They say Indians only buy budget phone's and Galaxy Fold, OnePlus 7T series, and Note 10 series sold out in record time.

  19. Gross. I watch a lot of videos on my Note 8 and REALLY wish it was 16:9. The top and bottom make it more annoying to use than the tiny bit of usefulness they might add

  20. I wouldn't mind that 21:9 aspect ratio, which is why I like the design choice for the Xperia 1. Most big film productions are recorded and displayed in that ratio anyhow, and I like consuming my media at its fullest potential.

  21. If the rumours are tru and it will be 6.8 " then I hope the note 11 will go to 7" if anyone can make a 7 " screen manageable, then it is Samsung. I love the bigger screen on the note 10 plus, but a might as well round it off at 7" for the next one.

  22. I know its time to upgrade from my note 8 , which I bought last year I think I'll wait till note 11 to come so that I can buy the note 10

  23. Wow So Long & Tall!! Compatible for Watching Cinematic Movie with that Screen Ratio!!! I Have to Prepare Everything from Now On 😍😍😍

  24. Samsung S11 : 20:9 4K AMOLED 120HZ HDR10+ Dolby Atmos…. 32bit /192khz DAC 😍 ..

    Take my money πŸ’΅

    Take my money

  25. It will have a punch hole…No thank you, I will stick with my S7 Edge another year then…Or I`ll just buy the OnePlus 7 Pro…

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