Samsung Galaxy - App Icon Badge SOLUTION!!

Samsung Galaxy – App Icon Badge SOLUTION!!

top right hand side you're gonna click on those three little dots you're gonna click on special access hello everybody Jimmy is problem here back again with another awesome video and in today's video I'm pretty excited to share with you a solution I was able to find for anybody who has issues with the app icon badges and what I mean by an app icon badge is let's say that you get a notification from YouTube or a phone call a text message Facebook Twitter anything but you're not seeing the icon or how many notifications you have that is basically right on the very top right hand side of that application so you might see it in your notifications panel you might get it with your edge lighting you might get that little pop-up banner and stuff but there is no number next to the application and a lot of people like that feature now I've seen it as a comment on my YouTube channel I've seen it in forums I've seen it in person but I was finally able to play with one yesterday and I found the solution so first off we're gonna pop over to the overhead rig and I'm gonna show you exactly what I'm talking about so first off what I'm gonna do is I'm going to send myself a text message and that's gonna be the example we'll be using today you can see I got my edge lighting the notification up there as well as the little banner on the top but there is no little app icon badge it's not letting me know hey you have one that you're missing but you can clearly see that there is something that was given now maybe you went through all your different settings and let's say you went over into your applications you scrolled all the way down to messages and then you made sure that pretty much everything is turned on even with notifications you went this way maybe you went inside of notifications and on the very top right hand side you went on settings you went again to notifications you have app icon badges as on you have literally every single thing turned on there's about four or five different screens or ways of trying to turn on notifications so if you know for a fact that you have everything that is turned on but it's not working there is one other thing that you do need to do now you want to head over into your settings you're going to click over with your applications and then on the top right hand side what I was trying to find was the system app of TouchWiz TouchWiz is user interface that Samsung uses for its home screens and everything else and maybe there was a problem or issue with that little app Haitian but I found out that it is not inside of that area so once you go inside your apps you're gonna click on the settings on the very top right hand side you're gonna go to special access underneath special access you're able to find notification access and this is the one that you do want to turn on this one's called the Samsung experience home once you turn this thing on and you allow it it's allowing for all of the home screens to basically give you notification so if it's asking about permissions and such it's just trying to ask for permissions of the home screen to read if you get the text message it's not reading the text message but it is letting you know hey you got something that is new so there is that app icon badge you saw my banner you saw the edge lighting you also see them eye notifications on the very top so now if we go inside of here now I'm able to read my text message which is fantastic so just to prove that it was that one little setting let's do it one more time we're gonna go to settings go to apps on the very top right-hand side you're gonna click on those three little dots you're gonna click on special access this is where it says the notification access and this is where we're gonna turn off again that Samsung experience home so I'm gonna send myself one more little text message that says hi and you'll see that all the notifications are gonna work but the app badge is now disabled so I hope that you guys have liked and appreciated this video if this is something that has helped you guys out please make sure guys write a comment below the video letting me know that hey this was the solution that was that one little setting change that I had to do and now my app badges is working now inside of that please give this thing a huge thumbs up if you guys did like this thing you also don't forget to hit on subscribe right over here if you have not subscribed already if you liked this video and you want to see more like this definitely hit that subscribe button and the Bell notifications you can get notified of all the future videos that I post up on Jim use promo outside of that share this video with your friends and family and social media sites and I'll see you guys later

38 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy – App Icon Badge SOLUTION!!

  1. Jimmy do you know how to make the numbers stay up if you respond to for example 2/4 notifications on an app. It just disappears for me and i forget to respond to the remaining

  2. To for sharing . Has been trying to find out how to enable the WhatsApp icon badge but the setting was not allow to enable. Tried as per your method to special access but can't find samsung experience home. So tried googled and find ways first to enable the Samsung experience home with the following steps :
    Step 1: Hold an empty space on the homescreen. From the options at the bottom, select Home screen settings. Step 2: UnderHome screen settings, enable Quick-open notification panel.

    Then all the settings on icon badge was allowed.

    Tq for sharing

  3. For users not finding this video working:

    Note 9 – Go to Settings/Notifications at the top you will see "App icon Badges"…turn it on.

  4. **************FINALLY I WAS ABLE TO FIX MINE. The solution in this video did not work for me, since my Galaxy S8+ did not have a Galaxy Experience Home under notification access. So, how I fixed mine was I went to settings, Apps, then locate your "messages" app. Click on the little gear icon on the far right, (not the app), then go to Notifications. Look under "App icon badges" and slide it to the left/OFF. Reboot the phone, go back to this setting, slide it to the right/ON  and reboot the phone again. Voila, works like a charm!  You can also do this by going to settings, then in the search field, type: "app icon badges." 9no quotes. Down below, find messages, turn off, reboot, turn on, reboot. Hope this helps!

  5. Tried it on my S10+ ~ it was already turned on. Accidently, thinking it must be a theme issue, I went to the background to change the theme and I saw Home Page Settings along with themes and widgets. I clicked on it and viola! Up came "add numbers to icons on home page". Turned On. Solved.

  6. I have the same problem, nothing warn me about text, or anything…I tried your solution but it didn't work.

  7. Does not work for me. Works on Whatsapp, Line FB (was working already) but cant have it on GMAIL.

  8. as soon as I clear the above notification all the icon notification disappear.. I like the fact they are there. How do I keep them even if I clear the above notification?

  9. My husband just fixed mine. I don't believe Jimmy covered this. Click and hold any blank area on the home screen. Options pop up…wallpapers, themes, widgets, and home screen settings. Click on home screen settings. Turn on App icon badges show with number. Now I'm getting numbers on the message bubble.Yayyyyy

  10. Everything is turned on and im still not gettig notifications on messages. On messenger I am. I have a galaxy s7 crown

  11. Bro.. you are the man.. I spoke to many techs from sprint and none could figure it out. They actually told me to change my phone.. thanks for the help ..

  12. Not getting badge notification on my new phone. There is no Samsung Experience Home from my Samsung Galaxy S10E. Please help.

  13. Samsung Experience Home is not listed on my s10 plus. I did follow your directions twice, but that Samsung Experience Home isn't there. Can you tell me why my phone would not have that option? Thank you.

  14. Is there away to change the app icon badge color? Because orange it's just an ugly color I prefer red or blue I don't like it if there away please let me know I don't want to use a theme just not the same thing as the original theme of the phone if there away please let me know thanks

  15. Thanks for the video. Got a Huawei Mate 20 Pro with this problem on the Snapshat icon, and your solution does unfortunately not work for me.

  16. Hi sir i have not 9 I'm facing problem app i con badges i want keep it seeing on app notifications when i swap on screen Al is gon notifications from the app's but Wye

  17. I’m using an Android as my work phone & it’s so much hard work. On my iPhone any unread emails give me badge icons showing me how many are unread but my Samsung only shows a badge icon for NEW messages but not my old ones??

  18. Doesn't work. I also had an Samsung techie access my phone and after 15 minutes or longer he gave up. So I'm assuming there is a software bug somewhere. What is interesting is that when I first got the phone the notification number was turned on for the Message icon on the home page. Then it disappeared and no matter what settings I change it doesn't work. Where the notification does work is once inside the Message app on the lower left part of the screen there is a text Conversations and THAT is where the number is listed. However, that is the wrong place.

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