RPC-514 Children of Malphas | Object class Gamma Red | Grouped / sapient / organic hazard

RPC-514 Children of Malphas | Object class Gamma Red | Grouped / sapient / organic hazard

RPC-514 Children of Malphas – object class gamma red Registered Phenomena Code: 514 Object Class: Gamma-Red Hazard Types: Grouped Hazard, Sapient Hazard,
Organic Hazard Containment Protocols: Although it is currently
impossible to contain all instances of RPC-514, cooperation with religious organizations in
the New York area has rendered RPC-514 isolated to the island of Manhattan. Local religious authorities have agreed to
continue efforts to definitively isolate RPC-514 to a smaller area, however this process is
currently unsuccessful following the destruction of Site-313. If RPC-514 ever attempts to stage any form
of coordinated attack on the local churches and/or mosques, MST Papa-1 “Berserkers” is
tasked with assisting in recontainment efforts. Authority personnel are to be equipped with
armaments specifically outfitted with religious symbolism in order to abuse RPC-514’s sensitivity
towards said symbolism. Description: RPC-514 is a species of avian
humanoids bearing great resemblance to the biblical entity “Malphas”, depicted in Pseudomonarchia
Daemonum2 as a humanoid bird that assisted in construction of supposedly unholy buildings. Although not inherently anomalous, RPC-514
instances show great sensitivity towards religious symbolism, and bear physical resemblance towards
the aforementioned biblical demons. RPC-514 instances are specifically susceptible
to symbolism originating from the major Abrahamic religions, such as Christian and/or Muslim
symbolism. All instances of RPC-514 have been generally
observed grouping in the island of Manhattan, specifically on numerous skyscrapers. Extraction of RPC-514 from these areas is
currently impossible, as the shareholders in these buildings have refused to allow Authority
agents to remove RPC-514. This is assumedly non-anomalous, however investigation
is ongoing into these shareholders’ relations with RPC-514 instances. Although RPC-514 instances partake in the
building of nests like their non-anomalous counterparts, their “nests” consist of large
concrete brick structures, generally built to resemble the building that they are nesting
on. For instance, if RPC-514 instances are nesting
on a traditional clay brick structure, they will gather materials that resemble those
of the exterior walls, and continue building upon the roof of the structure. It is unknown at this time how RPC-514 do
such actions that would be required to add to a building such as rewiring rooftop electronics,
connecting air ventilation systems, and/or rerouting of water pipes. When RPC-514 instances finish the nesting
process, they will usually construct a faux version of whatever transport system is used
to access the higher portions of the building, and block all entrances to the nesting area. When this process is fully completed, the
building will appear non-anomalous from the exterior, yet will have a noticeable lack
of any interior infrastructure in the areas that were added by RPC-514 instances. It is unknown at this time how many buildings
in the Manhattan area have been affected by this process, as conducting an extensive search
of all buildings in the area has been deemed too resource-intensive. Five RPC-514 nesting grounds have been deconstructed
since their discovery, an effort which generally consists of adding interior infrastructure
to the buildings. Full investigation of RPC-514 nesting grounds
is hereby postponed, due to their tendency to attack any and all personnel who attempt
to access the areas of the buildings used for mating and/or roosting purposes. This is assumedly to protect their young,
however all RPC-514 instances encountered have been mature adults. Only one nest has been fully explored prior
to renovation, as most nests are abandoned at the time of Authority discovery. Addendum: Prior to the event on 09/11/01,
RPC-514 instances showed a significant spike in activity, and became openly hostile towards
religious persons in the Manhattan area. A request was made to begin termination of
significantly aggressive RPC-514 instances. RPC-514 Extensive Containment Request Requesting Personnel: Researcher Jones Residing Site: Site-313 Site Director: Dr. ██████ ████████ Date of Request: September 12th, 2001 Required Funding: $███,███,█ USD Required Materials: [REDACTED] Overview: Look, we all know what happened
yesterday. I’m not talking about that. RPC-514 instances have been virulent lately. This just worsened things. They’ve started fucking attacking people in
churches. You know how hard it is to cover up that demon-birds
are swooping down on people while they’re praying? Especially after yesterday? People are scared, and they’re going to churches. They’re putting their faith in God. They’re putting their faith in us. And we’re not doing anything about it. We need to start getting rid of the nests,
████████. We can’t have bird men flying around the streets of New York
when there’s ten thousand news helicopters swarming the air. Do something, send out the ASF, I don’t care. Something has to be done. This request was later denied by Site Director
████████ 13 days later, after RPC-514 ceased extensive hostilities. The reason for this is unknown, and Site Director
████████ has yet to be recovered after denying the request.

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  1. Now I wonder if this RPC was inspired by the "photo" of a bird creature on 911 that made the rounds a week or so after the attack.

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