Recycle bin  for android phone

Recycle bin for android phone

Hello guys on this video on how to create
a recycle bin in your android phone.For this all you have to do is open your google playstore
and search for dumpster image and video restore.Install it accept using this app you can restore images,videos,apps
and many more.Let’s see its specification Browse deleted content and undo mistakes with a single
tap,preview deleted media straight from dumpster,Keep your items organized in folders,As you can
see you can restore your files,Schedule an automatic delete of old items,Restrict access
with a lockscreen for maximum privacy,Browse deleted content oh this is the first one Lets
see our app is installing or not.It is installing.sorry for the inconvienence my net is actually slow.Now
open Skip intro I will tell you how this app works So now dumpster is empty so lets delete
one video from my phone and see how dumpster works.Go to gallery I am going to delte this
video now come back to dumpster As you can see the video is here You can easily restore
it by clicking on this restore option.problem restoring item to requested location.Would
you like to restore.OK.Lets go to gallery again and see the video is restore.Thanks for
watching please suscribe if you like the video.Thankyou.

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