In the DESCRIPTION of this video, you have links to more INSTAGRAM tips and tricks Restrict on Instagram is a function that seeks to end cyber bullying through this Social Network and that has differences with blocking a person.

By means of the “Restrict” option, the person you restrict will not notice a difference when it was not and therefore will not know that certain actions are blocked for her. The “Restrict” option seeks to avoid unwanted interactions without anyone knowing; since sometimes on these occasions blocking someone or Reporting comments only served to aggravate the situation, being measures that are notified by Instagram. Restricting a person on Instagram affects the following:

-The restricted person will not be able to see if you are connected.

-The restricted person will not be able to know if you have read their direct messages.

-The restricted person will be able to continue commenting on your posts, although only she and you will see her comments, which will be hidden from other followers. To restrict someone on Instagram, you have to do the following: Enter Instagram In your profile, look for a comment from the person you want to restrict Hold the comment and press the exclamation icon Click on “Restrict to …” You can read the consequences of restricting that person. Click on “Restrict account” Instagram will give you the possibility to delete this comment If you decide to remove the restriction and did not delete the comment, you can perform the same action from the comment and cancel the restriction You can also remove the restriction by entering the profile of the restricted person and clicking on “Cancel restriction”

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