PRODUCT RED iPhone 7 Plus, DIY Edition !!

PRODUCT RED iPhone 7 Plus, DIY Edition !!

Today..oh,well… It’s March 24th (2017). Couple days ago, Apple introduces iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition. They will be available in stores beginning Friday, March 24th. It’s today. This is an extremely good-looking smartphone. See… how cool I want that. …but, already have an iPhone 7 Plus…and do not have extra 700 plus dollars to pay. So…I came up with the solution You know the guy, right? It looks much better than I expected. OK, so…
There is one more thing. Product red is not just about the color. It’s for Contribution to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS Which means that when you buy every (RED) product, the companies pays some money to The Global Fund. Apple support did not tell me how many percentages of the purchase goes to The Global Fund, but… Apple says, quote, So far, we’ve raised over $130 million through the sale of our (RED) products. That is great. We can get cool gadget and at the same time, we can contribute something good for human society. That’s how Product RED works. So, if you have a plan to buy a (new) smartphone, high-end smart phone…and You want (to do) something good, go to and buy the (RED) . If you don’t have any plan to buy one, but you want to do something good, you might better to considerate direct donation to The Global Fund. You can do it via iTunes or The Global Fund’s website. so check out the description or comment section down below.I put the link. I think it’s cool thing to do. Don’t worry you don’t need to paint your phone to donate.

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  1. » Apple's Product(RED) page

    » Donation to the Global Fund via iTunes
    -It automatically jumps to iTunes page when you tap or click this link.

    » Donation to the Global Fund via the official website.

  2. ウレタンとか、剥がせる塗料なんか使って、こだわってくれたら尚良かったのになぁ~

  3. Came from pewdiepie channel! Keep up the good work man! 🙂 You should have said… I have "paint and I have an apple "haha :)) You're insane for doing that to your phone! And the glasses can be a great trademark for you! I lived in Komaba Todaimae for 4 months while I was an exchange student! Maybe I'll see you sometime hehe

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