Pillow Pad Review: Next-Gen Tablet Holder? *As Seen on TV*

Pillow Pad Review: Next-Gen Tablet Holder? *As Seen on TV*

This is Pillow Pad. It’s a big piece of
foam that offers three angles that you can view your devices on.
Let’s check it out in today’s video. Here it is. Let’s crack it open. Well that was not much cracking going on. It just kinda slid out of there.
It’s pretty basic. Just a big piece of foam Sitting, laying, or standing. Notice that
it’s by Ontel Products. Keep that in mind because that’s gonna come up a
little bit later. You have three different viewing angles. You rest your device here.
The angle degrees are 72 degrees, 62 degrees, and 42 degrees.
There is a pouch here. I think that was advertised as the deluxe model but I think they all have
the pouch, so I don’t know if there’s a non-deluxe model actually out there.
So I’m not sure how that makes it deluxe if all of them are like that. Now I really wasn’t gonna do this one originally, but I’ve gotten a lot of
requests for it and I’ve been seeing ads for it so I thought maybe I’ll just go
ahead and give the Pillow Pad a whirl and see how it goes. I wasn’t really sure
how I was gonna do a full video on a piece of foam that holds a tablet because
that sounds like it would take about 30 seconds to figure out if it works or not.
To be fair to all those people who requested it, I’ll do my best
Usually when I do a product review, I do as much research as I can on it before I
actually use it, and some interesting things came up when I was researching
the Pillow Pad. Number one is that there’s a lot of devices already out
there like this. Check it out. When I was first looking at the Pillow Pad I wanted to look and see if it was on Amazon and it wasn’t but check this out. When I went to
look for Pillow Pad, look at all these others that I saw on there. Look at all them.
So even though the Pillow Pad itself is not on Amazon, there’s a lot of
other ones that are just like it. I think that the Flippy is the most common one.
That’s a 34 dollar model but look how close that looks. I’m not sure which one
came out first but I know that this one has 1300 reviews so it’s been around for a while. And a lot of others have also been
around for a while, too. Kind of makes you wonder. The Pillow Pad may not be the
most unique design out there and there’s a lot of other options. Some as cheap as
12 bucks. $8 for this one. Something to consider. And number two, the reviews out
there are hard to find that are not on the manufacturer website. So I figured I would go on to Walmart and see if they have reviews of Pillow Pad which
they do. It says 85 reviews so let’s check it out. Looks at this, 85 reviews 4.5 stars.
So let’s go see what these reviews have to say. And that’s where it
gets a little bit weird here. Look at this. “This review was collected as part of a promotion.” “Written by customer while visiting Ontel.” Ontel is the company that
produces the Pillow Pad. The next one, Promotion, Ontel. The next one: promotion, Ontel.
It goes on and on. These all came from Ontel.
That’s certainly an unbiased source now isn’t it? So let me… forget Walmart. Let me go
over to Bed Bath & Beyond. There it is! Almost 5 stars, 107 reviews. Let’s check
this out. “Originally posted on Ontel.” “Originally posted on Ontel.”
“Originally posted on Ontel.” I don’t think I would really put a lot of stock into the
reviews on Bed Bath & Beyond and Walmart at this point. Although I don’t think
it’s been pretty bad, I just… would you trust those that came from the source
that puts it out as well? I don’t know about that. So right now we’ve got none
on Amazon and the Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond are both from the source that
produces it. It’s kind of weird. Although on the other hand if you look
at the Flippy which is seems to be the most popular one, the reviews are very
good for that. 4.8 stars. So even though the reviews are a little bit iffy, people
seem to like this design. Finding some unbiased reviews seems kind of difficult but that’s where I come in. Oops. Lt’s get started and using this
thing and see how it works. First up I’m gonna do the lounging version.
So I’m sitting on the couch. I’m gonna try the steepest angle first.
And I don’t like that at all. Don’t like that steep angle. It seems like it’s…
it looks like it’s gonna fall over. They say you can do it completely laying down. Let’s try.
Oh well you know what this is actually not bad laying down. Let me try
the other angles here. No, that one’s tilted too far back so that’s not gonna work. This one’s tilted the too far back.
That’s not gonna work. I think the steep angle looks pretty bad
sitting but it looks pretty good laying down. Back to a normal position. Again,
I don’t like the 72 degree angle. Do I like that angle or not? Let me see. Here we go.
This is the angle right here. I will say also the Pillow Pad’s very light.
It’s extremely light actually. The cover does come off and it’s washable. And if you take the cover off,
hello it’s just a big piece of foam!
I’ll worry about washing it a little bit later. So what I did was look at some of the reviews for some of the
similar items out there because there’s so many of them on
Amazon that looked a lot like this, if not identical to it, including the Flippy
which seems to be the most popular brand name of devices like this. And so based
on those comments I wanted to see if some of the complaints would translate
to the Pillow Pad. I’ve got a list here of complaints I noted on Amazon.
First complaint is that it’s too light and that if you’re sitting on your lap like
this it can get knocked off easily. Because of the material it feels like
it’s sticking to my legs pretty well. I don’t think that’s… Someone
said, “Oh it gets knocked off easily.” No I don’t think so.
The material seems like it’s pretty non-slip so Pillow Pad wins that one.
Someone said that an item like this you sit at the best angle for the pad, not
the other way around. But I do feel that between the three angles you can usually
find something that’s that’s gonna suit you. I mean I don’t think that people
have to be down to the exact degree to get it right. So I don’t know. I I don’t
agree with that one either. Someone said that it’s kind of bulky and not ideal for travel.
I might agree with that because I don’t think you’re gonna be able to
compress that down into a small enough space if you want to take it on an airplane.
Maybe in a car but I do think that it’s kind of bulky. I would say
that’s true because it’s kind of unforgiving and that’s pretty large.
So that would be a problem. I don’t think it’s really travel friendly.
Let’s try reading a book now. You’re still gonna have to hold the book because it’s gonna close.
Unless your book stays open I think you’re gonna have to hold the book
anyway so what’s the difference between that and this? Not much. It will depend on
the book. Let me see how it does from a seated position now. I was on the couch.
This is a different angle here. Okay now this angle is pretty good.
Oh that one’s way too steep. I feel like it’s gonna fall over actually.
Let me see. This one’s not too bad either. I think that’s about the right
angle I would probably watching it at. These two are actually pretty good.
Fortunately one of the three angles works for me. I guess there’d be some
people where none of the angles will work for you, and then it wouldn’t be quite as
useful. But for me I found an angle in this position that works well and on the
couch I had some positions that also worked as well so for me the Pillow Pad
seems like it’s working pretty well. Let’s go try it in the car and see how it works out there. I’m sitting here kind of in a cramped
backseat and I’ve got my Pillow Pad and my iPad with me. I can’t say I like this angle.
Let me see. Yeah I feel like I need more tilt to it. Let me see here. Oh
that’s even worse. I feel like that’s gonna fall over.
It did fall over. I can see in a bumpy car this is not gonna be a good one.
I think the 42 degree angle is gonna be the best one for the backseat because
when you’re cramped like that you need a little bit more more space. It’s tilted
back a little more, so I think yeah this is doable. On the other hand,
I could just hold it. I’m not sure that holding it really is that physically
challenging for me. I mean I’m just holding my hands there. I don’t know.
I can see that some people will like this. Some people would think it’s useless.
I think I like it. I think I like it in the backseat. You know you can sit here, you
have your arms folded, you can kick back in the car while someone else is driving.
Let me watch some of this video. I want to see what happens the end of this
test here. I have an idea to demonstrate for you just how light the Pillow Pad is. You know I don’t quite
understand why nobody’s at the park today. It’s such a beautiful day out here
even though I feel like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. But anyways just to show
you how light this thing it really is, check it out. Yeah! Well I guess there’s just one thing left
to do and that’s to take this cover off and see how well it actually washes.
I will say before I open that up, is that after kicking it around, I feel like a
sort of ledge has appeared right here that wasn’t there before.
That doesn’t make sense to me. That wasn’t there before. Here we go. Oh man this is not…
This is not gonna be easy. It just says it’s a machine washable cover
but doesn’t really say how to take it off. It’s not coming out very easily. I’ll get
it out. I’ll get it out of have to destroy this thing. Oh I’m making progress. How am I gonna get this back in here? Oh come on now. It’s off! And there we have it.
This is the Pillow Pad and that’s all there is to it.
That explains that ledge I was feeling right there, because these two pieces
obviously got off. I don’t know how I’m gonna get that back on there. Let me
throw this in the washing machine and see how it holds up. It does have
instructions in here. It says remove the cover before washing, that’s obvious. Machine wash cold. And this tag, it says you’re not supposed to remove unless you’re the consumer. I really dread putting it
back in there man. That was not easy to get that out. Let’s throw that in there see
how it goes. See you in a little bit. Bye. Well it’s out of the wash and it held up pretty good I think. So I’m pretty happy about that. And now for the big challenge is
getting this back in here. I kinda remember how it went.
So let’s see if I can actually pull this off. It doesn’t feel like a very good zipper.
I wouldn’t suggest taking it on and off too often. I don’t think it feels like it’s
gonna last that long. I just heard something rip. Man, come on!
You and your cheap zipper. I think I just tore something. It’s going in there. It is
going in… Oh, I ripped it again! Come on now. Why would they do that?
Just shove it in there like this. There we go. Hey that actually worked. Now is it in the right position? Look at this. I tore it! That’s not my fault. Ontel get with
the program. That’s a terrible zipper man. I’m getting angry here. I was really
liking this product until I tried to put the cover back on, and it’s actually not
easy… Look at this. What’s this? That’s not good. Why don’t you to make the case a little bit
more difficult to put on next time? This case is absolutely horrible. That’s as good as I’m gonna get. But I highly recommend not taking the case off
because that’s an absolutely terrible experience. Look at this. I take zero
responsibility for that, Ontel. That’s all you. That’s all you Ontel, and your
cheap design and your bad zipper. I take no responsibility for it. So anyways I think if you see what you like in the advertising, you will like this. If you
try to wash the case, you will not. Overall I think it’s a good product
aside from washing the case and getting it back on there which is an absolute nightmare. Maybe just wash it by hand instead
of taking the case off. That’s what I would recommend. I would say other than the horrible case, I would give this thing about you know an 8 out of 10 as far as
usefulness goes. I think most people actually find it useful. Some people
probably won’t. I think that most people will, though. But have you used the Pillow Pad
or the Flippy or one of the other products like this? Tell me what you think
in the comments below. Follow my social profiles for progress pictures, videos as
I go. And please subscribe for more product reviews from me, James White,
with Freakin’ Reviews.

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