Phone Apps You Need To Talk To Deaf People! | Rikki Poynter

Phone Apps You Need To Talk To Deaf People! | Rikki Poynter

Hello and welcome back to the channel
and Vlogmas. Yesterday, I talked about being there
for your deaf and disabled friends during the holidays. I talked about language,
how learning sign language and you know, having apps can be really beneficial. And I mentioned that in the next video,
which is this one, I would give you all the apps
that I personally know and which you might find helpful. If you’re interested in these types of videos,
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on any future ones just like this. And if you would like to support the work I do and get exclusive content
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that I could currently think of and these are for both iPhone
and/or Android. Some of these are only on iPhone. Some of these are only on Android. And some, while they might be just for iOS
or just for Android, there’s an equivalent that I will mention, or you might know an equivalent. So if you do,
be sure to leave that in the comments. Although I use both iPhone and Android, depending on what it is I’m doing, I am way more experienced
with Apple, iOS, iPhone. So, the first one is The ASL App. This is really good for basic ASL learning. It is deaf-made, deaf-owned, and you might see a couple of familiar faces if you are well versed in social media
and the deaf world and, you know, like ‘DTV News’ or you know,
Marlee Matlin, Nyle DiMarco. I’m pretty sure I have this on my phone,
a couple of my friends. I think my boyfriend has it
on his phone as well. You can get a couple basic signs down, whether you want to learn it ahead of time,
which I do highly recommend, or you know, if you need a refresher,
when you’re at the table. That’s always really helpful. I know that this is on iOS,
I’m not sure if it is on Android. If anyone knows, please let me know. The second one is Google Live Transcribe, and I think that this is actually my favourite. I think that this is the best-made app
that’s out there currently. Right now as I’m filming this,
it is only available on Android, so like my Samsung Note8, available on Google phones. But I believe that they’re making
an iOS version of this, which I’m really, really happy about. So that means I don’t have to be
carrying around two phones because one phone has a SIM card, my iPhone, it’s my daily driver, and my Note8,
I would have to have Wi-Fi. So, that’s the only downside. But this is absolutely amazing. I got to test it out in May and I’ll give you a more in-depth video of it
in the future. This is like real live captions
happening right on your phone. It is automated, so it’s not the best. You know, it is similar
to Google’s auto captions on YouTube where, you know,
it’s the computer that’s doing it, but this is better. This is better than the captions on YouTube,
in my opinion. Almost every single person
that has used this app, it’s worked for them. When I used it at MIT, perfect. There were a few people
it couldn’t understand because of deep accents, but… And I used it a couple of months ago
at my boyfriend’s because he had family coming up
from New Zealand. They had Android phones, and oh, wow. And what’s really cool is that
now it has sound effects. So, if people are coughing
or if there’s an alarm clock, I think, people are laughing,
if a baby is crying, it’ll have that in the lower left hand corner. Sometimes the sound effects
don’t actually match up to what’s being said. And if there are too many people
talking at once, it will get overstimulated
and like kind of shut down. But regardless, best app in my opinion. This is a winner. Honestly, if I didn’t have everyone
in my immediate surroundings, my dad and my boyfriend and his family, if the majority of them did not use iPhone, and if my signal here allowed me
to use anything other than iPhone because iMessage is just easier
and texts take forever to go through, I would get a Google phone for this,
I really would. Number three, Big. It’s like the Notes app,
which you could use if you wanted. But with Big,
the text starts out big and then it gets smaller. You’ve seen my friend James Rath
use it with me when we’re together doing collabs and just hanging out. I’ve talked about it in the past,
I use it all the time when I’m going out to the airports,
when I’m ordering food. My boyfriend uses it when we’re talking and it’s like we can’t shout at each other
because that would be awkward. And my boyfriend’s family uses it with me. You can do voice on it. So it’ll be like a live transcription
sort of thing or you can also type. Big is an iOS app
but there is an Android equivalent. I’m not exactly sure what the name of it is
but my boyfriend’s aunt used it. I know Android has it. It does look a little bit different
but it’s the same thing. Number four,
and this is actually very similar to Big, but deaf-owned,
and it’s called Cardzilla. It’s the same sort of concept, although I don’t know off the top of my head if the text goes from big to small,
the longer the message is, but the text is pretty decently sized. And from what Alex
from ‘The Daily Moth’ told me, you can save the cards so that like say,
if you go to a place very often, like Starbucks, for example,
and you get the same thing, instead of writing out
the same order over and over again, pull it up, show it. And when you’re talking with
your deaf friend or family member, and you’re using Cardzilla
and you want a new message to be written, if you shake it, the text goes away. I don’t think you can shake Big. I think when you shake Big,
it just starts flashing, and that’s not really good
for anyone who’s epileptic. So, don’t do that. Although you can turn that setting off in Big. I’m not sure if Cardzilla
has an Android equivalent, but if you have the Android equivalent of Big, then you probably might not need Cardzilla. But if anyone does happen to know
if there is one. And the last app that I have in mind,
number five, is Ava. Ava, myself personally,
I haven’t had very good luck with. Every time I pulled it up,
it doesn’t really work for me. So I will say from my own experience, I don’t know if I can personally recommend it,
if that makes sense. And now you might be going, “Well then, why are you mentioning it if you don’t have good luck with it?” I have friends who have good luck with it. So, if it works for them,
it might work for you. It might just be something
with my connection and my phone that it doesn’t want to work with me. But it works for plenty of other people and it does have generally good ratings, so I would give it a shot. But Ava is supposed to be
a live transcription tool just kind of like
Google Live Transcribe. So I guess Ava is supposed to be
like the current Apple version of Google Live Transcribe. So if you can’t get Google Live Transcribe yet because you don’t have an Android and it’s not available
on the iOS system currently, try Ava out. It might work out for you. So, those are all the apps
that I have in mind. If you have any,
please leave them down in the comments. Maybe I will get them myself. I’m always interested
in what apps are out there. If you put any of these on your own phone,
let me know. Let me know how they work out. I hope they do for you. If you would like to help
translate this video, I’ll have a translation link down below
in the description box, always extremely helpful. Give this video a thumbs up, a share. I think this is a really important,
very useful video for everyone out there. Thank you for taking time
out of your day to watch this video and I will see you later. Bye.

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  2. As someone who is hearing and learning ASL, I absolutely LOVE your videos! I want to learn everything I can about the community, and I find your videos to be very enlightening! Thank you!!

  3. Hi Rikki! Here’s the IOS link to the Otter app which is the same as Google live captions. It just came out a little while ago. Thank you for everything you do:.

  4. I use an app called ASL Dictionary. Its useful in the fact that it gives you the sign for that word BUT the downside of it is the fact that it doesnt show you how to use the sign in different context for sentences. But it is a good (in my opinion I could be wrong) app to help you remember what sign is which or if your started learning it will help show you. But you should of course ask what sign is which and how to use it in sentence.

  5. Just got Google trascribe! This will be so helpful at work when I don't know the signs I need to help someone efficiently

  6. I don't know anyone that is deaf but I'm downloading these in case I end up talking to a person who is deaf or hard of hearing. Being able to communicate with everyone is really important to me

  7. Does anyone know of an app for Deutsche Gebärdensprache? (DGS, German sign language)
    I’m hearing and I want to learn but I’m a German native speaker.

  8. I am hard of hearing. I use the relay uk app to call people with. It provides a text relay service, which is really useful. I've been job hunting and it's important to be able to manage things like that. It's uk specific. No idea if there's an international version.

  9. I'm in the UK and on Android, the apps I use are:
    – Ava
    – Sign BSL – BSL equivalent of the ASL app
    – Emergency chat – which works in similar way to chatzilla except you can also add a screen to say that you are deaf/why you need to use text to communicate)
    – Your Local Cinema – which shows subtitled films near your location

    – Relay UK (another alternative is NGT Lite) – which helps when people phone etc.

  10. Great video! For Ireland: Concise ISL is good app for basic vocabulary. I have Android but I am pretty sure it's available for iOS too. 😊

  11. i know basic ASL i learned a few years ago but i never have a chance to use it ty for the app sugestions also the christmas makeup looks really nice

  12. I have tired several times to use AVA to NO success. I was in an important dr appointment, actually urgent care and they wouldn't provide an interpreter and I tried to use AVA for it, and it failed miserably. I use Big note a lot, ( i have iphone) and do like it, but if i need more than one order it wont' work well. the cardzilla cost .99 cents. but i may try that out. thanks for posting this, I was going to do one of these myself so don't get offended or think I'm stealing your content Rikki when I do it, I will refer to your video and I will give different ideas. 🙂 I"m loving vlogmas 19' !! Keep it up!

  13. You should try "LiveCaption" as an iOS equivalent of Google's Live Transcribe in the meantime. It's free, but requires a subscription for unlimited live captioning. I use this for group meetings at work. As for calls, I use "InnoCaption+" which captions my calls and allows me to forward my calls from my main phone to it so all calls incoming/outgoing get captioned. It also captions/saves your voicemails too. I used to use ClearCaption but that service sucks every time I tried it.

  14. So I am trying out the Google Live Transcribe and it's working alright so far. It is almost exactly like the English auto captions on Youtube. Thank you for the recommendation for using these apps!! I am also deaf and learning sign language (mixed ASL and SEE with lip reading) I am oral deaf, I grew up mainstream and went through sooooooo many years of speech therapy!! I never liked doing that and really never had the option of having an interpreter in class with me except for the beginning of sixth grade and at that time unfortunately I didn't know any ASL, so the interpreter wasn't helpful. Now I am relearning ASL mainly and really using it with spoken speech. It's amazing what a difference that makes with communication with the hearing because it's very clear to them that I am deaf. But I want to give Google Live Transcribe a shot to see how well it truly works in my daily life and I will keep you updated! Thank you for all of your hard work and your dedication to bringing awareness of our community and culture and advocating for all of us! I enjoy watching your vlogs and a lot of what you go through I have experienced very similarly in my life.

  15. Any apps with a text function (whether it's speech to text or just typing out) are also great for people with auditory processing issues as well! I didn't know if you would ever consider doing a video on API since some of it overlaps with the Deaf community? (Especially in the importance of captions and stuff.) I know people with API aren't Deaf or HoH (though I'm both HoH and have API because I'm autistic) but just a suggestion. For example (I don't know if you've seen this but it wasn't in this video so I figured I'd mention it), there's an app called Emergency Chat on IOS and Google Play that is intended to help in any situation where speech becomes inaccessible for a person (i.e. an autistic person going nonverbal, a person having an asthma attack, any reasons you can think of) and it works where you can just type back and forth with another person like regular texting but on the same phone, but the first thing that pops up is a custom message you can set that explains the situation and why speech is currently unavailable for you. I'd check it out either way if you haven't! c:

  16. Thank you for being inclusive of android as well! Downloaded a few of the apps as I know BSL but can't rely on me remembering everything so need a back up just in case. BSL apps sadly are so bad but I have other means of practising until I can afford to continue on my qualifications!

  17. hey rikky if you need to use an app on your note 8 and you don't have wifi, you can switch on the hotspot on your iphone and take the wifi from there

  18. Have you tried BuzzCards by Sorenson? Its available for both Android and iOS.

    Edit: it is very similar to Cardzilla.

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