[Parody] Apple iOS 12 – Notch Remover – iPhone X

[Parody] Apple iOS 12 – Notch Remover – iPhone X

For more than a decade, our intention has
been to create an iPhone that is all display. A physical object that disappears into the
experience. This is the iPhone X. But then, we think “How to make the iPhone
X special?”. I mean there is NO difference between the
iPhone X and the other phones. Even I can hardly tell any differences. So we think of the NOTCH. It is the most singular, the most deliberate,
the most exclusive feature of the iPhone X. Unfortunately, our customers
didn’t think so. As a result with the release of the iOS 12,
besides a WORKING calculator, we introduce the Notch Remover. For the first time in the history of the iOS,
we listen to your desperate request. With a single click, you can turn off
our masterpieces – the notch. From now, you can use your iPhone X with confidence.

11 thoughts on “[Parody] Apple iOS 12 – Notch Remover – iPhone X

  1. Just noticed something if you plus 1+2+3+ so on you get the iphones that changed phones apart from iPhone 2g
    iPhone 3G completely changed what competitors were looking for faster speeds which made 4g then you have iPhone 6 the phone that made Apple change which is the plus phones then 10 the phone that made EVERY phone change because now all the smartphones we have right now are trying to take away as much of the bezels which is making us have the most unique phones

  2. What are you fucking people talking about??? THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A VIDEO ON REMOVING THE NOTCH WITH A CLICK OR WHATEVER SO WHERE IS THE FUCKING SOFTWARE? You guys are reminiscing about old model iPhones , who gives a shit? Where’s the app u were bragging about??? Fucking clickbait arsehole

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