Painting and working on the iPad (vs Cintiq) ~ Frannerd

Painting and working on the iPad (vs Cintiq) ~ Frannerd

hi guys I feel I picked the worst day to film this because it’s really what right now in the UK which it’s don’t get me wrong I really have been appreciated thank you weather for this but I’m really sweaty and my face is really such a shining I’m drinking coffee by the way I wish I could keep you coffee right now but anyway you guys we need to talk you have been requesting this video for a long time a couple of months ago I finally finally purchased an iPad pro and I have been really happy using it using it and I have been receiving so many requests from you guys you asking me to talk about my experience so far with the iPad pro and what I think about it versus my Cintiq and my pets know this but I think it was back in 2012 I bought my first Cintiq my first no my Cintiq I have done digital illustration in my career I started actually I started administration through the digital size first I feel like I’m not an expert right now guys because I am NOT one of those we will turn to demonstrators you see on Twitter and Instagram doing like freaking pieces of art on Photoshop so please if you are one of those people or if you wanna reach one of those pieces of arts that you see on Photoshop and social media this might not be the video yes I am one of those but even though I’ve done digital illustrations in the beginning I was really really into tablets my first tablet ever was the Wacom Bamboo but then I was just getting into University and I thought it was going to be a really nice investment then welcome back whoo guys by the way from have no idea what I’m talking about is the one that you can there’s no screen on the tablet and I got used to drawing on the tablet while looking at the screen he was very nice and then I’m like you know what you know what I feel super professional mouse so I invested on a Wacom Cintiq it was a third hand not a second hand there was a third hair and welcomed Cintiq what in the US 2012 I was really happy because I’m like you know what I finally feel legit enough I finally feel legit enough so I purchased this baby like you see right here look at this you guys so shot shiny and silky and today I want to talk about my whole experience with it I mean whole experience but right now I’m really into traditional illustration I’ve been painting more and more with watercolours and pencils and brushes and markers and stuff like that in the beginning I used to use my Cintiq a lot and the reason why I bought a nicety keys was it was because I needed a proper tool for the illustrations I was doing now the thing that I love about the Cintiq is that you’re warm you’re basically working with photoshop and photoshop guys is a very powerful software and this is why I think the iPad is not right and this might be a very controversial opinion but in my humble opinion is not right there it’s not at the same level authentic because basically what I bus I were doing right now are competing with Photoshop I think that’s one of the greatest positive sides of the Cintiq that Photoshop is an amazing tool and tell it itself it feels like heavy and good quality and usually I have my notes here right away usually what what you’re using with the Cintiq is a computer it’s a real life computer and I love that the reason why I stopped using my Cintiq is because it’s a pain in the ass to move guys it’s really bulky and this is why I it’s not that I hate isn’t DK it’s just a big word but it’s the reason why I’ve stopped using it is because I wasn’t enjoying the experience of using a stick anymore since I’m using more traditional tools right now every time I needed to do small details on digital it wasn’t worth it to take all that out of a drawer and put it on top of my desk which is also a very in my pro/con list this is a huge con for me it’s very bulky and my desk is really tiny guys I don’t have a steady space for a Cintiq and I think if you are thinking of purchasing one it’s not that you have to have it on your desk at all times when you need to consider a fair amount of space on your desk for your Cintiq because he’s really bulky and it takes a lot of space I’ve seen lots of illustrators of Instagram and social media that the ones that are using us in particular now or like a really big tablet they have like they have it on display at all times and they actually do have a separate desk only for the Cintiq when I get it because this thing is massive guys it’s like another computer so I think if you’re thinking of purchasing one you have to consider that and the thing with the mobility really drove me nuts at some point because even though I lucky enough I feel really very far about this I you have my space my working space is all my working space sometimes as a freelancer I really missed the idea of working outside or going to a studio or working with a colleague or something like I’m working outside and I really miss the idea of taking everything and just like put it somewhere else and even though I did it with the same chick a couple of times I did travel actually with this empty with this massive piece of garbage no and it’s not gonna bitch I love you I did have problems carrying it and transporting it all the times because this thing is this massive thing it’s not designed to be carrying around all the time so that’s something you will have to consider I stopped using my Cintiq all along it was too much trouble taking out of the door and putting it back it was taking too much space from my desk and I’m like I just I just can’t doing this anymore and at some point I started I thought I went back to my Wacom Bamboo ah every time actually that you see guys and the inserts are like me drawing on top of the screen I used to use my welcome abou for that because it was perfect and I was again doing lots of traditional art and stuff like that and that is and I think a couple of months ago that’s why I took the jump because I really needed the digital side again in my life in some way but I didn’t want to I just wanted to see how it went with the iPad I tried a couple of times iPad from other friends the iPad pro and I really really enjoyed them so some are like okay let’s let’s see let’s see how it’s a lot of these goals and so far guys I have been enjoying the iPad a lot this is the basic the basic layout the basic stuff that I bought for the iPad I use this case and I like it a lot because I feel is protected all the times it’s not the most glamorous case in the world but the cool thing is that you can fold it in many many times in many format times marry in many ways and that’s why it’s something that I really like about it and the thing that I want to show you right now and the reason why we’re filming like this is that I always found very uncomfortable to draw on top of the API because if we I phone or tablet itself the screen is really glossy and silky and I just really enjoy drawing on top because the jump between paper and an iPad I think texture wise is a lot and since the I pipe of a pencil the eye pencil is really really heavy I just didn’t like this being really really heavy and on top of something glossy I’m sure a lot of you guys already like this that feeling and you’re totally okay with it but I saw Kristina’s channel I’m going to leave it down below and she recommended this Bayley which is the paper like surface it’s basically a very matte finished screen that you put on top of your iPad which is something that I really enjoy using because I feel like I’m also protecting this screen from scratching but it gives a very nice texture like paper like texture that’s why it’s called like this so for me the friction between the eye pencil and the iPad right now is much more enjoyable please read the reviews before purchasing it because it has lots of mixed reviews there’s a lot of people who are not enjoying the texture so much I think it’s really really cool because it’s really similar to a texture if you have used a Cintiq before or any welcome is very similar in my opinion so I think to me is the best thing ever but I’m sure you’re lots of dupes online because this was quite expensive for two pieces of plastic I’m sure that’s lots of other options for you out there I just want to invest because I know I’m going to use this time that a lot teletype ad anyway that’s it they think that convinced me I guess was how portable the iPad is and how tiny it is I just I enjoyed working a lot not only here in my desk but also at cafes and I’ve been traveling more and more and the idea that I can do tiny adjustments or I can even do a whole presentation or like a workshop or whatever I need or the illustration or even a scene from abroad not in my physical space my studio is something that it was a huge relief for me because creative wise everyone said why I need to change the space like the sets the setup um just to refresh my mind and my ideas it happens every once in a while so I thought it was really nice to have that on on my side with the iPad also guys my desks are getting tinier and tinier I don’t know why not tiny about third like a website table and I just enjoyed so much having my computer and my iPad on all times and that’s why I also prefer the iPad a lot in general the iPad right now is everything that I needed as you guys know I am NOT a crazy big illustrator in the digital side I am NOT like I am NOT at a bean Jie in the digital sign my illustrations are really really bad guys really simple digitally digital wise so I don’t think I need Photoshop or like great and big tools right now in this moment in my life now this is the thing and this is like a big con that I have with the iPad right now is that since I become Willy used to Photoshop using Photoshop I still think that the act that the app that I’m using right now which is by the way procreate is still not there quite clear yet there’s so many tools that I wish procreate hat right now and it doesn’t have yet so I feel even though I’m still getting used to the app and I think it’s great for what this and it satisfy all my illustration needs I think I still there’s still like a huge gap between over obviously procreate and Photoshop because I said like I said Photoshop is such a powerful software and I still need to make adjustments or move stuff around in Photoshop afterwards so if you’re using iPad as the only device you’ll need and you will never need Photoshop I in my opinion in my opinion I don’t think outward quite there yet to my experience I still need Photoshop to transfer all the files and tweak them around so and my solution wires are still getting used to the iPad because even though I’m using a really big canvas size I still find that the resolution it isn’t what I expected so I’m still new in the iPad game guys but so far it is what what I mean by now which is not a lot but what I need right now it’s perfect I guess what I’m not trying to say with this video is that you you can’t produce high quality rich detailed illustrations win an iPad because I have seen marvelous pieces of art digital art on the iPad so please don’t get me wrong you can do whatever you want with a tool and you can take it as first as far as you want to but if you’re really into your mobility and I guess the iPad is it is a great tool and it only will get better with time the software is insane right now and I just really really enjoy using it and for what I want in fact what I need right now is perfect but if you really like consistency and if you enjoy using Photoshop a lot if you’re really already used to photoshop a lot right now at the moment and if you like working on a set up space every single day and you like your office and your rituals I think the Cintiq will be a great tool the one that I have right now is really really old guys and if it have never failed on me on me with me anyway you know what I mean so even if you buy a third hand one it will be a great tool and I hope this video was somehow helpful for you I think it’s it depends truly on what you’re going to own what you’re going to use the software in the tool and what are you doing right now and where you’re into right now but yeah that’s like my most honest are with you if I can give you one piece of advice try to try the iPad and the Cintiq before committing I’m sure you can try all of them at a shop or a friend of yours can lend you one but yeah that’s my that’s my review my love’s I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope it was what you were looking for and I wish you the best let me know if you have any more questions regarding this subject because I would love to talk more this will not be the last review I do on the iPad because I am really still new into this tool so yeah guys thank you so much for all of your support and we’re being so nice to me and thank you so much patrons for all your support and for allowing me to try new tools and software and apps and you guys are the best I wish you have a wonderful day and weekend ahead and all my love from crazy sunny gorgeous Hastings I love you guys so much [Music] you

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  1. Hi. I recently switched to the ipad pro too. You might want to give Clip Studio Paint a try. It is VERY complete and in some aspects (I think) superior to Photoshop. Plus it can open and save in .psd

  2. I use a Cintiq at school and I tested the iPad Pro, but I ended up buying a Surface Pro 4
    I love it! It's an actual laptop so I can use the full Adobe Suite, but it is still portable enough that I can bring it anywhere
    I'm an animator and it's doing great, I'm currently doing my end of the school year film on it
    I definitely recommand it to anyone that like using heavy software but don't want a huge (and crazy expensive) screen tablet

  3. I've heard there's a problem with file management with iPads, and a person is forced to use Internet to transfer files. If this is true, could a person use a Bluetooth USB drive to store the files from the iPad?

  4. Hey, you should try mediabang paint, the pen experience for sketching and inking is the best on the ipad and it's free 😀

  5. Hola Fran, por las razones que presentas, eso de poder llevarte tu studio para cualquier lugar para trabajar y la movilidad, creo que deberias mirar las microsoft surface. Por el precio de un Ipadpro obtienes un pc completo full specs y puedes usar photoshop, y en la parte del uso es igual de transportable que un ipad solo que con hardware y software de verdad.

  6. I bought a Cintiq a year ago and I know that frustration… The cables all over the desk, not being able to carry it wherever you go etc. I've been working with photoshop for ages and that was my first reason to get a Cintiq. Don't get me wrong, I love it but sometimes just the thought of having to connect all of the things and create some space on my desk to start using it's enough for not doing it (yes…kinda lazy…)

  7. Disfruto mucho tus videos fran, no sé cómo no te descubrí antes! Eres muy dulce y honesta para expresarte ❤

  8. if you think the original cintiq is bad for mobility, it would be a dream to travel with compared to the cintiq 13 HD… its cable setup it hell… and sooo bulky

  9. I love Wacom Cintiq 27''! It's a huge, massive, heavy beast XD
    I've seen one of them once at a local show/fair. Really gigantic D:

    A more practical solution, but a bigger investment, should be the next generation of this kind of tools. Speaking of Wacom products, there are the old Wacom Companion (discontinued but still on second hand markets) and the new Wacom MobileStudio Pro.
    They're stand alone pen computers, like Cintiq but without being forced to connect it to a pc as a monitor 😀

    I know there are others trying to develop and sell something similar, first of all Microsoft with the Surface Pro series.

  10. Lovely illustrations in there!! Glad I found this video. I’ve owned 4 Cintiq’s over the years, and it has been essential to my work as a 2D animator. But I find the iPad Pro being a much lovelier product overall. I connect to it. The (bigger) Cintiq is more like a work station. For drawings I much prefer the iPad Pro. But for animation and video, the size of the bigger Cintiqs, and computer programs still have the advantage in my opinion.
    Looking forward to your next video!

  11. Do you get frustrated that you cant see where the brush is going to land on ipad compared to cintiq?

  12. Gonna talk a bit about my Cintiq-Experience so far. (I don't own one, but the place iam working at does, so I use it daily)

    I've been doing digital art for aprox 5 years, study design at the moment, and make an internship at a film company. I personally only have a Intuos 5m, it the first and only tablet I own. I've used Photoshop since the beginning, and do so to this day. I love the way you can customize your workspace, and get to everything by shortcuts, of course iam also using the keyboard a lot. The Problem I've experience with "smaller" tablets (smaller than like Din A4 in active area) is following:

    I theory you only ever train your drawing arm on a small space => for the intups 5M thats aproximately Din A5, which is not very big. Of course you can zoom in BUT you still never draw very "big" in the real world. This has a major flaw! Since you're pretty much forced to zoom in all the time for more detailed work, especially on lineart, you are loosing the whole image out of sight, and you are also not drawing a connected piece of art, but only little junks of it part by part. Let me get this straight: You are not training your muscle memory the same, as if your were to draw on a piece of paper, and have to draw pretty much "in one zoom setting" all the time. That is biggest problem for me drawing on a small tablet, where you have to zoom in. (Same applied for Small Cintiq pretty much. The one big advantage of a cintiq should be a "As-close-As-Drawing-on-Paper- Experience" as possible. With a small cintiq it is necessary to zoom in all the time still, if your working on a "virtual" big canvas.

    So since I've been drawing life figure drawing on big sized paper, like 50×70, doing big strokes out of the arm (alway draw out of the arm, even with small detail) I found that a small tablet is not an enjoyable experience anymore.

    At Work we use a few year old Cintiq 22HD, the "budget" big one, so to say. It does not have the best stand, and at first I thought, my arm would die on me, drawing at a 45°Angle all the time, and holding it up, BUT actually i got used to it fairly fast, and I never drew that nice ellipses and shapes to base my drawings on. At the Moment I have to draw a lot of perspective stuff and it helps tremendos to have a big canvas to draw on, and even doh, that the tablet has parralax, you train a lot how to do fast strokes with your full arm, that will help with traditional drawing aswell. On the other hand drawing on a small tablet with zoom all the time, will not help too much with traditional drawing. The only thing it did for me was, to get quite fast at drawing, due to the fact, that that wacom generation generates wobbly lines when doing a slow stroke, and that just looks bad. So I got quite fast. But I got way better since I use this 22HD at work, and It also makes the process faster, due to more intuitive "hand-eye-coordination".

    I know some people that have quite messy sketches. Yea right, thats a bad habit from drawing with the Computer to early, and having all the ways of "doing another layer", but it will never be time efficient. There are also people, that i know, that have a Cintiq 24HD and 90percent of the drawing-process happens just in the middle 15% and they move the canvas all the time. Dont do that. Rather imagine it was a piece of paper, and draw on the whole canvas.

    Well thats a long story for me, but I hope it got the point across for me. I will most likely purchase a cintiq as soon as possible, and as soon as I know it does perform properly with my computer, due to its age. If you only want to colour and paint a tablet without monitor at a reasonable size such as the cintiq M is quite good, and fun especially if you do your sketches traditionally first and scan them in. Else linearts can be a bit of a pain. But if you want to do detailed drawing and also practise your drawing skill a cintiq 24 oder at least a big Intuos L is necessary.

    Hope this kindoff helps for those that struggle with that topic.

  13. ok! questions: I'm used to draw directly with a ball pen and colour with pencils, carring my sketchbook everywhere I go but, lately, I decided to try working with my squiggles and I found out I NEED to digitalize them 🙁 The mere idea of starting aproaching with photophop terrifies me!!!and I can't bare the idea of not being able to draw while i'm around! I just want something superportable and EASY!!! could this PROCREATE app with the ipad fit better for someone like me?

  14. If you haven't, you should try Adobe Photoshop Sketch! The pencil tool is AMAZING and it has Kyle Webster's brushes integrated. Also, if you do end up needing to use the desktop version of Photoshop, you can tap a button and it will send a full layered PSD to your laptop! (It even automatically opens Photoshop… like magic!)
    Lmk if you have any questions. I work with the mobile apps at Adobe very closely and I'd love to help!

  15. it might be worth getting a updateing your cintiq as there smaller and cleaner and less bulk for cables

  16. There's an app similar to Photoshop called Clip Studio Paint. It's subscription-based for the iPad, maybe 5 bucks a month, I think. I use it on a laptop, and it's the closest thing I've found to Photoshop. It's like 50 or 100 bucks to buy for a computer. It's a great program, and a really solid alternative to Photoshop, in my opinion. Thanks for all the great videos!

  17. There are very good apps almost as good as phototoshop for painting digitally though art studio and art clip studio for example. There are digital artists that use the ipad pro professionally

  18. Also about the resolution I'm wondering if you are using the ipad pro or the new ipad 2018 because there is a difference

  19. Hola Fran!, soy ilustrador chileno también =) me encantó el video y coincido con tus opiniones. Si bien no tengo el ipad, mis alumnos me lo han pasado varias veces y me encantó!. En la casa tengo una Cintiq 21UX y una intuos 4 grande, tuve la 12wx, , y muchos otros modelos antes empezando con la graphire el año 2007. Creo que Apple le apuntó al diseño del ipencil muy bien, especialmente en la punta, amo esa punta sencilla triangular y delgada. con la cintiq el borde que sostiene la punta impide que puedas usar el stylus bien en ángulos pronunciados, y tapa más lo que dibujas, no así el ipencil. lamentablemente no es recargado por inducción E.M. como los de wacom, pero no dudo que se pondrán al día. Ahora como dispositivo móvil uso un Samsung Ativ 700t, que tiene un sensor wacom y uso un lápiz compatible con la Cintiq 18, y me funcionan de lo más bien en Photoshop y Manga Studio. Pero estoy muy tentado de actualizarme, el Procreate viene muy pre-configurado y se agradece. Si bien en Photoshop y MS puedes hacer pinceles más sofisticados, el Procreate lo hace más directo, más sencillo. Me tinca mucho como herramienta de dibujo diario. Pero tal como tu, creo que no es para uso más intenso.

  20. You are comparing it to the 12" Cintiq from quite a few years ago here, which came with a bit more cable spaghetti than the more recent ones. 🙂

    Though I do understand where you're coming from. I have the Cintiq 13HD and a ThinkPad Yoga TabletPC, with a wacom pen. The Cintiq is more accurate, has tilt support (that I don't really use) and dual buttons on the pen, but I still rarely use it. But, like with the iPad, convenience trumps it. If I had a permanent drawing desk, I might consider getting something like a 24" Cintiq, but for now I use my ThinkPad on the kitchen table, couch or wherever I am.

    B.t.w. you might also want to try out Clip Studio Paint, it's a PC/Mac software, that recently got released on the iPad, designed mainly for illustration and comics.

  21. I was so into iPad Pros and Apple Pencil before, but their file system is just so horrible. I'm saving up for a Surface Pro instead. Full computer, full software, great battery, and cursor pointer! (No guessing where your stroke would be).

  22. That’s funny because that reason you give for not liking to draw on the iPad (that it doesn’t have the feeling of paper) is why I don’t like drawing with Wacom.

  23. I have both setups. To be honest 70-90% of all my illustrations are done on my iPad Pro. The only time I use my Cintiq desktop set up is spending long hours on finishing projects. I moved on from PS between Affinity photo and ClipStudio Paint. Procreate is a great app and it’s limitations are based on the users needs, since I’m a former PS user Clip Studio Paint meets them. In procreate defense it forces the user to do more, with less, to re-learn a way of doing something.
    Astropad is worked great for me, via usb and Luna fusion is only going to make it better. The grainy lag affect varies on your setup, that’s mainly the reason for the mixed reviews. The heavier the illustration, with PS the worse it gets. Also Adobe intentionally makes the product to work better on invidia graphic cards. Apple uses amd/ati, however affinity works great with no issues, but now there is an app for the iPad Pro, so I no longer need astropad at all.
    So use your iPad Pro and explore other options from PS, as a user of that platform for over 20 years, the transition took time, but I don’t miss it.

  24. The difference its IPAD have a restriction, 4gb ram in the better IPAD, thats turn in small resolution and layers. For example for 5000px in procreate you only have 17 layers available. About procreate vs photoshop, photoshop its not a painting program, if you want a photo editing APP you have affinity photo that its stunning. Procreate its a painting app just like corel painter or sketchbook available for 10 dollars, so its perfect for me I dont have planned pay 1.000 dollars anymore for photoshop or other program, specially with affinity photo and affinity design out there, that its more powerfull than adobe programs.

  25. Thank you Fran!!! As always, you are a genius :)! I have an ipad pro, but I am also not a fan of the tactile experience drawing on it. I have felt really guilty not using my ipad, as it is a really nice tool. I have just not been able to overcome the feeling of tapping on glass. I am going to check out the texture you mentioned. Hopefully it will help my ipad and I get a little more friendly 🙂

  26. you can use the citiq with any application that allows it. adobe illustrator,photoshop,after effects ect. we carry ours everywhere. we have one for home the 27inch and one for travel the 13inch. also,the wacom has different nibs for the pen that gives you a different feel regarding the friction/feel of the pen on the surface of the tablet. at the end of the day,it's all about available workspace, portability as well as compatibility

  27. You should give artstudio pro a go , has lots of features that I missed from Photoshop 🙂 it's just £10 so you won't break the bank 🙂

  28. hola !! FRan necesito un consejo, estoy por comprarme una wacom, estoy entre la intous pro M 2017 (paper edition) y la cintiq como la que tienes, tengo algunas dudas sobre esta cintiq 12, es compatible con los programas de adobe actuales??? que tengo que revisar al comprarla? bueno espero no agobiarlos, es mi presupuesto, que consejo me das? cual comprar?? te estaria muy agradecido, saludos desde León, México!

  29. Fran, thank you so much for sharing all the experience and <3 <3 <3
    i am new to digital tools completely, by now i am doing all by hand and i feel my limitations when it comes to making prints etc, because it's quite complicated when i don't use any kind of edditing software. so i also do not own photoshop nor any kind of tables. but i am considering investement. i am thinking about i pad pro, it's somewhere between bamboo and cintiq, but i am moving all the time and i need something kinda compatible with my lifestyle better then set of cables and table top pc etc.. but i am really torn. does anyone here has similar "struggle"/situation/experience? thank you in advance.

  30. "Massive"
    Crying on my Cintiq 24hd, this thing is 30 kgs and moving it was such a pain hahah
    I don't regret it though, I love having a huge screen to draw on but I do need a smaller thing to draw in a more portable manner so I'll consider an iPad!
    Thanks for the informative video, I'm binge watching your vids atm you're so pleasant to listen to♡

  31. I'd like to throw in the option of a Cintiq Companion Hybrid! Mine runs android until it is plugged into my computer, at which point it becomes a display drawing tablet. So, you can use some pretty decent apps with it (I used it that way until I bought my new computer because my old one didn't have an HDMI port). It is still heavy, but it was JUST the tablet and wireless unless you were charging it. So you have the best of both worlds. Very portable. I feel like there might be one that runs Windows, but I don't know if I just imagined that or if it was real.

  32. Thanks for the review and comparison Fran 🙂

    Hello everybody (hope someone sees and can help) ^^
    I need some advice. I have a Wacom drawing tablet, but have not have the patience to learn properly to draw digitally with it. As my computer is slowly dying, I consider buying an iPad pro 12.9" (due to portability, ability to take notes and as a transition into digital art) – would it be a good idea? I have heard, that for some it is easier to learn to draw digitally if the drawing area and screen are the same…? Or do I just need to force myself to pick up the Wacom again?

  33. Procreate IS very limited, it's great for sketches and quick illustrations but for more professional work I'd use Medibang Paint. It has so many more options, feels like you can have a higher DPI, it's all around great for high maintenance/professional stuff. Procreate is also great for professional work, but I just like how medibang feels. Plus, the iPad Pro has a great battery life, portability is great, apple pencil feels great (and a matte screen protector and pen grip make sit feel natural). I'm super happy with my purchase.

  34. How much memory do you need on iPad Pro? Ready to get one, super excited, just don’t want to get too much or too little storage 🤔 help!

  35. When you can, I'd recommend you try and find a used wacom 13hd or hybrid as they fixed all the bulking lead issues. Good Luck!

  36. Clip Studio is the best app on iOS if you need to do a lot of editing, but it's subscription only. I've played around with it a little. Performance is a little bit poor but it's the full version so you can get more done within a single application.

  37. The Cintiq is good as a desktop workstation, other than the never ending driver issues. But their mobile devices need some serious refinement.

  38. the resolution problem may be due to the screen protector. the ipad screen is one of the best out there i think

  39. You should checkout Affinity Photo for the ipad. They are also coming out with Affinity Designer (A vector app similar to Illustrator) for the ipad.

  40. Tengo una intuos pro m que compré hace unos años porque los ipad costaban casi el doble y la verdad es que el dibujar en una parte y ver el dibujo en otra le quita un poco de diversión, además que con el ipad te ahorras una curva de aprendizaje tremenda. Por eso concuerdo contigo, si eres un ilustrador que no pretende fotorealismo ni nada por el estilo, creo que el ipad es una buena opcion, mucho más portable y más versatil.

  41. Hi Fran, have you ever tried drawing on a Surface Pro… and may consider sharing thoughts about that experience? 🙂

  42. You might also try ArtStudio Pro, it has some great photoshop-like tools and features that Procreate does not. I really like both apps, but ArtStudio Pro has some capabilities many PS users miss in Procreate. God bless:-)

  43. The only way I’d get a 13 HD, is if I bought it 10th hand. Honestly though, I really want one. I think that everyone should start on the small Wacom tablets first, because personally I got used to drawing without looking down and it helped me a lot with back pains and neck pains because I’m not constantly looking down. I like using it WAY more than my iPad, I only use the iPad when I’m trying to do a quick digital prompt or something.

  44. Fran if you like the iPad, you should try the Wacom Intuos Pro (Size – Medium). Its the best of both worlds ( iPad and Cintiq)!

  45. Very helpful. How are the colors compared to your macbook screen? Judging by this I'm probably going to go with the Cintiq 13 as I rely a ton on a bunch of different Photoshop tools.

  46. I have been thinking about getting a Cintiq for a while but I really wanted something portable and smaller but I never thought about using an iPad for drawing. I just thought a smaller or portable option didn’t exist. Some people have been recommending the iPad pro to me (along with the matte screen cover) and watching this really makes me want to give it a try.

  47. I always felt if I ever do digital, these Wacom tablets are just not good enough. Just now, with the new Generation of iPad Pros I finally got my first 11". Wacom was very unaffordable for me and not versatile of portable enough to be worth saving up. The about 1500€ for an iPad Pro I can now comfortably handle and I feel like I don't have to compromise any more. I never wanted to and now I don't have to. I can read on it (as it's very portable), write on it in college, draw on it in my free time. It's just great all around.

  48. Hello Fran, i have loved your video, what do you think about the complete photoshop for ipad? i saw the notice that it will finally arrive and i want to know if you think that with this we can finally retire the PC.

  49. Comparing a multi-purpose Tablet with a digital drawing Cintiq seems a bit biased. Art wise the Cintiq would work better because it was MADE specifically for art- while the Ipad can be used for hundreds of other things. Personally, I feel like if you plan to buy an Ipad just for art, getting an art tablet would be better. But if you need a tablet in general and plan to use it for other reasons an Ipad would work great for you.

    (also you mentioned the cintiq is better because you can use photoshop? Adobe offers photoshop on Ios devices as well…)

  50. Encontré una aplicación que sinceramente creí que podrías disfrutar muchísimo porque tiene los TONOS DE LOS COPIC PREDETERMINADOS, es decir, puedes hacer tus propios tonos pero igualmente tiene los colores, el nombre y el número por si estas apegada a un tono en particular.

    Se llama AutoDesk Sketchbook. La tienen para android, Microsoft, iPad y iPhone. Y al menos en Android y Microsoft es gratis.

  51. They're remaking PS for iOS/iPad, so it's coming in a good way for those that like it.
    Personally I prefer drawing geared apps like Medibang.
    I really want an iPad, probably the 2018 version since it's so much cheaper and has the Pencil and has Medibang 👍

  52. I'd consider getting an iPad since my workload isn't usually heavy as I don't make prints, and I don't work with thousand pixel canvases at 600 dpi files that will have the machine chugging, but I'm still worried about the machines lifespan. I hear iPads tend to slow down after 2 to 3 years of usage, and while it works better and has less hardware issues than a Cintiq, $800 is still a lot of money to invest (though, I guess it beats $2,500 for a Cintiq 24 Pro, as the HD models from 2012 still harbor the resolution and parallax issues due to the technological limitations at the time.)

  53. or.. you could get a wacom mobilestudio pro. It's a total computer in a tablet with all the features of a cintiq. ya it's expensive, i know.

  54. But, am I saying that iPad is better than Cintiq? I guess I'm going a little further than you are. Yeah, iPad is f***g better than Cintiq. MUCH better than Cintiq. Cintiq is garbage, OK?

  55. I use iPad Pro exclusively for illustration with procreate my main app. I love it. I have explored the idea of using a cintiq and photo shop and the expense is unjustifiable for a hobbist. Having to pay adobe a monthly subscription fee is a rort and a ripoff.

  56. Currently contemplating an ipad pro over the cintiq and you have the same issues I''m worried about right now – the sizes and wires of a traditional graphic tablet. This makes me feel like the ipad is the better option for sure 🙂 plus for the price it does so many other things than just be a monitor.

  57. SUBSCRIBED TO ALL OF YOUR THINGS! I can listen to you forever, Fran. Thank you so much for your insight and the amount of effort you put into editing this video. I use an Intuos5 with my MacBook Pro.

  58. Super informative
    I was 16 when I got my cintiq 13HD, I thought I’d done my research by clearly not enough, I HATE it, my parents bought it for me and I have felt so so bad every since for all that money wasted on honestly, the most useless piece of electronics I’ve ever used 😱
    In about four or five years of owning it I’ve literally only had the opportunity to use it twice without issues, it takes literally hours to set up every time and constant trouble shooting, this is even after I’ve had to have parts refunded and replaced from them.
    After spending three hours trying to set it up last week and having it simply not work, no matter what I did, and finding no solutions online, I’ve finally decided to sell it. No reason hanging onto it and not using it.
    Hoping I can buy an iPad Pro or similar in the future, it sounds so much better

  59. What storage option did you choose for your iPad I’m not too sure which GB is the ideal size for doing artwork??

  60. You are so true in nature! Really loved the review. It was like a documentary and feels like you were not scripting for it earlier. Though for the same reason you told same few things repeatedly which made the review longer. Still enjoyed it. Take care 😘

  61. Hi Fran, I love your videos so much!
    I was just wondering what your go-to brush setting for your favourite brush is.
    I am currently using 6B pencil and I feel like it is too dull for me to draw.

  62. This video actually helped me a lot in deciding. I'm in a similar situation. I previously used Wacom tablets for years and abandoned them to go back to traditional art. Recently, I've been considering reintroducing digital for storyboarding. While I do have a laptop also, I don't really want to be at a desk all day nor tethered to a wall outlet and I'm no longer interested in drawing tablets since I wanted to see the art under my hands. I guess I was leaning in that direction already but seeing this helped me be convinced that the iPad can do what I need. Thanks.

  63. Probably cuz CINTIQ's are not for MOVING and such and just for putting it on desk and working on it all the time, If you want something more mobile there are WACOM mobile studio's for that

  64. Using a very old cintiq with a shitty computer vs a overpriced (build in) tablet. Applefanboy much huh? Dislike

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