ORIGINAL Nexus 5 – Still a Great Smartphone?

ORIGINAL Nexus 5 – Still a Great Smartphone?

this is the Google Nexus 5
remember the smartphone guys it was launched roughly four years ago and it’s
sold like hotcakes I remember this device going in and out
of stock in a fish of Google Playstore and the sole reason for that is because
people really liked what it offer for the price there were two storage
variants for this device so 16 gigabytes and 32 gigabytes priced at 349 and 399
USD think about it actually that’s me that makes me wonder
how far we’ve come in terms of pricing for Android smartphone these days take
this baseline Google pixel to for instance it currently retails for 649
dollars that’s $300 more compared to the baseline Nexus 5 now obviously it’s not
fair to compare both these smartphones but we’re really starting to pay a
premium for Android devices these days especially if you’re looking to get the
latest and greatest in terms of specs features camera performance and you know
basically a whole round package that was not the case with the Nexus 5 it was it
was a relatively you know decent hardware but with a great software
experience back then what I really appreciated about Google was their
ability to offer the best of Android at a relatively affordable price point
clean version of Android and no bloatware was the best software
experience this was a great buy back then but eventually Google sort of
dissolved the Nexus branding and they moved on to the pixel lineup and as
always you know smartphones are not meant to last year longer the
performance degrades the battery life degrades the camera performance well
let’s say it’s not gonna compete with today’s standards but you know what for
fun sakes I decided to use this device for a single day and just see how it
actually is holding up because it’s fun just revisiting tech from back then so
let me walk you through my experience run it for this wondering how to fix a
boring fan check out halos RGB there are super slim
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come on 120 and 140 memory sizes to fit any fan and a control through your
motherboard or your fan text case available in beautiful aluminum or
simple plastic it’s time to Halos your build outline what matters all right so
the first thing that I noticed is just how well this thing has held up over
time from a structural standpoint that is this is in mind by the way in fact if
you’ve been following our channel for a while you
we have noticed Mike aka sky MTL our boss yeah so this is his smartphone and
he’s taking care of it pretty well I can see that he hasn’t used a case and the
rear side of the phone really does show some where the screen has a few
scratches but it’s nothing major no cracks or any weird marks he’s done a
really good job taking care of the phone so good job Mike the 5-inch 1080p IPS
display still functions it’s nice and sharp colors are on point viewing angles
are still excellent considering the panel technology
it’s obviously not super vibrant when compared to the AMOLED panel and the
contrast ratio might be a little off but honestly I’d still consume content on
the Nexus 5 because it works and it’s still good however be prepared to use a
pair of headphones while consuming content because the integrated speakers
are pretty terrible in fact it was one of the downside to the Nexus 5 in the
first place I can definitely notice distortions at higher volumes handling
might have been a cause for that but I’m not exactly sure the button still feel
nice and tactile and they’re still functional
so overall from a build quality standpoint I’m really impressed with how
far the Nexus 5 has held up now for my drive today I’ll be using the Nexus 5
for navigation of a few places to go to unfortunately I wasn’t able to load my
SIM card to this device because the Nexus 5 supports Micro SIM and not nano
SIM that’s on my pixel too and I don’t have an adapter that can support it so
I’m just gonna be using the hotspot method for navigation I’ve installed my
most frequently used apps like Instagram Twitter and a few more of course I’ll be
consuming content for the rest of the day on this device so let’s just see how
that goes okay so I ran out of battery on the
Nexus 5 it was I was coming it was kind of expected because you know over time
the battery life degrades on any smartphone I was able to get run an hour
and maybe an hour and a half worth it being on time on this guy
I just watching YouTube videos and of course navigating through the city so I
think you know it holds up pretty well you definitely have to carry a power
bank especially if you’re rocking a Nexus 5 right now I’m pretty sure you’ll
be rocking in power bank with you while you’re on the go also it’s really cold
here in Toronto I mean it’s a mini April and it’s like freezing so I’m gonna go
back to my car yeah okay so my cable drawer is a little bit of a mess and I
don’t think I do have any micro USB cables lying around here so I mean
actually hold on I think oh yeah this works this is actually the one that I
used to charge the Corsair glaive RGB Mouse it’s a wireless mouse so it
charges via microUSB so it’s perfect for the Nexus 5 because I ran out of battery
on this guy so let’s plug it in so the softer experience is fairly
straightforward on the Nexus 5 at lunch it came with Android 4.4 KitKat if I’m
not mistaken I really do miss those days guys but over time Google did roll out
updates until 6.0 marshmallow and it ended support for the device after that
currently it’s rocking 6.0.1 and from just a day worth of usage it’s
pretty smooth it definitely suffers a multitasking especially if you have a
ton of apps running in the background and this makes sense because it’s
running a four-year-old CPU in this case these Snapdragon 800 with 2 gigabytes of
RAM but just for casual stuff it gets the job done really well I mean I was
able to watch youtube videos TV shows and Netflix check social media and I’m
really surprised at how well it handles those apps I’ll be it not as fast as
modern smartphone these days but you get the point one of the cool advantages of
running stock Android on a device like this is just the way how Google has
optimized the apps to run on the hardware so back then you know has it
started with 4.4 KitKat Google has optimized the apps they’ve improved the
performance and just a way how they’ve handled things in the background and so
far it just works the app I mean app support is still present I’m
pretty sure most apps on the Play Store still support and can still run on the
Nexus 5 because it’s running 6.0.1 and it certainly meets the requirements for
most apps in the Play Store which is great I think one of the devices that
competed with the Nexus 5 back then was the HTC One in fact my very first
Android smartphone was the Google Play edition HTC One it was sold directly by
Google it’s to receive constant updates over time and I absolutely loved my
experience with it came with great build quality fantastic build quality if you
ask me and just overall I felt a lot more superior compared to the Nexus 5
yet it offered the best of Google coming to think of it why aren’t we seeing
Google Play edition devices on smartphone these days I would love to
see a Google Play edition galaxy s 9 Google Play edition LG G 6 or something
like that it would be really awesome I mean think about it
you’ve got great design software experience would be just amazing on
these devices you can only wish so the last thing that I wanted to test it was
the camera on the Nexus 5 it features an eID megapixel sensor with an F 2.4
aperture comes with OS which is incredible and looking at these shots
I’m actually really impressed with how well this thing takes pictures I left
all the settings in auto mode with HDR plus turned on it takes a few seconds to
process the image but man I really respect what what what this phone does I
mean it’s great the dynamic range is actually pretty good on this camera
you’re obviously not gonna get the best detail out of this when compared to you
know something like a pixel and it’s not a fair comparison but at least you know
2018 a phone like this which is 4 years old
I’m really impressed but I’d love to hear your thoughts on the quality what
do you guys think about it now I have some trouble getting the
sensor to focus in low-light conditions I think it must be an optics error or
something like that I’m not exactly sure but overall I’m actually really
impressed for a 4-year old smartphone so that’s the story with the Nexus 5 guys I
definitely had a lot of fun revisiting this device in 2018 and I’m surprised at
how well it’s still holding up apps still work great and let me know in the
comments down below if any of you guys are still rocking one of these devices
and now it’s been working out with you but yeah that’s about it thank you so
much for watching I’m Eber with Hardware Canucks and once
see you in the next one

100 thoughts on “ORIGINAL Nexus 5 – Still a Great Smartphone?

  1. Nexus 5 was/is the king! I watched this on my Nexus 5. And this after having dropped the phone a million times in its 4.5 years of usage!

    As you pointed out, the battery life and speakers are the only issues. I got my battery changed twice on this device at the LG service centre (in India!) and it gives me 4-5 hour screen time.

    I don't think you are ever going to get a beast like Nexus 5 that is going to be so worth its price, even if you normalise for today's technology!

  2. nexus 5 for had the worst battery life, and overall its durability is max 2 years, and it over heats to the point where you can cook an egg on it.

  3. I'm still using a nexus 5 and would like to suggest people for an Apex launcher… I swear guys the combination is lit.

  4. "With this Nexus 5 it appears to look like he took good care of it."

    Dafuq?? Really?? It looks like a dog used it as a chew toy…..

  5. Does Google themselves have to sign off on an OEM manufacturing a Google play edition device? Because that would make sense why we haven't seen one for a long while. I would highly doubt Google would allow a pure Android device to be made today if they can help it because then they would lose their edge in direct competition in the mobile tech market…

  6. Still using my Nexus 5. I've replaced the screen/chassis ($40) 3 times and the battery ($10) and power strip ($12) at least 4 times. It's very easy to work on after you get over the "what the heck am I doing?" feeling when you take it all apart!

  7. I bought this when it came out and i loved it.
    It got stolen after 7 months and i never got it back….😥😥

  8. I'm still using Nexus 5 for five years and I use it a lot every day. The only things I have to do is to hard reset like every 6 month and change the battery when it's health is low and bualá! Won't change it until I see new phones trully do things that mine can't. (Ok, now a big progress on camera is happening but I can bear that!)

  9. It's been four years I am using Nexus 5. I don't like leaving Nexus 5 and buy something else
    I get almost 8hrs backup.
    And it's taking most amazing pictures also

  10. I bought one today to keep me going for 2 weeks till I get my p20 pro back. I'm shocked it can do everything I need it to do, yeah it's slower but not horrible!

  11. Dude, I have this phone right now in my pocket. It still works perfectly (not counting playing an insanely hardcore game from 2K18) and it still works great on Android Marshmallow. LOL

  12. I have an iPhone X and I just saw this video on my 4 year old Nexus 5! I dropped this phone… Had to replace the screen on dropping… The power button does wierd things once in a while… The battery drains out pretty fast and YET my heart is deeply connected to this device! This is the GOAT of phones!

  13. Can't thank you enough for making this video. Nexus 5 has been one of the best devices ever (for its price and performance). It was a charm to use but Google's lackadaisical approach towards their own phones (Let alone Samsung and others) regarding OS updates hits these devices hard. C'mon man! Just two years of OS updates for these beasts ? Atleast support your own devices (Pixels and Nexuses) for 4 years before abandoning them! PS: I know Pixel 2 & 2XL will get 3 OS updates.

  14. this has IP67 in 2013. that's same as iPhoneX I could take shower with this thing, play some music, then throw it out the window on some concrete, and then I would just pop it back in place.

  15. I still have one of this and it works perfectly*, no perfectly but I can still use my Brazilian bank apps there. Even after several falls and after it got the screen broken it is still working!!!

  16. A 2018 version of the original Nexus 5 would be amazing. Apparently everbody's hands have grown like crazy and mine just didn't, I want 5 inch phones back ffs.

  17. its still a great phone.. this guy still reuseable until 2020/2022. just hoping someone will make a video for this guy future.. by the way its camera still great.. i think there no other old phone can beat this guy.

  18. I'm about to buy a Nexus 5 from Swappa and decided to Google "is it still worth it in 2018". Now I have my answer 🙂 A like and a new sub!

  19. I keep one as a backup phone. I'm using it right now. It's still banging for what it is. Personally, it's the best phone I've ever owned… Until I get my new PIxel XL 2 this week. I'll still keep the Nexus 5 for emergencies.

  20. I will say no, because I have Nexus 5, and it heat, lag, space going used up, battery is sucked. It is really outdated phone, at least I think…

  21. you can find a lot of cheap parts everyware and its so easy to repair!!!you can find a screen lcd with frame for 25$ brand new

  22. You're talking about it like it's ancient yet I'm watching this video on the same nexus 5 I bought back in January of 2014 LMAO. I'm getting rid of it soon for the one plus 6. The battery life is too horrible to handle and the software crashes, lags, and glitches all the time and it's just really showing it's age.

  23. The reason you don't get Google play edition phones anymore is because of proprietary software oems write for stuff like camera. Like it's not enough to have the pixel camera apk running on your phone to get pixel like photos. It takes some lower level processing

  24. Still by far the best phone compared to other phones of its time and in many ways most phones today (headphone jack, no notch, stock android).

  25. I oil treated mine so that it's still bright orange with all of its markings. So even today (Sep. 20, 2018) this Nexus 5 still still looks flawless even if you take pictures of it with a DSLR
    – – – – – –
    The biggest problems with these phones right now are the lack of genuine or safe battery replacements( the phone is 5 years old, support is dwindling ), the batteries people sell pretty much always lack a temperature sensor or are so old that they no longer hold charge or are backwater-chinese with less than 1900mAh capacity and unstable voltage. Modders are resorting to pinout reconstruction to retrofit Nexus 5X batteries into the old Nexus 5. The 5X batteries are giving this phone 6.5+ hours of screen-on-time 🙂

  26. I had a oneplus one from launch until my son smashed it in mid 2018. Nexus 5 was my backup phone. Months later…still haven't bought a new phone. Great device.

  27. I still use my Nexus 5 as a phablet/media player, for all my social media and the camera for quick pics for Craigslist/FB Marketplace/Instagram. It still runs good.

  28. Purchased my Nexus 5 October 2013. Only replaced the battery once. I still used it up to today. Does everything I need from a smartphone. Will not give it up until google totally kills it by not providing any more updates for it. The person in my life who loves taking pics, I got her a Pixel 3, but long live my Nexus 5.

  29. Man, I miss my Nexus 5. Worked superb through almost 4 years of use and abuse.
    Really wish they'd make a Galaxy S9 Google Play Edition. Those GPE S4s and HTC Ones were all the craze.

    Currently rocking the Moto G5s Plus!

  30. My Nexus 5 was my daylig driver just a week ago 😉 the phone takes great pictures, but after 5 years of usages the battery is working poorliy and thats okay. I bought a Nokia 8 five days ago and the processor in the new phone is fast!!!, but back to the Nexus I love that phone and I will remember the Nexus for being strong enough to play videos from my Gopro camera witout converting them

  31. I still use a Nexus 5 . Only thing I hate about it is it's speaker and battery life. You can't simply make it last for even a single day on 4G network and speaker sucks as it has very low voice and sound quality is just average.

  32. Google really went downhill. The Nexus line was great. Their new Pixel line sucks so bad. I was really loyal to Google products until they came out with Pixel. I switched to Samsung instead

  33. More than 5 years, using it everyday, playing games everyday on it, perfectly fine, never had a problem with mine. Battery is kinda fucked… camera isnt the best, but im happy with it, i dont see a single reason to spend 1000$ in a new phone…

  34. Still rocking a Nexus 5. I'm an Android developer and Google Android Studio uses Nexus 5X as the default Android simulator.

    Greatest phones of all time.

  35. Still using mine ….simply the best … Battery is the only issue when traveling … have to carry a battery pack if I want to take lots of pictures.

  36. I'm still using my launch week Nexus 5 today. The battery life is of course bad and I notice slowdowns at times while multitasking. The plastic around the volume rocker is half missing, as is the plastic over the speaker grill. The back is slightly lose because one of the clips holding it down broke. It doesn't have band 12 LTE, which is important on T-Mobile.

    With that said, I haven't been swayed to upgrade yet. It's still pretty fast, feels great in the hand, has a headphone jack and no notch, has a smaller size, and has more than enough storage for me (32 GB version).

    Modern phones are trending more expensive, more fragile (curved glass, glass backs), more mostly gimmicky features (voice assistants, dual camera, face unlock), more notch-y, less headphone jack-y, etc. Seems like I'm going to be using this phone for a while longer.

  37. The best bang for you buck phone ever, there will never be another !! It would have been the perfect phone if it could have taken pics in the dark but it couldnt google got that right with the 6p but then the 6p had the battery bug.

  38. I recently started using my Nexus 5 after cracking the screen on my Umidigi Z and am very surprised how well it still functions on marshmallow after 5 years. I was thinking of buying the Unidigi One Max but I am happy with the Nexus for now. Think I'm going to wait and see what comes out later in the year.

  39. I bought mine 25 december 2013 and still using it today. But since last week the battery drains empty fast. I'll replace the battery today once the new one gets delivered. It still works good, for what I use it. Cost 15,95€ for a new battery.

  40. Oh my, my eyes went teary… Loved my Nexus 5. Unfortunately, it got stolen. I miss how much $350 would get you. The camera was great, the performance was good, the battery was good. Just pure gold. It is safe to say that it was the GOAT of all smartphones.

  41. I'm using Nexus 5 still. For audiobooks and YouTube it still works. But I'm worrying about security on it. Am I gonna get hacked?

  42. I still have mine. Kept it alive with a battery replacement, never broke the screen, been through a lot of custom ROMs, and have a gorilla glass cover. I take it apart every few months and clean out any dust, etc.
    This is my Nexus. There are many like it, but this one is mine…

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