100 thoughts on “New iPhone 11 Lens Cases!

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  3. hi i justine i love your content and u like my comment on tiktok and i just wanted to thank you for all your content and keep doing what your doing because it’s great!

  4. Been a Moment fan for a bit. Found that on their regular case, you can (with some work) thread a Peak Design anchor through it. Don't have to deal with a strap all the time and can snap on a PD wrist strap, or camera leash strap when needed. Never notice it in day to day use.

  5. I have a similar airpods case a hard case but i cant take off anymore lol anyone any idea how to take off hardcase on airpods????

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYj0C4-o8P4&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3Sk8CjSoh7iUoxPLuG41rFUSiogDIP0_IVPuTzD9zpr_zTM_y3i8dC6qk

  7. These cases could also be used to start a YouTube channel 🙂 if you want a different look than what your phone will give you there you go! the features of a DSLR right in the palm of your hand

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  9. Question? Is there gonna be Apple Watch ⌚️ pro series? I just wonder if there will be now that we have Apple iPhone pro ,MacBook Pro,AirPods pro

  10. It's like you're reading my mind because just few days ago I was thinking about buying a lens for my iPhone but I had no idea which brand! Thank you Justine! 🙈🤍

  11. I love my iPhone and the fact that it's built in lenses are really good. I don't miss my Olympus OM1N and all its extra lenses. I don't want to carry around extra lenses. Been there, done that, and I don't want the T shirt!!!

  12. No one :

    Absolutely no one :

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    Justine : everything is awesome…. everything is cool when your part of a team … ~~

    Lol she is obsessed

  13. I don't like those leather cases. First, I hope those cases are fake leather…. Second It looks like leather anyways… It's the symbol of dead animals and arrogance. But maybe another design could be great.

  14. No good! Bad video! Justine doesn't criticize ANYTHING. ITS SO GOOD! BS! The pictures she shows are crappy. DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP("All this stuff is soo high quality)". Sad iJustine, sad…

  15. Yknow what I love about you? No matter how much time has passed you are still exactly the same person doing the same things 10 years ago.

  16. IJustine being a serious sophisticated executive ….. 10 seconds later… back to fun and crazy iJustine…btw . Go with the black case it’s more slimming for your iPhone 🤔

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