Mosalingua : Apps to learn languages on your smartphone and tablet (iOS, Android)

Mosalingua : Apps to learn languages on your smartphone and tablet (iOS, Android)

Do you know the importance of speaking a foreign
language but don’t have a lot of TIME and MOTIVATION? Have you tried so many ways of learning a
foreign language but at the end of the day you were so FRUSTRATED that you gave up? The problem is that standard methods are…
boring, time-consuming, expensive, and ineffective We have excellent news : MosaLingua can help
YOU to succeed! We know that, when it comes to learning languages,
MOTIVATION is vitally important… so MosaLingua is based on highly effective
learning techniques that will bring you just what you need to
keep yourself motivated: RESULTS HOW? MosaLingua uses the Spaced Repetition
System, a method that was developed by scientists and that is has proven to be very effective
for long term vocabulary memorization. The thing is that our brain forgets new information
rather quickly. So, you need to refresh your memory on a regular
basis. MosaLingua will have you review what you’ve
learned just before you are likely to forget it! In addition, MosaLingua is really SIMPLE to
use and focuses on WHAT YOU REALLY NEED to speak a foreign language.. … so forget all the boring stuff that you
will never use and stick to the ESSENTIALS you need to be able to speak and understand. MosaLingua is your personal coach: it fits your schedule, it adapts to your difficulties,
it gives you helpful tips, it monitors your progress and it rewards your success by offering
you bonus material! You will also find dialogues depicting situations
that can arise in your daily life. So, you will have the opportunity to test
your oral comprehension of various accents and improve your pronunciation! Are you ready to IMPROVE and get RESULTS? Join the thousands of MosaLingua users! DOWNLOAD the MosaLingua application for iPhone
and Android NOW!

3 thoughts on “Mosalingua : Apps to learn languages on your smartphone and tablet (iOS, Android)

  1. I have just a phone not a smart phone. Does this mean I cannot learn. I´m 74 years old and I knew German as my first language when I was a kid. Well I want to remember some words if I can.

  2. How about making a video that actually show how this 'revolutionary method' works? This as it is, is just hype for yet another language app.

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