My hands! What to do now? Banh Beo Banh Beo Sister What do you want? What is it, sister? Banh Beo, can you open the door please? I think Leo’s here And he also brings me a present Ok, ok I’ll go get it Thanks Banh Beo! Banh Bao always get everything! I and get nothing Leo is here Leo Is it for me? What is it? an iPad? I love it! It’s supposed to be for Banh The iPad is not for Banh Beo. But she took it It’s for Banh Bao -How am I gonna take it back? Hi Big Mama! Hi Leo! Leo, I heard you brought me a present! Banh Bao, come sit here Tell me what it is Leo? I’m so excited I have a surprise for you! But you have to close your eyes ok? Ok! Leo, I can’t wait It’s time to get back the iPad Leo, can I open my eyes now? Leo? Leo? Where is he? this is so fun! I love this iPad No more chips? I’m gonna go get some more! Found my chips! This is so strange. Something is not right! Time to go back to my room! Leo! Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you the whole time! I have the gift with me. But we still need to do one more thing Really? What is it? We’re gonna play Hide N Seek now ok? You ready? Count 1,2,3 3 2 1 I’m ready! Leo Leo You’re a perfect boyfriend Where are you? Leo! Where are you? Leo I got the iPad Leo No Leo, it’s not working anymore! what to do now? What are we gonna do now? It was supposed to be for you What do we do? I have a great idea! Let’s make a mini iPad! Ready? Let’s go! Huh? where is my iPad? Here it is! it still works! back to my movie! Guys, check this out! our mini iPad Guys, let’s box our mini iPad Guys, we did it again! miniature iPad I hope you guys like this video don’t forget to give us a big Like Subscribe to our channel and don’t forget to turn on notification bell So you guys don’t miss out our awesome videos! And if you have any ideas for the next video, leave me a comment down below Bye for now guys, and see you next time Love you guys The next day… Teenagers Where is my iPad? I remember putting it here Mom! yes, sweetheart Mom, did you see my iPad?

100 thoughts on “MỚI!! 100 LẦN iPad MINI CỰC CUTE-BÁNH BAO vs BÁNH BÈO!!!

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  3. Hi Leo & Banh bao my name is Aaron l ' m from dhaka bangladesh you don't know bangladesh country but i know thailand,japan england,amirica etc

  4. Con di banh beo va banh bao chanh cho chanh di 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

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