LumaBooth Professional Photo Booth App for iPad

LumaBooth Professional Photo Booth App for iPad

LumaBooth Photo Booth app allows you to run
your own professional photo booth for your event using your Apple iPad without the expense
of a traditional photo booth. LumaBooth allows you to quickly create a layout
for your print using our intuitive drag and drop editor. You can also customize the start screen to
match your event’s theme and colors. For better quality photos, LumaBooth has advanced
camera settings where you can set the Exposure, Shutter Speed and other settings for the iPad. Print to your AirPrint printer or your professional
photo printer that’s connected to your computer using the FREE LumaBooth Assistant desktop
app. The LumaBooth app also allows sharing through
email, sms and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. By clicking on Settings, you can choose the
share options available to the guests. Additionally, LumaBooth will also create an
animated GIF that you can share. If internet is unavailable, emails and sms
shares will be queued and will share as soon as internet is available. Try out the FREE trial of the LumaBooth app
today to begin using your own personal photo booth!

2 thoughts on “LumaBooth Professional Photo Booth App for iPad

  1. Can I connect a dslr camera to the ipad to take the pictures instead of the ipad camera and still use lumabooth?

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