Logitech Harmony Hub Review – Control Your TV with Your Voice or Smartphone

Logitech Harmony Hub Review – Control Your TV with Your Voice or Smartphone

Hey, what’s up guys it’s Chris Majestic from Majestechs and today I want to talk about Logitech Smart Remotes. So stay tuned. So I have 2 hubs here. One is the Harmony Smart Control and the other is the Harmony
Home Hub. The Harmony Home Hub is Logitech’s attempt to get into the Smart Hub business.
They didn’t do it quite well. It doesn’t do as much as some of the Smart Hubs that we
have on the market do. It only really links with certain devices. It links with certain
light bulbs and SmartThings and other smart hubs, but it doesn’t have Zigbee and Z-Wave
protocols so that is an issue. However, it does serve a purpose and really what they
ended up doing was pretty much putting the same firmware on both of these and both of
them actually go for pretty close to the same price. I’m going to show you both of these
in action today. I’m going to show you one that’s hooked up to my home theater and one
that’s hooked up to my living room. In essence I’ve gotten rid of all of my remotes. I don’t
have any more remotes now. I will say that the Harmony Smart Control did come with a
remote, but it’s kind of dusty. I don’t know if you can see it, because I don’t use it.
It sits up on my mantle in the living room and I don’t use it at all. I use my phone
and I use tablets but I’ll get into that. So I just wanted to show you these 2 hubs
and we’ll get into it right now. These 2 hubs are pretty much identical. They
both share the same sleek design. They just have different writing on top. Both of them
have a pair/reset button, a micro USB port for power, and 2 IR blaster ports. They both
also come with a single IR blaster. However, I didn’t need it. Regardless of where I put
the unit I was able to successfully send a signal to all of my devices so I didn’t need
to use it. My favorite thing about these hubs is that there’s no need to aim a remote anymore. You can use your phone or a tablet, hit a button, and the hub does the rest of the work
for you. You can set up the hub from your smartphone
or from your tablet. However, if you feel more comfortable using the computer, you can
download and install the MyHarmony app. So when you open up the MyHarmony app you’ll
see your devices here and I’m going to go ahead and use the Home Hub. Under home you
can see your devices, your activities, and your favorite channels. If you go to devices
you’ll see your devices here. And here you’ll see under Home Control I have SmartThings.
However, you don’t set it up here. You actually set it up when you’re configuring your activities.
Under activities you’ll see all of your activities here. You can view your settings. You’ll see
your favorites on your tablet or your cell phone. It will have a nice graphical logo
of the channel there and you can just tap the channel to tune to it. Under settings
you can rename your hub. You can change your WIFI settings and you can download the the
Harmony app as well. So as you can see, I have some activities
set up. So you can choose here. You can obviously pick whatever you want here. You can put a
logo in there if you want and I’m just going to hit “Use HTPC”. I have it set to turn on
all of my devices and to dim the lights as well. So you’ll see that here in a second. So there you go. The lights turn down and everything turns on. Now, the way that the
lights turn down is because I have the Home Hub linked to the SmartThings hub. So as you can see here, I have a tablet on my wall near my kitchen. So when I come downstairs in the morning I can just turn the tablet on and hit “Watch TV”. I don’t have to look
for a remote. I don’t have to look for my phone. It’s right there all the time and I
can also pop it off the wall if I wanted to. So this brings you a whole new level of convenience
just being able to use a smart device. Alright guys, some final thoughts about these
devices. Just keep in mind that they’re cloud-based. So them being cloud-based, if you have a crappy
internet connect or if you have a bad WIFI signal that’s going to affect you. So if you
lose your internet connect or you lose WIFI, you have no remote. So if you’re going to
buy these, you may want to have a backup remote or some kind of remote nearby in case you
lose an internet connection if it happens often at your house. Also, setting them up
is not easy. It’s very difficult so you have to be very patient with it. Once you get it
setup it’s cool. It works well and you don’t really have to go through it too much but
this is common with most Logitech remotes. However, these are my favorite so you are
more flexible. Everybody in your house can have a remote and they can all control the
same TVs. You can’t beat that. So these are the things where you have to kind of outweigh
one thing with the other so just keep that stuff in mind. But overall I love these hubs.
They are very cool. They’re not that expensive. I was paying $200, $300, $400 for Harmony
remotes. These hubs cost less than $100, at least the ones I got. I hope this video was
helpful for you. Please hit that “Like” button. Please subscribe to my videos. I have a lot
more things to review. Thanks for watching.

64 thoughts on “Logitech Harmony Hub Review – Control Your TV with Your Voice or Smartphone

  1. Hi Majestechs can you control the ps4 with the harmony hub? I have my hub recognize my PS4 but none of the buttons work on the remote or on the app…

  2. Nice setup, I noticed my wemo lightbulbs work with the smartthings app but I can only connect to ST or wemo but not both. Have you been able to connect to both apps successfully? I need to use wemo for my wemo cams and auto lights, but I'd like to use smartthings to lower the lights like you have set up. Any workarounds?

  3. Hi Majestechs. That looks like a Nexus 7 (2013) that you have mounted to your wall. What is the name of the wall mount you are using? Thank you for posting this video. I'm looking to purchase the Harmony Smart Control.

  4. i thought you would have access over wi-fi to do the controlling as long as power and network in home are up? so… if power outage but we have genny… wi-fi is up locally – this setup (after all configured, etc.) will still work – or with no internet we're really down hard (phone won't be remote?)?

  5. I know you can control phillips hue, but have any of these home automation devices supported
    MiLight, LimitlessLED, or other 3rd party applications

  6. great job. I've been looking into these for a few hours do you know if these will play nice with echo/yonomi? currently I'm just looking to add a power on for my TV to add to a yonomi recipe.

  7. This is exactly what I was looking to be able to do, nice video. I do have a question though, how is the tablet mounted on the wall?

  8. Very helpful video – thanks so much! I'm new to the world of automation so just learning… I'm an engineer so hopefully that can happen :). My father is a quad and not electronically savvy, but he loves his Echo. He only watches TV via his Xfinity – mostly things he's recorded or games that are on, but of course he has to have others help. Can this be used to do basic things such as that? In his case we're not looking for the easiest way to do things, just any way that allows him to have some control over his TV using only his voice via Echo (once it's set up, of course). Thanks!!!

  9. I like the wall mounted tablet idea. How do you handle charging it? Do you have to pull it off the wall and charge it up every day or two?

  10. Im a little lost. So lets say you have 3 tvs all different rooms. what is the best way to use google home or echo to turn on the 3 tvs using harmony hub? do you need three hubs or can 1 control all three tvs via echo/google home through samsung smart things?

  11. hey cool review! im getting a google home for christmas whats the first step i should do to get my room control by voice and lights

  12. Can you please explain how you update the firmware with Harmony Hub? I have tried following the instructions and am going round in circles. There has got to be an easy way to do this surely? I need to update it to get it to work with Alexa all my remotes are setup.  Thanks

  13. Hey! Great job on the video thanks!

    I was just wondering how i can fix this issue:

    I've an activty xbox:
    – Turn on xbox
    – Turn on tv
    – Set hdmi input

    And i have an activity netflix
    – Turn on tv
    – Set hdmi input (chromecast)

    When i use the xbox activity and after that i want to use the netflix activity the TV turns off. Because it's running the Turn on command again. Is there a way i can fix this?

  14. Do you need a hub for every TV? I'm interested if anyone has had success with this and the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

  15. Great videos and thanks for making them. I do have some questions though. I have a man cave which has 4 TVs in one room and all the devices that send an input to the TVs in another room. Would I need two hubs one in each room to blast the signal? With that set up I have 4 TVs and I have 3 DirecTV receivers. Can it tell the difference between them and tell each one to do things separately?

  16. CHris- Got my Harmony Smart COntrol..eager to get it working but it loks like it only works with 2.4 WiFi. Does this mean in order to control my devices they all have to be connected to my 2.4 and not my 5 hz?

  17. The computer app is much easier to navigate especially if you have used a harmony universal remote control in the past.

  18. Wait they are cloud based? What for? If I wanna Switch on my TV with my phone, why the hell does that have to go through logitechs Server?

  19. Searched about 2 hours about how harmony, smarthings and echo work but didnt quite get it, until i watched your videos. Great job! Im frlm finland and my english is not so good but your pronounce is so clear so even i understandood 😀

  20. Wow. Tightly edited. Covers lots of information in a short time. Tells me what I need to know without wasting my time. Thank you!

  21. It doesn't have zwave or zigbee but if you also have a smarthings hub it can pair to that and the smartthings hub can control both zigbee and zwave devices

  22. Setup prompts slightly diff on my iOS app, but after getting it dialed in & settings tweaked to work well for my devices, I then synced, opened Alexa app, enabled the skill & boom! All works well! Loving this… thanks again for all your videos. So far I’m controlling TV, AC (Honeywell WiFi), & Hue lights (super expensive, but sweet!), all without any hubs! (Beside hue bridge ofcourse).

    Next I’m going to add front door lock… hopefully HomeKit would suffice, going to see how far I can go without spending money on a physical hub.

    I have an upcoming home improv project looming; getting 13 LED recessed fixtures(downlights) installed in my great room (kitchen/dining space/living room). I want smart switches to control them.

    Any switches that run on HomeKit or Alexa directly? (Again, trying to avoid buying a hub).

  23. A+ information. Quick question. How is your tablet mounted on the wall. I have two tablets that I would like to mount and I cant find anything out on the market.

  24. hey what up i have a harmony and a echo dott no matter how i try i cant get them working is there anyway u can help me

  25. Is it possible to configure remote buttons in the Harmony apps? I have my projector, AVR, PS4 added and the default buttons in the apps are useless. I want to hide the ones I don't use and add new one. Is it possible?

  26. Great vid man….. I was just loooking at one of these at Wal-Mart. Yea I'm with you on that though…. I paid $250 for my first harmony like 10 years ago ..that was on sale. The 880 ….. I thought I was doing something back then with that thing too Hahahhahs still have it.

  27. Good thing I saw your video before buying one. When you said "these things need internet all the time", I was going "what?!?". I looked it up and it is confirmed. I am very IT literate and can't think of a decent reason why this would be needed. There are several indecent reasons, privacy issues being one of them.
    Well, now that I know, I'm not buying this. Problem is what to buy instead because I have found few products which allow you to control all devices with a smart phone app without requiring a IR blaster on the phone itself. Why in this day and ago of smart devices, do we still need conventional remote controls?!? Not a happy IT guy here.
    Thanks for the heads-up

  28. Hi I just wanted to ask you is it possible to give a command to the Alexa device to good turn on YouTube on the TV I have connected a harmony device to Alexa so I just wanted to ask you so it by giving a command I can use YouTube to watch on the TV

  29. Nice video, I’m looking to do a similar set up. Say you have 2 identical Samsung smart TVs right next to each other. Can the hub control them separately? They’re both connected to internet. My concern is if the hub can only control the TVs using IR, then if I send a command to watch tv, it will try to turn both TVs on since they’re are next to each other. But if the hub can somehow identify the TVs separately using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or something other than IR, then I would be good. I do currently have a remote app on my iPhone that lets me control each tv separately, so I would think a harmony hub could accomplish the same thing hopefully. Please let me know your thoughts on this.

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