Live Listen gives you super-hearing with AirPods and iOS 12

Live Listen gives you super-hearing with AirPods and iOS 12

Having trouble hearing people around you sometimes? With iOS 12, your AirPods can use a feature
originally made for iPhone-enabled hearing aids, called Live Listen. It’s really cool, and really easy to set
up. Here’s how. To enable Live Listen, head to Settings, then
Control Center, and finally tap Customize Controls. Look for the “Hearing” option and add
it with a tap of the plus sign. Now you’ve got the Live Listen feature set
up, here’s how you use it. First, make sure your AirPods are connected
to your iPhone and in your ears. Then, bring down the Control Center and tap
that Hearing button you just enabled. By default, Live Listen is Off, but just you
can turn it on with just a tap. You’ll see the little dots light up to show
input level. Live Listen uses your iPhone’s microphone
to listen to the environment and send the sound, boosted, to your AirPods. So it works best if you enable it and then
place your phone near the person you’re having trouble hearing. Or, if it’s the TV you can’t hear clearly,
place your phone near the TV speakers.

20 thoughts on “Live Listen gives you super-hearing with AirPods and iOS 12

  1. Is this a US-only thing? I’m in the UK and have no ‘hearing’ option. I’m on an iPhone X with the latest official iOS release.

  2. It doesn’t matter what Bluetooth headphones you have if it doesn’t work restart your phone but before you restart you have to be connected to your Bluetooth headphones. Doing this it worked with my Beats Studio3

  3. I got lucky n I links to my plantonics Voyager Bluetooth ear piece. Works great after you figure it all out.

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