Learn more about the Apple Support app – Apple Support

Learn more about the Apple Support app – Apple Support

Download the Apple Support
app today. We’re here to help you. You can chat
with an expert live. They can answer questions
about all your Apple devices and share articles
that help you learn more. Or make an appointment
to come see us in person. The app lets you schedule
service at a nearby Apple Store or Apple Authorized
Service Provider. Even same-day appointments. Learn useful tricks
for all your devices. The app has helpful articles that explain how to use
every feature. It’s Apple Support
wherever you are. ♪ Music playing ♪

45 thoughts on “Learn more about the Apple Support app – Apple Support

  1. The app still doesn’t make it easy to get a Genius appointment. (I’ll explain why if anyone asks.) The fastest way is to lie and enter that you need a hardware repair.

  2. only for US? I am suffer with support, always using VPN to catch you, because in my country you won't work, but selling products.

  3. The problem is, all they do is send you articles about your problem when you already told them that you read the article follow the steps however an error has occurred

  4. Apple disables their comments, while Samsung leaves their comments enabled.
    Samsung Care disables their comments, while Apple Support leaves theirs enabled.

    Now ain't that something?

  5. @Apple please make these type of apps available in South Africa. Surely you have enough users to allow it it here. Also, we don’t want to wait a month after the launch of new products. Please?

  6. Hello, is anyone else having problems with iphone 11 not ringing when calls come in? What setting am i missing here? Thanks.

  7. This app is safe ? I mean on the version of my country (France ) the app can make dignostics of my iPhone and chat about it with a technician .. but it is safe…. ?

  8. How do I delete the Moviebox pro app? It usually makes an x and deletes. This time there is no x, and I do not think it is the right app.It was downloaded, but it is not from iTunes, nor the App Store.

  9. How do I get Movie Box Pro App? The videos say you run two apps. Not true! That does not come up! It makes you complete orders, which make you pay lots of money, and gives you spam calls! I am not going to do that!

  10. Yeah ok that’s cool and whatever but the fact that an app made by Apple still doesn’t support Dark Mode is quite lame (same thing for the Apple Store app)

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