LeapPad Ultra – Kid-Perfect Tablet | LeapFrog

LeapPad Ultra – Kid-Perfect Tablet | LeapFrog

From the maker of the best-selling kids
learning tablet, LeapFrog is taking it to the next level
of amazing! LeapPad Ultra is here! Its everything
moms want and kids love about LeapPad now with so
much more. Built from the inside out just for kids
LeapPad Ultra packs in more exciting features than
ever! LeapPad Ultra’s kid-safe web browser and parent controlled WiFi connectivity
only allow kids to safely browse LeapFrog educator approved videos and
images. And while LeapPad Ultra is ultra sleek,
it’s built just for kids to be ultra tough. With the biggest
brightest screen that delivers our highest resolution ever video graphics and gameplay are even
more stunning! Best of all, there are over 800 games, ebooks,
videos, apps, and more! All designed or
approved by LeapFrog’s learning experts! Plus, select titles that automatically
adjust to a child’s individual learning level and you can
see the learning and share your child’s achievements on a personal Learning Path! It’s everything
parents want and everything kids will love. The one hundred percent
kid-perfect LeapFrog educator approved tablet. LeapPad Ultra!

4 thoughts on “LeapPad Ultra – Kid-Perfect Tablet | LeapFrog

  1. if it's backwards compatable with older leapster carts, or if all the carts are available for download, i'm sold. 🙂

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