Kivors 6 Inch Smartphone 📦

Kivors 6 Inch Smartphone 📦

Hello everybody A New Phone Arrived My little daughter ran to me one night That she can’t watch the Cartoon Freezing by loading The games lagging much i Opened the mobile, once already did The Battery was warm, and raised/humped Thats a older mobile model, i have the battery 2x already changed I tested with Cyanogenmod Etcetera Etcetera So I thought she get a better one and bigger This is it If i can open So miseraby My multifunctional tool is not necesary Here is the Device With a Huawei design Huawei have a device with this panel, and camera design China version…Let’s open it Here and here too Super, and big Bigger than a LG Stylus II She have now the bigger Phone 🙂 She will like it Like my palm i noticed all the data The following must be known OS: Android 5.1 Pokémon GO supported 🙂 CPU: Quad-Core 1.3Ghz 64bit RAM: 1GB ROM: 8GB ROM is always the free space RAM & ROM are different 2MP Frontcam and 8MP BackCam in a 4:3 format 6 Zoll/Inch IPS Display Good too see in every angle IPS is good for Photoshop or else professional app IPS is everytime the best choice Better than a regular TFT, LCD, Plasma Resolution: 960×540 pixels Dual Sim Lets see what is inside the box What is this A Cover is in there 1 AC Adapter with USB Connection Maybe with better In-Ear than one iPhone have General there are always flat In-Ear headphones in the Box But this one is okay a good one Of course his USB Cabel Connected with his AC Adapter and then in the Wall Mini USB – USB A Manual And a display protection One is already on it So If your eyes are weak, or your hands are a little bigger If You don’t want to spend much money But they need those trends We look inside with my Super Tool Samsung cases are similar the small plastic must be remove And we turn it on I like it, it has a good shape All in One Place: Dual Sim & SD Card Our Welcome Logo (Intro) Booted…Wlan available Yes No Sim Card This is the Menü So beautiful Music, Pictures Slide Up, or Down i don’t know What is with music I don’t want Justin Bieber Yeak Instantly such an ape I’m looking for the settings upside down is not easy to navigate them Wlan Code… The Code is… Fine….Connection Accepted Thats nice My Daughter don’t like the vibration funktion. So I’m going to disable. Little girl Everything works fine But this browser is not good, thats why i download now Google Chrome The important features are all in it Im looking now for the Android version Android version 5.1 Lollipop Hope you liked the video All data will be written in the description It’s a cheap phone i think was 60-70€ I greet you Hello

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  1. Nem jobb mint a Lenovo A7000 viszont 0,5"-al nagyobb. Kislánynak tökéletes lesz, főleg ebben a színben 👏

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