Is the 2018 iPad Worth It?

Is the 2018 iPad Worth It?

– Hey guys this is Austin. This is the 2018 iPad, and at $330, it seems like the one to get. However, there’s always the question, is it worth it? Take a look at the box, and it looks like, well, every other iPad ever. Flip it over, though, and
what you’re going to see is it is called the 6th Generation iPad. Because, you know, iPad 6 doesn’t
have the right ring to it? Really what this is, is
this is the lower end iPad that slots not only below to iPad Mini, which for some reason is still around, but also the iPad Pro. So, Apple actually announced this at their education event
just a couple days ago, and the main idea with this is that the iPad, at
least on the lower end, is trying to be a Chromebook competitor. Now, for schools I get why
Chromebooks are so popular, and there are some advantages to the iPad, especially the Pencil support which we’ll get into in a few minutes. However, whether this
is actually a good idea is a little bit more questionable. Open it up, and we see it looks exactly like
every other iPad ever. So, if this looks a little
bit familiar to you, that’s because they actually
really haven’t changed the design on this guy for quite a while. So, previously they did
have a lower end $330 iPad, and as far as I can tell, hardware-wise, it is completely identical. Inside, we’re going to
be getting our paperwork, which I’m sure is gonna include stuff like Apple stickers and other things that you’re never gonna
wanna actually use. We do have the USB to lightning cable as well as the power adapter. Which, this guy is going to be 12 Watts, which is actually still a little bit slow for something like an iPad. It’s actually going to
take a while to charge, but, I mean. Sorry, you bought a $300 iPad. (laughs) I just imagine Tim Cook
in his office, like, “Yeah, sorry. “If you want it to actually
charge in less than three hours, “you’re just gonna have to, you know, “buy an iPad Pro and a
lightning to USB-C cable, “and MacBook charger, “because money.”
(register bell rings) So, for some context,
this is the 2017 iPad, which is exactly what this
is going to be replacing. Now, this is actually
something that we use pretty much everyday around the office. So, while we’re shooting, we’ll usually put like notes up on this, or use it to look up specs
and that kind of stuff. If I put this side-by-side
with the 2018 iPad, you’re going to see that they
look completely identical, besides, well, the different colors. One of my main complaints
against the 2017 iPad is that there’s actually a kind of fairly large
air gap with the display. So, it is still going to
be 9.7 inch retina display. It looks fine when you look
at it directly head-on. However, unlike the higher end iPad Pros which have a laminated display, which makes it look like it’s printed just right on the glass, take a look at this at any kind of angle, and you’re going to see that the screen looks like it’s sunken in. Now, unfortunately, if you
take a look at the 2018 iPad, it has the exact same screen. Fine when you look at it dead-on, but if you look at it from the side, it definitely looks like
there’s a huge air gap. One of the big upgrades with the new iPad is going to be on the inside. So, whereas the last generation model used the Apple A9 processor
from the iPhone 6S, this bumps up to the Apple
A10 from the iPhone 7. Still not going to be super cutting edge, but it’s fast on the iPhone 7, and it’s fast here on the iPad. Take a look at at the Geekbench results, and it’s pretty much
identical to the iPhone, which is, well, a solid thing. I mean, this is a $300 iPad. One thing you should keep in mind, though, is that this still only
has two gigs of RAM. Now, for normal apps that’s
going to be no problem. And it does support a lot of the same multitasking
features as the bigger iPads. However, you cannot
actually get three apps up at the same time like on an iPad Pro. And of course, to show
off the power of the iPad, we have Fortnite. So, this runs really well
on a wide range of hardware. And the idea that we do have
that Apple A10 processor actually does make a
pretty big difference. You’re not running it
quite on the same level as something like the iPhone X, but it still looks really nice. For a lot of apps, you’re
actually not going to notice a huge difference with the Apple A10. It’s going to be snappier, for sure, but it’s not like a
revolutionary difference. But, considering that this
is going to be a $300 iPad, every little bit of extra performance is going to be helpful. And of course, one of the
biggest things to consider is how long this is going
to be having updates, how long it’s actually going
to be supported by apps, and having that newer processor
does make a difference, especially when you’re using this three, four, five years from now. It’s so weird playing this on an iPad. I mean, it totally works, but, oh man. I think with this bigger screen, I really wish I did have a controller. Hopefully they actually add that controller support at some point. – [Austin Recording]
Take one look at Twitch, and you’ll see hundreds of
thousands of people wa– – So, the screen is decent
like I was saying earlier. It doesn’t quite match the iPad Pro, but I mean, come on. For $300 bucks, I don’t
think you’re really going to be complaining. Now, some other areas that it
doesn’t match the iPad Pro in, is with audio quality. So, you do have stereo speakers, but they’re both on the bottom, so they sound decent, but, I mean, you can cover
them both with one hand. But it’s going to be totally fine for casual video watching. Another new feature of the iPad is going to be Apple Pencil support, which weirdly, up until now, has been held back to the iPad Pro. Now, it works exactly as you’d expect, so you can use it to
navigate the interface, or you can actually use it
to do drawing and typing, if I can actually hit the correct thing. So, I want to just write
out a simple note here. It actually is gonna look pretty decent. So, the only thing this is missing is the ProMotion display
from the iPad Pro. So, that actually does
help cut down latency by running the screen at 120 Hertz as opposed to 60. But for most people, I think
this is gonna totally fine for writing notes and that kind of thing. Now, alongside the new iPad were a couple of other accessories, but they’re mostly aimed
at the education market, which I think is kind of the main market that Apple is sort of
aiming for with the iPad. So, so many schools right
now are using Chromebooks. And I think for most schools, the Chromebooks make more sense. I mean, it’s a proper laptop. You have a keyboard. Whereas with this guy, you know, if you unplug your
(clears throat) Apple Pencil, what you’re gonna find
is no smart connector. So, you can’t even use the
same keyboards as the iPad Pro. You’re going to have to rely on something that’s either going to be using Bluetooth, or you’re actually gonna
have to use something over lightning, which is
just not an elegant solution. Sure, you can get some typing done on the actual touchscreen, but I think for most kids, you’re gonna want an actual keyboard. Now, software-wise, of
course we are running iOS 11. Now, there are pros and cons here. I actually do think iOS 11 was a pretty major update to the iPad. So, you get some things
like you actually the dock. You have the multitasking,
which all works well here. But again, it’s fine as an iPad. As something that’s going
to replace a computer? For some people, it’s fine, but for a lot of people,
it’s not quite there yet. I actually think the
2018 iPad is worth it. Now, sure, you can get extra features and bigger screen sizes with the iPad Pro, but at around twice the
price on some of the SKUs, I really don’t think
it’s gonna be worth it for most people. This is gonna do pretty
much everything you need, even though it might not be the most exciting update in the world. Now, of course, the real question is whether you need an iPad
in the first place, though. And that one’s kind of on you. But I’m curious. What do you think about the 2018 iPad? Let me know in the comments below, and I will catch you in the next one.

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  1. I have the iPad retina and it’s heavy. 🤷🏽‍♀️ the only reason I wanna change it is because it stopped getting software updates 🤦🏽‍♀️

  2. The ipad is totally worth 329$, but to be honest the Apple pencil isn't… "100$ for a stylus !" The first time I knew of it I was like , " Are you kidding me ??" The pencil is 1/3rd the price of the Ipad. And what's it gonna do ? Just write and draw ?😂😂😄 And Scrolling or dragging (I wouldn't mention that as it could be done with fingers)

  3. I think in ipad os 13 they finally added controller support for games you mentioned at 3:50 if I remember correctly

  4. I'm still happy with my 2nd gen iPad. My first generation full capacity iPad(fully loaded with old games and movies) still works. I can still watch a movie on it on a full charge.

  5. $300 dollars ipad, yea i can get an ipad pro, i don't want to waste money because they do the same things really

  6. I thought while clicking this video, it was supposed to be about the ipad 2018.. but i keep hearing "ipad pro blabla" also the price difference is ALOT. For people with less money or people that don't want to spend more than 300 dollars for a ipad i'd personally suggest this!

  7. what a shitty review…if this is a reflection of your personality then that's truly sad.
    As a third world university student that $330 is close to impossibly to attain much less to spend on a damn iPad. I had to give up everything I wanted for my 20th birthday for this school related thing and I got it on a sale. my parents could barely afford this damn thing and it's comical to you?? Then I have to spend $100 on a damn pencil plus a case and screen protector. if this thing doesn't bring all As my parents are going to kill me and here you are being a pretentious prick. Next time consider us "poor unfortunate souls"…

  8. I'm sorry, I think I'm quite poor and I wonder if I could even ever make up my parents to buy this $330 ipad. The pro model's price is more than my daddy's salary. Yeah, I believe that's what Apple call supporting. Just saying…

  9. I wouldn't refer to it as lower end. Id refer to it as somewhat reasonably priced. The hardware inside is very good. This unit is a workhorse for the price-point. The best tab out there nothign else comes close quality and performance wise. Ipad pros are ridiculously priced you are much better served buying a chromebook or just a flat out LAPTOP.

  10. my school uses that iPad and the teachers use the Apple Pencil and the student get the old dumb styluses –.–

  11. I can kinda feel how most everyone else feels in the comments. So I made an honest and realistic review on this iPad. Please let me know how it is! It’s actually only $250 atm!

  12. 2gb ram is deal breaker. Another iOS update with few dummy "services" running in background and this will be dead as fish without ram.

  13. Compare it to something in similar cost bracket like Samsung with amoled display. If Samsung ditches that awkward pencil like display then ipad is as dead as Tim cook in creative work

  14. Got this one for $225 right as the 7th Gen 2019 iPad is about to be announced for $330. Even after adding a Smart Cover, Apple Pencil, and Apple Pencil Case, my total bundle came to only $395, just $65 more than the upcoming 2019 9.7" iPad on its own, $5 less than an iPad Mini 5 on its own, and $105 less than an iPad Air 3 on its own.
    This has been a fantastic upgrade from my slow-as-molasses 2012 iPad 3 (which with a leather smart cover came to $670 back then)

  15. His video was off point!! But on the other hand you can get this ipad on amazon new for like 250$ 👈 excellent deal!! even by today's standard iPad is still a high-powered tablet.

  16. This iPad is really good for $330. It works super smooth and the Apple Pencil feature is my favorite from the fifth generation.

  17. This was actually one of the best iPads for the price. I have the pro but bought this one for someone and this model has a very good price and a pretty decent iPad. Yeah, the screen looks sunken in but that really isn’t much of an issue when you consider how expensive the pros are getting.

  18. It's crazy how Apple treats the og iPad like a budget device now. Also I would say it's definitely worth it. Even if you aren't completely apart of the Apple ecosystem(like me) this is something worth having that won't brake the bank.

  19. I just bought one. I was actually shocked as hell. The screen feels like flexible plastic, not glass. And the speakers are TERRIBLE. My Note 5 literally has a better sounding and louder speaker on it. WOW

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    Yea ik you wouldn't even care about this

  21. I just ordered it for my mom, because her previous tablet is totally slow. I just hope its gonna fulfil her needs adequately such as texting and doing video call. Thank you Austin for making this video.

  22. What we think is that you should please just stop making it seem like it’s meant for poor pple, you keep laughing like it’s funny DUDE ITS NOT

  23. It’s crazy how he basically downplays everyone who can’t afford a $1000 iPad. Not cool at all. I got one of these new at Walmart yesterday for $250 and I love it. Absolutely amazing. As far as this guy goes though, I’ll never watch another one of his videos.

  24. I just bought the 6th Gen and it is great. For what I do it is 100% perfect. Signed up for Amazon credit card and received $70.00 off. Could not pass up. Completely satisfied . Do not have a  problem with air gap.

  25. Omg am watching this in 2019 and lookinh at the Fortnite map is see wailing woods and moist miyers and anarchy acers

  26. Fucking YouTube “celebrities”. You’re not getting any money from me. My iPad is jail broken and I have disable ads enabled so you get no money from me Austin twink fucker.

  27. yup, I think $300 is relatively a small money for this gentleman, I guess he is trying to make a comparison that this is a cheap stuff for peasants like us, not worth his attention…. cuz he talked more about iPad Pro, and also disregarded iPad Mini saying that why it is still in the market, but for people like us we like something small, cuz of small hands and portability perhaps………. and also it is relatively cheaper… yes of course for peasants like us.

  28. Worth? No. Your screen can and will break. No apple device ever made has had an intact screen after few weeks. Cant remember when I ever saw a non-apple focused "Fix your screen here" store, probably because there is no business for them if they target good devices, but targeting apple devices = great business, they always break. And this one doesn't only have that same breakable screen, it bends easy too, apparently

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    Is 2018 ipad better or ipad 2019 forget the pro not even in the budget anyone? Anyone?

  30. You should've titled your video "iPad vs iPad pro" since all you did was compare a $300 to $1000 item which is completely idiotic

  31. I’ve been stalking this iPad for who knows how long and literally now I’m watching it on my new iPad 6th gen

  32. I’ve been stalking this iPad for who knows how long and literally now I’m watching it on my new iPad 6th gen

  33. I’m the uk the iPad is 319 pounds but I got a discount Bec my dad works at tesco , I got it for 255 pounds and I can tell you , this is a total win

  34. Just got this iPad for school because we have to, I see absolutely no problems with it. Yes it was cheap but it has good specs and does the job better than my old iPad air 2 due to the better battery.
    yk I love Austin Evans but he seems like such a rich wanker in this video (no offence)

  35. huawei mediapad m5 and if more money m6. if you still think maybe or not… after 2 -3 years you like new battery… you change huawei works apple might fuck it up so you pay premiun for… well rolex vs omega same bs.

  36. I’m stuck rn don’t no if I should wait to get the iPad 2018 or just get the iPad 2019 coz they r both kinda similar so dunno if it’s really worth getting the iPad 2019 and plus with me I’m not really a massive fan of iPads so dunno really but I want the iPad to fit in with my iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone XS

  37. Me personally I’ve got money to buy either iPad Air 2018 or the 2019 n I’ve gone for the 2018 it’s only a yr old n he’s making it sound like it’s bare old it’s only a yr old jheeze it’s still worth summit uno at one stage the iPad 2018 ppl were rating it now dat they bring out the next iPad u start saying things to down grade the iPad it’s still worth it the don’t down grade the 2018 iPad it’s still worth it

  38. I have the 2018 iPad. Yes it is $300, but it is great! If you aren’t drawing, it doesn’t matter. It looks great, it feels great, the Apple Pencil is perfect on it, etc. it is great. I don’t know why he’s hating on it so much.

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