Is a Giant Smartphone Worth It?

Is a Giant Smartphone Worth It?

Hey guys this is Austin. Is a giant smartphone
worth it? With a seven inch display the Blu Studio 7.0 might look like a tablet but this
is a full fledged smartphone. Crack open the box and inside you’ll find the Studio itself
along with a screen protector, get a little deeper in the unboxing and you’ll see the
power adapter, tool for getting at the SIM and MicroSD, MicroUSB cable and a pair of
headphones. Take a quick look around and you’ll see the Studio resembles the Nexus 7 which
isn’t a bad thing at all. Even though it’s all plastic there’s a decent looking metal
like finish on the front and around back it’s covered in a soft touch dimpled rubber which
gives it a nice feel in the hand. It’s much more manageable than a bigger tablet like
an iPad although compared to a normal sized smartphone…not so much. As if a seven inch
smartphone wasn’t crazy enough the Studio only runs $100. Because of that you aren’t
going to find cutting edge specs but there’s not a ton to complain about. With a seven
inch 1024 by 600 screen it doesn’t sound like much on paper but the panel itself really
isn’t bad, it has solid color and viewing angles unlike most budget devices. That resolution
is low though even for smaller phone standards but it is usable. What’s slightly less usable
is the size. While this is small for a tablet it is enormous for a phone. The Studio will
fit in my pocket but it doesn’t leave much room left, you really should keep this in
a bag. The front firing speaker does double as a speakerphone for taking calls on, you
look totally ridiculous with this thing against your face but it is there. That also means
you’ve got HSPA for data, it might not be LTE but again for $100 it’s rare to find
cellular data on a tablet period. To get at the SIM slot you’ll need to use the tool
included with the Studio to unscrew a small panel around back. Here you’ll find the
slots for the SIM and MicroSD but something important to keep in mind is that it uses
an old school Mini SIM which are pretty rare these days, you’ll probably need an adapter.
You’ll also probably want to take advantage of that MicroSD card slot too as the included
eight gigs of storage won’t get you that far. Inside it’s got a Mediatek quad core
Cortex A7 CPU along with one gigabyte of RAM, definitely nothing too impressive but it’s
decent enough in real use. There’s a bit of hesitation in basic tasks like scrolling
through the UI compared to the latest flagships but it’s not a deal breaker, just don’t
expect for it to crush all of the latest games. Software wise we’re looking at Android 5.0,
while this is getting to be pretty out of date these days on the upside it’s a clean
install of Android with just a few bundled apps. Most of these are fairly useful
like the Amazon suite or easy enough to ignore and of course you’ve got the Play Store
to download whatever you’d like. One area where you can definitely notice the price
is with the cameras. They’re…definitely not amazing. The front facing shooter is passable
for a quick video chat and while the rear facing five megapixel camera is better it
really isn’t by much. While budget phones have come a long way in the last few years
the camera department has definitely been lagging behind. There are two ways of looking
at the Blu Studio 7, on one hand you’ve got one of the biggest and weirdest smartphones
I’ve ever come across. On the other you’re getting a $100 tablet that’s not only competitive
as a cheap tablet but it includes not only data but voice and text as well. Look at it
from that perspective and the Studio really isn’t half bad. So what do you guys think?
Let me know in the comments below and I will catch you in the next one!

100 thoughts on “Is a Giant Smartphone Worth It?

  1. I had the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Neo as my first phone. I used to take it everywhere. The weirdest part was when I took a call in public.

  2. I had this phone and loved it. Then I had the mediaPad x2 by Huawei which is even better and just as big. I used for a smartphone and tablet for business. It does fit in my pocket and many ask me why my so big? I tell them oh to better to see my calls, text, icon my dear lol.

  3. Tablet can be use to play bigger size games and can watch movies too and can text and call too but its disadvantage is pockets it cannot fit to your pockets.But i like tablet cuz i have both of it.

  4. Good review. No mention about GPS function that I heard to be another weak point of this phoneTab hybrid. Also you didn't come with an answer to your clip's title, so Is a Giant Smartphone Worth IT?

  5. Holy cow! My fist tablet was 7 inches. Lol. I have a 6 inch phone and at times even 6 inches is too big. It's nice having the screen space but not good for pocket travels. It's bulky, af. Can't imagine a 7 inch phone.

  6. I'm using a Huawei 7 inch smartphone and it's awesome. I don't think it's a giant phone at all- just average. I would like to try an 8 inch smartphone next 🙂

  7. I got this phone and absolutely love it. Every time someone sees me use it they asked me what it is and I proudly tell them it's my blu studio ll. So to all the haters who say this phone is too big, I say go squint at your little 5.5 inch screens while I enjoy my big beautiful 7 inch phone😎

  8. I had the LTE version 16gb it was good it was better. But my huwaei mediapad x2 is just as big , it's way better than the Blu studio. It has 32gb internal 3gb of rom and lightning fast.

  9. i just lost my phone, and i really only use them to watch movies. so i was thinking abt the studio phone just for its screen size to watch movies. so if anyone has any comments please let me know! will appreciate it!.

  10. I love giant phones. If only the specs (like the cameras) were good. I'm dreaming of the day they make a phone this big with amazing specs.

  11. Too bad the resolution sucks.
    1280×800 is what a Tab 4 has and I don't like to go smaller than that unless it is on a small phone.


  13. I was thinking about buying this phone but you definitely pointing out a lot of good helpful information. And now I'm thinking I probably would look a lot more like a normal person talking on the 6-inch studio blue.🤣 Does the 6-inch and the 7-inch cost the same ? Also I heard I could go through carriers such as MetroPCS T-Mobile and Cricket can I purchase the phone at those locations? Or do I have to order the phone on Amazon (ONLY) CAN THIS PHONE BE PURCHASED AT WALMART?

  14. Thanks for doing a review on one of these phablets. Am working with a 6.5" but thinking of 'upgrading', really just to make reading books a bit more aesthetically pleasing. Your review was timed to be brief so one shouldn't expect an in-depth treatise, but if I may suggest you include – not just how it looks whilst on the phone – but the weight and balance of these phablets, both as a phone and tablet? Otherwise, I think you hit all the main aspects. Cheers!

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