iPhone SE 2 – Coming March 2020

Apple hurries with the release of iPhone 9
due to problems in a very important market! The imminent release of the iPhone SE 2, which
will be called the iPhone 9, is no longer a secret. Most likely, the announcement will take place
in March this year. But now the network has new details about
the device, this time regarding the fact that Apple wants to make a presentation as soon
as possible in connection with the loss in an important market for itself. If you believe the data from Chinese sources,
then right now the iPhone testing process has already been completed and at the moment
Apple is busy choosing the time window within which the product will be launched. Most likely, it will be March. Also, according to all the same sources, such
a rush is due to the fact that the manufacturer continues to lose ground in China – in the
market, which is one of the largest and most important for the iPhone developer. And precisely because of problems in China,
with the iPhone 9, the company is targeting the market of India and other developing countries. Recall that the latest rumors say that the
iPhone 9 will receive a case from the iPhone 8, which means that the diagonal of its screen
will be only 4.7 inches. The Touch ID fingerprint scanner will be located
on the lock button, and the back panel will be made of unknown matte material – most likely
glass. The minimum version with 64 GB of permanent
memory will be priced at $ 399.

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