iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR – Full Comparison!

iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR – Full Comparison!

hey guys this is vadim with maxtech and this is the new iPhone 11 and today we’re gonna be comparing it to the old iPhone 10r from last year alright let’s get this guy unboxed, take off this wrap there you go there she is wow this definitely looks so different from the iPhone 10 R just look at that whoa let’s take it out of the box and nice I really loved the white on the iPhone 11 my second favorite is probably the product red right here but the white just looks so classy I don’t know just looks really good alright so let’s get into the physical differences first of all you guys can see that the Apple logo goes down towards the center of the phone and you no longer get the iPhone text on the bottom as you guys can tell you get glossy glass on the back except for the new camera bump you get this square right here and it’s all matte matte glass just like on the iPhone 11 pro but the pro has it on the whole back and the square notch is actually glossy so it’s actually flipped but this looks really really nice it’s like almost like you can barely tell that it’s there but it’s definitely there and the microphone and the flash go over to the right side and of course we have the new auto I’d lens camera that we’re gonna be testing out in just a couple of minutes now one downside with the cheaper $700 iPhone 11 is that you get the old 5 watt charger in the box unlike the iPhone 11 Pro that gets the new 18 watt fast charger so that definitely sucks but for a price of $700 you really can’t complain now we also got the clear case for the iPhone 11 which is really nice this was available for the iPhone 10 our for the first time alright so there you go here it is with the case this is probably the best case you could probably get for the iPhone 11 just because of the colors on the back they just look really really good in the clear case really shows it off and it shows off the centered Apple logo which is really cool and of course you get the square notch right there for the camera lenses and what’s really interesting is that on the iPhone 11 Pro the button layout down whereas here on the iPhone 11 the Leo is identical to the iPhone 10 are no changes physically on the outside at all except with the square camera bump and the matte glass and this centered Apple logo now let’s go ahead and set it up and as you guys can tell right here you still get the same old notch no differences at all in the display same exact display no difference in brightness quality nothing no changes from the iPhones 10r so now that the iPhone 11 is set up let’s talk about performance the new iPhone 11 has the
813 bionic chip comlared to the 812 Bionic in the iPhone 10R but here’s a pretty cool difference the a 13 in the iPhone 11 actually has four gigabytes of RAM compared to only three on the iPhone
Compared to only 3 on the iphone XR now this 4 gigabytes actually matches the iPhone 11 Pro so you’re basically getting identical performance to the iPhone 11 Pro for only $700 instead of a thousand or 1100 for the max model so let’s go ahead and run Geekbench 4 right here we’re gonna run the CPU test first and there you go the CPU test is finished and you guys can see these scores right here this is incredible you’re getting over 13,000 multi score and almost 5500 single core score on the iPhone 11 basically identical to the iPhone 11 Pro and you’re getting much better scores on the iPhone 10 are and what’s cool is that even with all this performance you’re still getting an hour more battery life than the iPhone xr which was the best battery life in any iPhone last year so this is really impressive to get this much performance and battery life at the same time and with that we’re gonna go back and we’re gonna run the graphics test and hear the results for the graphics benchmark and as you guys can see you’re getting almost 50% more metal graphics core which is honestly incredible because Apple said you’re getting about 20% better efficiency with the iPhone 11s 813 processor and just for good measure let’s run another graphics test this is Antutu’s benchmark so the test is done and you guys can see right here that we’re getting 440 thousand score in antutu on the iPhone 11 compared to 319 on the iPhone xr
and thats actually a big difference and I think this score completely blows away every single Android phone out there it’s really really impressive and we’re seeing in these sub scores right here the cpu is improved the GPU huge improvement for the GPU and a really big improvement for the RAM 13500 over ninety four hundred so that’s really really good news Apple did say we’re getting improved speakers on the iPhone 11 with a new true stereo surround sound kind of software or something like that so let’s go ahead and test out the iPhone 10 our first [Music] all right so one thing I’m noticing is that the mids kind of feel a little bit louder or more clear on the iPhone 11 and on the iPhone 10 are it’s very easy to pinpoint exactly where the sound is coming from as I coming from a single source like right in a single location like right from the speaker but it seems like the iPhone 11 is kind of mixing the top and bottom speakers together and it kind of forms like this source that’s like really broad and it sounds a lot better and also the highs the high frequencies sound a little bit louder and more crisp on the iPhone 11 as well and now let’s finally get to the cameras as you guys can see right here I’m noticing that the iPhone 10 our white balance is really cool like it’s it’s totally messed up and the white balance on the iPhone 11 looks really good so I think Apple really made a lot of changes to make the white balance more accurate on the new iPhone 11 and as you guys see we have a little button right here to switch to the ultra wide lens which is really really nice and another thing if you kind of point the lens up you see on the sides instead of having black bars on the top and bottom you actually see like a preview of the ultra light so there you go see it kind of fits in has this little animation and I think by far the biggest deal is that the selfie camera went from 7 megapixels on the iPhone 10 R to 12 megapixels on the iPhone 11 so I’m gonna take a selfie photo and you guys let me know which one looks better or if you see any differences and something that’s also pretty cool on the iPhone 11 is that you get a wider field of view on the selfie camera so if you twist it into horizontal mode like that you see more of the frame it kind of like does it automatically or you could just hit the button and switch it by yourself I’m also going to include a photo like this for the comparison and now let’s get into night mode let’s go ahead and test out some photos so at night mode it actually turns on automatically as soon as it’s dark enough and you actually get the option of manually adjusting the duration of how long it I guess it takes in lights I’m gonna go ahead and show you guys a few night mode photos as you guys can see right now and just let me know what kind of difference you see down in the comments below and we also took a few photo examples with ultra-wide versus the regular wide camera so you guys can see them right now and it’s definitely a really cool perspective to see it in this ultra wide mode all right so let’s finish with my thoughts on that iPhone 11, last years iphone XR was actually
the best-selling smartphone in the world for a couple of the quarters or at least the first half of 2019 which is really impressive and that’s because of the price it was seven hundred and fifty dollars and you really got a lot of bang for your buck but this year with the iPhone 11 you’re getting so much more improvements like the 813 ship the extra lens on the back the better selfie camera a bunch of other features and better battery life but this year you’re actually getting it at 50 dollars cheaper at $700 so I think the iPhone 11 is going to be a complete blow out phone it’s just going to destroy a lot of the market and people are gonna love it so you can’t really get a much better deal than the iPhone 11 for $700 so I hope you guys enjoy this comparison make sure to drop a like down below click that circle above to subscribe and check out one of those videos right there make sure to check out our f-111 pro comparison to the iPhone 10s max thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next video

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  2. Still working with my se for almost three years. But I don’t know if it’s worth the upgrade for the X though. Or go with iPhone 7 or 8. IDK????

  3. The thing is that I've been using iPhone 7+ from 3 years that I purchased for 72,000 INR (1000$) and I really want to upgrade but the price difference between xr and 11 js way bigger due to taxes here in India so xr costs 43,000 (600$) in sale which ends tomorrow and iPhone 11 costs 65,000 (907$) so which phone do yoi suggest guys? Is it worth paying 300$ for iPhone 11?? Someone help me I'm stuck!!!

  4. I don’t know which one to get, iphone 11 or iphone XR. I am going to get one of those in black friday, I don’t know which one I want. Which one should I choose?

  5. Former iPhone 6 owner here. I was honestly content with my iPhone 6 besides the battery life but was able to get such a good deal on the iPhone 11 with an amazing promo that I had to upgrade to the 11. Totally worth the upgrade if you own the 7 and lower but probably better to wait if you have the 8 or newer.

  6. “But for a price of $700 for the iphone 11 you really can’t complain you don’t get a fast charger” Yeah Yeah… It’s cuz $700 is way too cheap for a phone which literally the only thing changed is the camera… but you really can’t complain when you’re sponsored

  7. I love my iPhone 10/11pro max lol the iPhone 12 looks more like the 11 still has notch better design and 5G for those that have 5G in there area lol iPhone 13 will be a improvement iPhone 12 and iPhone 14 will be the true iPhone 14 and so no so many little improvements not worth just buying a phone every year lol ile wait well my contract is 3 years so yea ile hold out for the next generation of iPhones

  8. More disappointing video for people who XR but I would say, I am pretty happy with my XR. It gets the basic job done. Still clicks amazing photographs without the second lens, shoots cinematic type videos and has a very good battery life.

  9. Did he really just say those scores blow out any Android phone out there? You clearly don't know anything about Android devices that cost 50% less and kill iPhones in every aspect huh?

  10. I got the 8 plus a few months ago, should I upgrade to 11 or xr? I heard that 11 has very good camera quality and I like to take pictures but there’s no difference really between the 2 other than appearance and photo quality

  11. Hi iwant to buy the 11 but there are no blue color I’m confused iwnat the XR bec there are blue and iwnat to be popular if i buy the 11 but there are no blue one 😭

  12. Cheaper when is 750 ever cheaper that’s a lot for a phone that didn’t really change much than last years model
    I’m definitely going with the xr

  13. this is what i recommend. (just my opinion)

    iphone 6 (plus, s, etc): upgrade to 11
    iphone 7: upgrade to 11
    iphone 8: upgrade to xr.

    if you are a active user for games, edit YT videos, fliming, i would advise the 11.

    if you just need a new phone because your old phones battery broke, or if you have a cracked screen i would get the xr.

  14. You've got to be kidding? $800 for a phone and you can't expect too much and have a fast chager? It's people like you that drive Apple prices so high. Ridiculous. Couldn't watch the review beyond that

  15. i love this video but i hate how i recently got the xr just for you to call a very good phone “old” 😑 🤦‍♂️

  16. Heyyyy
    I caaant decide which phone should i get, i have an iphone SE now soo its really small and i couldnt decide between xs or xr, than i decided to get the xr, but i love the 11 tooo ❤️😂 the 11 worth it?? Or should i get the xr?
    Btw: i’m 14yo I’m gonna be 15 in february when i m gonna get a new phone💞 i reallly love my iphone se but the battery is reallly suck, the phone is 2,5 years old

    If anyone can help ty💞

  17. I was offended by the comment old iPhone XR, lol. I just purchased this phone 12/31/2019. I upgraded my 6s plus. I’m in love with my new old black xr. It’s a battery beast. Plus apple gave me $120.00 to trade in. Nonetheless great voice and great video. The iPhone 11 is a great phone also.

  18. Messing around with my friends XR next to my 11, it is impossible to tell you are using a different phone until you go to take pictures.

    The battery life is similarly good across both, the processors are both overkill, the ram management is so good that unless you are always leaving an unnecessary amount of apps open at a time, you will almost never notice one has more RAM than the next, and of course they feel exactly the same in the hand. Its is after all just the refined version of the XR. My advice is that if you find the XR at the sub $500 price point, it is hard to recommend choosing the 11 over it unless you feel that you absolutely need the low light camera improvements and the ultra wide lens.

  19. I dont know which one to buy! I‘m upgrading from iPhone 7. The xr is with 130€ (150$) cheaper than the 11 in Germany. So should I pay 130€ More for the 11? Is it worth it?

  20. so i dont know if i should buy the Iphone 11 or Iphone xr. I want the xr because i want it in blue and i dont really use the camare but at the same time i like slofies and new stuff in the 11. Can someone help me choose

  21. Apple makes the same phone with another camera and adverises it as a new 11 model…and the price is higher too ofc—-pathetic

  22. Has Apple given up? These phones look almost identical!

    My wife’s XR is so smooth that I can’t even tell any difference from my iPad Pro 2018. I think they hit their saturation point for now

  23. Ive had my xr for a few months, I upgraded from the iphone 7. Not gonna lie, sometimes I wish I could go back to my iphone 7 with 3d touch, homebutton, and a fully aluminum frame. I used the matter black iphone 7 and after a few months the aluminum went from slippery so almost glass like and super grippy. I wish i could go back

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